What to Expect from the New Full Metal Panic Anime According to the Voice Actors

fullmetal panic

This is gonna be a brief post since there’s not much to say. I went to a Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory stage event at AnimeJapan 2018 on Saturday, where the voice actors discussed what viewers should expect from the new anime. 

Voice actor events are usually banal as hell, and there’s rarely ever enough material to string together a report. Sometimes there is news, but it’s only ever in the form of a tiny snippet at the very end of the show. I didn’t get to report on this event for ANN, so I’m just going to dump my observations in this blog post instead.

The voice actors highlighted the following elements of the new anime:

  • The new season will have less gag elements. This is reflected in the character designs and animation, which shows them with more serious and mature-looking expressions than in previous seasons.
  • The mysteries surrounding certain characters such as the Whispered will finally be revealed.
  • There will be more emphasis on the robot action, which will animated with high-tech CG.

None of this is stuff that people familiar with the light novels wouldn’t be aware of, but it does confirm that Invisible Victory will be closer in tone to The Second Raid than Fumoffu or even the first season of the anime.

As for the robot stuff, I can confirm from the clips they showed that it does look pretty cool. They showed off a music video of the new OP theme which had lots of robot action, and it’s a definite step up from previous seasons.


They also revealed the robot designs of the following mechs: Arbalest, Levitan (this one could be misspelled; I don’t know the romanisation), Gernsback, Bushnell, Belial, Codarl, Savage, Behemoth, and Erigor. Shoji Gatoh commented on the designs of the robots and the contexts in which they appeared in the light novels (who piloted them, what battles they get used in, etc.). Again, these were all things that people who have read the light novels should know about, but this part of the discussion was distinctly spoiler-ific.

All of this talk made me think: “Man, I should get off my butt and read the rest of the FMP novels.” I remember reading the first few novels in English back when Tokyopop was a thing. It’s getting increasingly difficult to find the original novels even in Japanese, but the good news is that they announced a reprint of all the volumes at the stage event.

Other than that, my main takeaway from the stage event was marvelling at the voice actors themselves. A friend who attended the same event picked up on something that Tomokazu Seki said that I didn’t hear: Apparently, he presses his cheeks to make it easier for him to enunciate Sousuke’s military jargon. I have no idea exactly how that works, but that’s cool.

In conclusion, you can expect Full Metal Panic to adapt the light novels faithfully, and for Tomokazu Seki to continue to be cool.


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  1. 13 years I’ve waited for this! W00H00! I’ve always thought the reason the rest of the LN were never animated was because the subject matter quickly gets very dark indeed. But someone had the guts to do this….

  2. The robot action looked better than previous seasons? Are you including TSR in that, as it was absurdly well animated.

  3. I’m still not sure if I should watch this or not, given that I only ever saw a couple of episodes of the first season, plus a bit of Fumoffu to compare in terms of general tone. Does that mean I won’t know what the heck is going on in Invisible Victory, or is it going to be relatively kind to newcomers?

    • I think you’d need to see The Second Raid, as that continues the story from the first season. (Fumoffu isn’t important to the overall plot.) Once you’ve seen TSR, you should be able to jump straight into Invisible Victory, as it’s a direct sequel.

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