July 2018 Update: Kingdom Hearts Is Great If You’re Into Self-Cest



I mentioned in last month’s update that I have been getting into Kingdom Hearts. A further update on the situation: I have finished both the 1.5 and 2.5 Final Mixes and am now at the endgame of Dream Drop Distance in the 2.8 collection.

Naturally, by this stage, I have formed a lot of SHIPPING OPINIONS.

I’ll start with the conclusion. I ship Sora with Roxas.

Before you give me those weird looks, let me explain. Sora and Roxas have the most interesting relationship because they have the most intertwined relationship (they are literally parts of the same person) but it’s hard for their identities to reconcile.

In particular, Roxas’s feelings towards the idea of Sora are plagued with ambivalence. After spending the entirety of 358/2 days in search for a sense of “self,” he has genuine anger and frustration at not being able to live his own life. To make matters worse, he is torn away from his dearest friends. This is all for the sake of ensuring that Sora wakes up in Kingdom Hearts 2. And yet he also feels a connection with Sora; deep down he knows that it’s Sora who’s the hero.


Sora and Roxas’s relationship is interesting to follow because it changes so much from game to game. You really don’t know where the series will take them next. I think that Recoded in particular was filled with surprises, as it was the first time they fought directly and had a conversation about their shared pain.

I find myself fervently hoping that they’ll be able to live in the same world eventually and become friends. (And also that they fuck.)

That kind of raw feeling and ambivalence is missing from the other relationships in the series, mainly because most of the good guys wank off about what good friends they are all of the time. And when friends turn enemies, it’s for utterly contrived reasons. For this reason, I found Sora and Riku’s relationship rather dull. And it should of course go without saying that Sora and Kairi are the definition of boring.


Other ships I like: I also like the idea of Sora or Ventus with Vanitas, mainly because I find the aesthetic of DARK SORA irresistible. Vanitas hasn’t really done much in the series so far besides goading Ventus into fighting with him, but I expect good things from him in Kingdom Hearts 3. 

I also hope that all thirteen versions of Xehanort fuck.

I should probably end this post with a ship that isn’t self-cest that I endorse. So allow me to mention that I ship Aqua with all the Disney princesses. She is the prince of my dreams and a lesbian icon.


Oh, and also I wrote some articles for Anime News Network this month. Here they are below:

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  1. This article had me laughing, but not because I disagree. There’s a reason Kingdom Hearts’ fandom only increased its fervor after Roxas showed up. I’m kinda surprised you didn’t talk about how Square Enix unintentionally shipped Sora and Riku in 2 though. That reunion scene is very… specific in who it favors.

    I also agree that Aqua going around wooing the Disney princesses would be the best. Maybe if she stops being Norted in 3 she can do that with the new ones.

    I really hope 3 closes the book on a few things. KH has been in the back of my mind for way too long.

    • It is pretty hilarious how irrelevant Kairi was in Kingdom Hearts 2. Like, even when she got a keyblade, it was very quickly glossed over in that game.

      Riku and Sora had a few good scenes together in KH2 but generally their relationship bores me so I didn’t feel like talking about them. I’m sure lots of others have talked about it, though. (I have no idea what KH fandom is like LOL.)

  2. So…would that count as a masturbation?

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