NOTICE: I Will Be Going to the UK for Scotland Loves Anime

scotland loves anime

Hi guys!

I’ll be going to the UK next month for a business-that-is-also-a-leisure trip. I’ll be starting off in England on October 8th before making my way up to Edinburgh for the second part of Scotland Loves Anime on the 18th. It’ll be my first time going to the UK (and, well, outside of the Pacific in general). I’m pretty excited to visit the land of tea and scones!

If any of you readers in the UK want to hang out or something, shoot me a message and I’ll let you know more details about my schedule.

That’s about it for important notices! Below is the usual list of articles I worked on this month:

Anime News Network

Sgt. Frog Manga Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Shibuya Tower Records Exhibit

Shibuya Mayor Comments on revisions Anime at Disaster Prevention Event

Review: Non Non Biyori Vacation

Free! Celebrates 5 Years With Birthday Art, Key Animation Exhibit

REVIEW: I Want to Eat Your Pancreas

Planet With Creator Satoshi Mizukami Shares Thoughts on the First 7 Episodes

Top Japanese Artists Share Their Interpretations of the Pokemon Eevee

Pokémon Designers Reflect on History of Eevee’s Design

Anime Music Producer Predicts the End of the 90-Second Anime Song

Tokyo Game Show 2018 Part Two: Kingdom Hearts III, Devil May Cry 5, and More

Tokyo Game Show 2018 Photo Report

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Voice Actors Battle for Supremacy at Special Event


The Real Threat of Attack on Titan: Humans


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  1. Exciting! I’ve only been to the UK once but had a very enjoyable trip – I’m sure you will too. :)

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