A Last Testament from Cole Brown (FUNimation voice actor)

doctor frog

Cole Brown was a FUNimation voice actor, best known for playing Blackbeard in One Piece and the frog-faced doctor (Heaven Canceller) in A Certain Magical Index. He’s very good at playing those “genteel older men”-type characters, which is no doubt helped by the fact that he is one himself. Tragically, however, he passed away last year while he was still working on Izetta: The Last Witch. 

I recently dug up my Index DVDs and discovered that Cole Brown had done commentary for one of the episodes. It was apparently his first time doing commentary for a DVD release. He talks a bit about how he got into FUNimation and what the company means to him, and I thought his words were worth sharing.

This conversation likely took place in 2013, after the series proper was recorded. I’ve transcribed the relevant part of the conversation below:

Zach Bolton (voice director of Index): “How did you come to start working at FUNimation?”

Cole Brown: “I was honestly lucky enough. It was my first audition and I was trying out to be a sniper in Desert Punk. And I did the voice and there was a brand new director – this was his first gig. And, oh, wait a minute, that was you, Zach, wasn’t it?”

Zach: “Think so.”


Cole: “And then I got a call from Tara [Frog-kun’s note: Tara Williams, Talent Coordinator at FUNimation] about a week later, saying, ‘Hey, do you want to be the narrator?’ And so that’s how I got in, so… thank you to you, and thank you to Tara.”

Zach: “Mhmm.”

Cole: “It has been a ball for years, to be able to come in here and to do these voices. I think that Rob [Frog-kun’s note: Robert McCollum, voice actor of Stiyl] and Zach and I are having a lot of fun here, but it really is difficult work. I mean, you have to be really on-top and sharp and whenever we come in to record, it’s not all fun and games. It’s a very serious thing, and everyone who does has to be somewhat disciplined and talented and…”

Rob: “Largely due to the time frame, especially, since we have such a short amount of time to achieve things. Hence the name, by the way, of Frog Doctor.”

doctor frog 2

Zach: “Here is your Frog Face and where it came from.”

Cole: “Actually, I look like him.”


Zach: *laughs* “That’s how I do most casting.”

(H-holy crap, Cole Brown does look exactly like Frog Doctor…)


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