Recommended Blogs

If you are looking for more anime blogs to read, I have a blogroll of sites I regularly follow on my sidebar. I’ll go into more detail here about why you should follow those blogs too

Active Blogs

Anime is Dead: Sorrows Neptune has a great sense of humour and charming wit. All of her posts are breezy reads. She also consistently writes about relevant topics in the aniblogosphere.

Anime Monographia: I’ve said this before, but I think we can all agree that anyone who writes perfect scientific analysis of Yu-Gi-Oh! duels has to be a pretty awesome person. jstorming tends to write about mainstream anime (shows that aren’t actually all that popular among bloggers) and he does so with great depth and insight.

Anime Viking: Marow has a really neat, easy-to-follow writing style. If you’re looking for a good editorial blog that consistently has something new and interesting to say in every post, you’ve come to the right stop. His love of healing anime really shows – it’s hard not to feel relaxed and at ease whenever I sit down to read his posts.

Chromatic Aberration Everywhere: When it comes to finding intelligent reasons for liking shit anime, there is no one equal to Joshspeagle! All jokes aside, I’m very impressed by how he and his co-author girlfriend manage to express such deep and eloquent insights into otaku culture and art theory through anime. It’s hard to find two people who appreciate the medium on so many different levels.

Continuing World: One of the veterans in aniblogging, Schneider manages to treat every subject he writes about – from cute girls doing cute things to giant robots – with a deft, succinct touch. There’s a real sense of thoughtfulness about his posts that always succeeds in making me see anime in an entirely new and refreshing light.

Deadlight’s Anime Blog: My anibro. With great humour, wit and a genuine love for anime, Deadlight succeeds in making even the most mundane of anime sound balls-out entertaining. He also does semi-regular podcasts with some of the big names in aniblogging, which you should definitely check out.

Deluscar: Kai’s blog is a haven for any Japanese visual culture nerd: he writes about anything from anime to console games and visual novels. His relaxed posting schedule means that he always seems to find something new to discuss in every post, which makes a nice change of pace from the usual reviewing blogs. Definitely recommended whether you’re a casual or a hardcore anime nut.

Draggle’s Anime Blog: The epitome of “short and sweet”. Draggle’s writing is so to-the-point it never fails in hitting upon the truth or in making me laugh. His Sword Art Online fanfiction is pure genius. But outside of parody mode, he’s also a deep thinker and he’s written some of the most elegant anime analysis I’ve ever read.

Geekorner-Geekulture: Guy’s been hovering around the blogosphere for a while. While he focuses mainly on anime these days, he’s written about all sorts of geek media and from a range of different angles. I particularly recommend his detailed episode notes. He’s one of the most consistently insightful episode bloggers.

Generally Critical: Lemur writes most of his points with sarcastic wit, but it doesn’t stop his criticism from being straightforward and cogent. And while Lemur might call himself a sarcastic, cynical guy, he’s actually not so secretly a moeblob lover. He doesn’t pick the low-hanging fruit when it comes to his criticisms.

Mage in a Barrel: One of the most consistent and hardworking anibloggers, iblessall’s posts are a joy to read. He’s a good writer with an optimistic spirit who genuinely cares about the artistic soul. He manages to be self-serious about his reviews while also being self-effacing and approachable. He’s one of the most likable bloggers around.

Mainichi Anime Yume: Yumeka’s a veteran anime blogger, and yet for all that, she’s managed to keep her blog newbie friendly and all-round welcoming. Her easy-to-read editorials, which cover an enormous spectrum of the anime fandom, are informative and open to polite discussion. I also have to say I really enjoy bloggers who actually respond to your comments, especially ones who go out of their way to thank you for your contribution.

Perpetual Morning: Intelligent but never lacking a sense of fun, Appropriant’s posts are irresistibly quotable. I also enjoy reading his more autobiographical entries: he finds the link between life and fiction and often points out how the latter can enrich our appreciation of the former. There’s a real sense that anime isn’t a product so much as an experience and I always come out of his posts feeling like I’ve learned something valuable.

Shiizumi’s Anime Blog: My long-lost Filipino brother. We have near-identical tastes in anime and shipping. A certified fudanshi (and proud of it!) I find his posts refreshing and interesting. There’s a relentless positive energy to his writing that makes it feel really warm and inviting.

Standing On My Neck: The Oreki to my Satoshi, the Tomoya to my Sunohara. Blunt, but in a good way, and a self-proclaimed energy conservationist (although you wouldn’t see it from his posting schedule). Also has oldfag tastes, which is amusing since he only got hardcore about anime in, like, 2012. Flawfinder has some unpopular opinions, but the thing is that he backs them up well.

The G-Empire: Overlord-G blogs the shows that aren’t very popular with most other anibloggers, so I find his opinions very valuable to read. His yuri goggles are also constantly switched on, not that I’m complaining. Great screencaps, great humour. He also calls me Señor Frog, which makes me laugh because I am pretty sure that I am way younger than him.

The Geek Clinic: I find the breadth of Silvachief’s posts impressive. He covers everything from games, music, anime and even some valuable life lessons all in one post, and yet somehow manages to tie this all together very elegantly and succinctly. Not being influenced by the popular opinions about current anime, he nevertheless manages to be consistently relevant.

Therefore It Is: This blog has some of the finest prose you’ll see in anime blogging. ZeroReq011 approaches criticism as an art form in itself. Not concerned with the petty questions you often see in anime reviewing, he dives straight into the soul of the anime he consumes. His posts are great reads, especially for the more literary-minded anime fans.

Inactive Blogs:

Limit of Questions: One of the writers on the big aniblogging powerhouse Random Curiosity, Kairi’s personal anime blog is a special favourite of mine. She treats all the anime she writes about with sensitivity and passion. Although she identifies herself as an Eureka Seven cultist, her taste in anime is really broad – there’s something for everyone here.

nil: nil is probably one of the best critics I’ve seen on the anisphere. The reason for this is because his reviews are rarely ever about him and his tastes – he writes genuine literary criticism. No one can ever be an objective reviewer, but nil does the next best thing: he discusses anime purely on its own terms and judges them for what they are, not for what they are not.

SatchiiKoma: BokuSatchii has some of the best taste I’ve seen in an aniblogger. He’s harsh but generally fair. His analysis posts on some of the latest anime are really insightful, but probably the most fun I have with his blog is reading the hilarious tags on his posts. “The Basketball Which Kuroko Gays?” This guy deserves a medal.

Tsukiyo no Hikari: A J-Pop music reviewing blog. I’m admittedly not very much into Japanese music, but 123’s hit upon a nice, descriptive reviewing style, and I think anyone who’s a fan of anime music should definitely check out this blog.

Under the Bridge: Alsozara is one of my favourite bloggers to talk to whenever I want to have a critical discussion about something. Like me, he’s interested in the academic and anthropological side of anime, but unlike me, he also has taste. Even when he’s harsh, he’s fair, and he tends not to resort to cheap shortcuts or labels when describing something. Probably one of my favourite critics, whose opinion I trust without question.

Besides the above-mentioned sites, I also follow some of the big name blogs, including Random Curiosity, Lost in America, Wrong Every Time and The Cart Driver. I also follow a handful of more personal blogs, which I won’t advertise here, but those authors should know who I’m talking about.

I’m always on the lookout for cool new blogs, so if you have a recommendation, send it my way and I’ll be sure to check it out.

That’s all for now.


    • Sorry for the late reply! I haven’t had the chance to check out your blog yet since I’m abroad, but I’ll definitely give it a look when I get back. Thanks for subscribing!

  1. Hi! I’m making a blogroll, would you like to trade links? ( Would also love to hear your thoughts on my blog. :) – Thank You Very Much

  2. Hello, I created blog about a certain light novel analysis “yahari ore no seishun love come wa machigatteiru” and blogroll for exchanging link. I want to exchange link if you don’t mind. I see your blog is clean and interesting, that’s why I love your blog.

    This is my blog.

    Hope to receive your answer soon. :3

    Ps. 1.if you accept my request, how about exchange follow blog too?
    2. Since you are my fav translator, maybe my blog is useful to you more or less.

    • Hi, YahariBento! I checked out your blog and it looks very interesting, although I don’t think there’s enough content on there yet for me to put it on my blogroll yet. Nevertheless, I think you should keep up the hard work because I see a lot of potential!

      • Hi, Frog-kun. So you visit my blog, I’m glad and welcome! I admit there’re not much in my blog yet because each posts is long range words and take my time a lot but I plan to update soon.
        Do you mind if I hope you to visit and see my update later?

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