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Is Eromanga Sensei Worth Watching?

Note: This is a repost of an article I originally wrote for Crunchyroll. Check my writer profile to see my latest articles.

If there’s one series that will attract strong opinions, it’s Eromanga SenseiThe story appears to be a romantic comedy about a boy and his little sister, and is based off a light novel written by the author of OreImo, another series that is no stranger to controversy. Having read the light novel, I can say that the content is fairly tame for the most part, but I doubt it’ll convert too many people to the little sister subgenre.

As an anime, however, Eromanga Sensei is actually pretty good. It takes the stereotypical characters in the light novel and makes their personalities shine. But it’s also a more extreme version of the light novel—in more ways than one.

eromanga 1
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Untranslated Light Novel Impressions: Eromanga Sensei vol. 3

eromanga 3

What is it with Tsukasa Fushimi and making every pairing in his stories so shippable except for the main one? After Eromanga Sensei volume 3, I’m rooting for the MC to bang anyone except his sister, but alas, not all things in life go the way you want them to.


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NOTICE: I Will Be in Tokyo From May 27

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Hey guys!

I’ll be moving to Japan next month. I haven’t decided how long I’ll be staying yet, but for now I’ll be starting a new job in Tokyo. If you’re in the area and want to meet up, feel free to send me a message.

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