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“Novel vs Anime” — Now Accepting Requests

bungaku_shoujo-02Earlier today, I started a new feature series at Crunchyroll called Novel vs Anime. Basically, I compare novels to their anime adaptations, commenting on things like prose, art style, adaptation decisions and so on. My plan is to combine my love of Japanese novels with my appreciation of the animation side of anime. In short, I’m trying not to be that guy whose sole contribution to the discussion is “the source material is so much better!”

My first article was on No Game No Lifea show from 2014 which has become relevant again because of the upcoming movie announcement. Writing this article made me realise how hard Atsuko Ishizuka was carrying this series. If she’s not directing the film, I will boycott it aggressively. If you haven’t seen No Game No Life, you should at least check out the first episode, which Ishizuka directed and storyboarded herself. I’m still ambivalent about the series as a whole (which my blog posts from 2014 may attest to), but I enjoyed revisiting it.

It takes me time to read a novel series and compare it to its corresponding anime adaptation, so I don’t know how regularly I’ll be able to write these articles. (I’m thinking once every two weeks or so?) But it’s still something I really want to do for Crunchyroll. If all goes well, I can do these features alongside my weekly Found in Translation articles.

In the meantime, I’d love to get some feedback for the “Novel vs Anime” feature. What sort of content do you want to see? What sort of series would you like to see covered? If you’d like to request a specific series, please fill in this form.

Also, please note that for articles published on Crunchyroll, I can only cover series that are available on Crunchyroll and which I can access legally in Australia. But I will consider writing about interesting novels for my blog too, so feel free to leave a comment here about what you’re interested in.

In any case, thanks for all your help and support! I’ll be very busy writing things this week, so watch this space for more news and developments. Bye for now!