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A Last Testament from Cole Brown (FUNimation voice actor)

doctor frog

Cole Brown was a FUNimation voice actor, best known for playing Blackbeard in One Piece and the frog-faced doctor (Heaven Canceller) in A Certain Magical Index. He’s very good at playing those “genteel older men”-type characters, which is no doubt helped by the fact that he is one himself. Tragically, however, he passed away last year while he was still working on Izetta: The Last Witch. 

I recently dug up my Index DVDs and discovered that Cole Brown had done commentary for one of the episodes. It was apparently his first time doing commentary for a DVD release. He talks a bit about how he got into FUNimation and what the company means to him, and I thought his words were worth sharing.

This conversation likely took place in 2013, after the series proper was recorded. I’ve transcribed the relevant part of the conversation below:

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Untranslated Light Novel Summary + Impressions: Ore to Kanojo no Moeyo Pen vol. 1-5 (END)


Light novels are becoming more popular among English-speaking readers these days, but many, many LNs remain untranslated. This particular title doesn’t even have a fan translation. But never fear, Doctor Froggy is here to provide you with spoilers for a trashy light novel you’ll probably never read.

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The Anime Adaptations of Miyazawa Kenji: Night on the Galactic Railroad and Gauche the Cellist


Today, I cover two of the most highly acclaimed anime adaptations of Miyazawa Kenji’s stories.

(If you want to know why you should care about Miyazawa Kenji, I covered the background and context in my last post.)

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Anime Backlog Habits: What Makes You Prioritise One Series Over Another?


First World Problems – but hey, everyone’s experienced this. There is simply too much anime out there for one person, no matter how much of a dedicated fan you might be, to watch. So pretty much every anime fan has a backlog or a to-watch list floating around somewhere, whether it’s in your head or written down.

Here’s an interesting thought to ponder: assuming that everything on your backlog is something you want to watch, what makes you prioritise one series over another?

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Defining “Otaku Pride”: Apparently, You Are Not An Anime Fan Unless You Are A Loser Too


This is an autobiographical entry.

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What I Do When I’m Not Watching Anime


Contrary to popular belief, I have a life outside of anime.

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