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Enrico Terrinoni, translator of Joyce

A really interesting interview with an Italian translator, translated by @Sephyxer. Anyone interested in the art and industry of literary translation should check it out.

Subterranean Tales

This post is mostly an English exercise for me to try and see how good are my translating and writing skills, so which better way to attempt it by translating an interview made to a translator? If you want the original interview you can find it here. Of course, if you find some grammatical errors or you don’t understand the meaning of a sentence (this is bound to happen), feel free to tell me! Sorry in advance to English majors and grammar nazis, this will make you cringe a lot.


Enrico Terrinoni is an Italian teacher and translator. His translation of Joyce’s Ulysses, published by Newton Compton in 2012, won the “Premio Napoli” the same year, proving itself as a critical and commercial success. As of today, in addition to contributing with the Manifesto’ s cultural page and occasionally with the “Corriere della Sera”, he’s working…

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