Shipping: Haruto x L-Elf (Kakumeiki Valvrave)


Screw that love triangle bullshit. L-Elf is mai waifu.

I actually don’t know whether I’m joking with this post or not. Valvrave is yet another in a long list of Sunrise mecha shows where somehow things are more awesome when they focus on the homoerotic love/hate relationship between the two lead males. I didn’t realise how much I missed Haruto and L-Elf’s obvious flirting with each other until I watched the latest two episodes and felt the sour, sour taste of NTR in my mouth. The whole “rape” controversy is basically just an excuse for some general soap opera bullshit, and I do not like to see Saki taking Haruto away from the man who loves him most. Yeah, I don’t care about Shouko either.

So I’m coming out of the closet now to say that Haruto x Eru-Erufu is the OTP of this show and I will punch anyone in the balls who dares claim otherwise. I’m not a yaoi fangirl, so I don’t want to see them make out or commit sodomy or anything, but I am totally okay with gay subtext in my Japanese cartoons. Well, at least in this Japanese cartoon. I miss you, Eru-Erufu, where have you been?

L-Elf is the Coffee to Haruto’s Sugar


This is really deep symbolism, y’know. L-Elf is the badass. He is a badass because he is good at fighting, but he is also a badass because he plans out his badass feats well in advance. Take note, all you wannabe badasses. This is how you do it. You actually write out a list of things you want to achieve, rank them in the order of priority, allocate time to each activity, and then you go out and kill a 5000-man army. Then you will be like L-Elf.

Haruto, meanwhile, is the idealist, the dreamer, the pure pure boy. (Well, not so much from episode 10, but that was hardly his fault.) He rushes into things head-on. He’s got the heart but no brains. L-Elf is the one who channels his energies into worthwhile activities.

Haruto and L-Elf should get married. When they get married, L-Elf will be the one who sensibly has control of the family budget. This means they will have minimal arguments about how they have no money and therefore can’t have nice things. They will always be having nice things when they are together. L-Elf infuses good old common sense with Haruto’s unworldliness. And while Haruto works at his boring old 9-to-5 job, in the evening, he returns home to find L-Elf cooking dinner for him in a naked apron. Wait what?

They Have Already Made It To First Base


Saki wasn’t Haruto’s First Time. L-Elf was. They were sharing bodily fluids long before Saki was in the picture.

By the laws of anime romance logic, this means L-Elf and Haruto were engaged from the moment they met. They will get married at the end of the series. Mark my very words.

In any case, I actually think there’s a kind of amusing vibe to their relationship, seeing that the two of them have completely ignored the physical part of their relationship. It’s just one of those “yeah, gotta get it over with” kind of things. I get the feeling L-Elf finds Haruto to be a very entertaining person to watch because he is full of surprises. He’s shown little interest in anyone else, really. This means that there is a whole world of opportunities that L-Elf and Haruto can explore together.

“What could be beyond 666?”



Seme or Uke?

I’m actually a little bit confused about who would be on top and who would be on bottom here. I know it’s not something I should be thinking about too hard, but the question actually does pique my curiosity somewhat. My guess is that L-Elf would be on top because he’s very commandeering and Haruto’s personality screams of being a massive M. BUT – if Haruto’s vampire side takes over, Haruto is obviously on top. Maybe they regularly switch sides?

I’m welcome for some more, uh, veteran yaoi fans to clarify this for me. Otherwise, I don’t think I’m gonna get any sleep over this. WHO’S THE ONE DOING THE DICKING? I HAVE TO KNOOOOOOW.

Ugh, I can’t believe I just typed this whole post up and people all over the Internet will be googling Haruto x L-Elf yaoi porn and finding this and reading it. They’re gonna think I’m a sublime idiot, just like the show is!

Oh well, yaoi fan or not, you’re gonna have to agree that L-Elf is what makes this merry world go round.



  1. Hell yes. Haruto X ERU-ERRRUUUFFFUUU OTP forever! Probably the end of this show will be a battle between Haruto and Valvrave, Valvrave wants to trick him into marrying Saki or Shouko and reproducing, while Haruto wants to marry his one true love.

  2. LMAO at the screen capture above. So that is what the first ED song meant XD

    “Ugh, I can’t believe I just typed this whole post up and people all over the Internet will be googling Haruto x L-Elf yaoi porn and finding this and reading it.”

    Too late! The fangirls have already drawn blood from their prey. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone already started releasing doujins with Haruto x L-Elf pairings. As for Seme and Uke, I am no expert or into BL, but Haruto definitely seems like an Uke archetype to me. The Vampire state is just a plot device in their love story. Just saying, lol..


    Gosh. I’m sailing on this ship as well. You know froggykun, I think we’re going to get along very well ;)

    As for the seme-uke relationship, it doesn’t really matter because either way would be awesome! It would be super cute though if L-Elf will be the uke and Haruto will be the seme. BUT. Normally, it’s the one who’s the tallest (based on my own observations) :)

    • Seeing as you’re not the only one who thinks L-Elf is a uke, I think there must be something to that…! It must be really cute how L-Elf always wants to be in control but it’s really Haruto who leads him~

  4. Everyone’s ready this when they google Haruto x L-Elf lol xD
    ERU ERUFU is totally the uke <3 But the other way round can also be pretty awesome

  5. Lol, you guessed correctly, when you said that when googling Haruto and L-elf’s porn, I would find your site and this article XD I’ve to say that love-hate relationship are really good portrayed in this show, although I had expected that after that sugar-coffee confession, somehow L-elf’s behaviour would change. I got impression that Haruto started to resemble that pink girl to him, so he would be less and less cold towards him later XD Have you checked already second season? I’ve to admit that both new opening and ending have great hints for this pairing! What do you think?
    As for your question about seme and uke. I think that if our goal is to keep them both in character, then Haruto would be uke, just after seeing all the interaction between them, I can’t see him topping. ( topping needs a at least some of physical strenght, Haruto lacks it plus even confidence, so he would be rather go in submissive position ). But if you would take in consideration yaoi fangirls feelings, then L-elf who gathers the most popularity, would be uke. I noticed that if the issue who is seme and who is uke, is questionable ( in some pairings, we just can’t make someone seme/uke ), then the fangirls rather like to their favourite character be the uke. I can be mistaken, but it’s that what I had noticed often happens. As for me I like Haruto the most and I rather like to soft and naive character to be the uke ( but I can understand the feeling of other fangirls to see cold L-elf go to the submissive side, where he would blush etc. I for example want to Hijikata to be uke, who is also not weak character ). Sorry for babbling, I hope that you will read it XD also I got curious in some of your articles, I’ll check your site later, so haha I’m a bit glad that I found your site by accident :P

    • Can’t help but notice after Haruto bit L-Elf in the second season, this page got a sudden soar in the number of viewers. It does have a lot more ship teasing for the two of them, I noticed.

      I have to disagree with you about Haruto lacking strength. He is plenty strong when he is possessed by his curse. Personality-wise… he does feel more like a uke to me.

      I had no idea that yaoi fangirls like their favourite character to be uke! You learn something new every day! I suppose the uke character acts cuter or something? But I thought people like being the idea of being romanced by the more dominant seme character? My understanding of yaoi has so much further to go, will I ever understand this mysterious world? :O

  6. This annon is so very happy right now… he’s not the only one…
    For my point of view, I think haruto would be the uke in his normal personality, but, if he is possesed by the vampire-demon thingy then he is the seme, because the change is very very noticeable, and I even think he would want to be on bottom because he doesn’t want to hurt L-Efl? (at least in my head…)

    But, I really want doujinshis of thi too, sooooo bad, but I can’t find in english translation, is so very hard!! Anyone that can help me?

  7. Froggy-kun–*gasp*–you are killing me *gasp* *wipes tears from eyes* *searches Kakumeiki Valvrave at MAL* *looks at cover photo* *immediately jumps to the conclusion that I will hate [plain+generic-looking] MC, that there will be [childhood sweetheard/sister/best friend/tsundere-ish] character fighting with [ultra-fem/kuudere/Yamato Nadeshiko] character for the MC’s love without knowing there’s actually another potential love rival in the form of [Kaworu-kun-ish] male character at the sides* *hates mecha* *VAMPIRES???nononodfsdofsergnekwngenotanotheroneplease* *adds it to to-watch list anyway*

  8. Haruto could never be seme. Lol. L-Elf wouldn’t allow that. Also, like you said, Haruto is definitely an M. I can tell just by looking at him. ;)

    Anyways, I don’t like characters like L-Elf being the uke because that’s unrealistic. Of course it’s up to the fangirls, but I still can’t see him as an uke. I mean, I read one doujinshi that had L-Elf as an uke and they made him a complete slut. I don’t like when fujoshis do that to my characters. That”s basically taking away his personality.

    • This is about something completely different. For some reason, I feel like L-Elf is the kind of character that would go crazy if their loved one (Haruto) was killed. He seems like he’d be an overprotective boyfriend, maybe even going to the extremes like a yandere. Haruto actually seems like the one that would calm L-Elf down when he gets paranoid. Other than that, L-Elf is usually the calm and collected one.

      In conclusion, if L-Elf loses it, Haruto is the only one that can bring him back to normal.

      (This might just be something I made up with my fujoshi mind. I always end up tweaking the personalities of the characters I ship after the show is over. This happened with Shingeki no Kyojin. I read so much Levi x Eren doujinshi that I forgot how different their personalities actually are in the show…)

      • Your theory about L-Elf’s personality is part of my headcanon too. You can really see it from the way he acted with Liselotte. I read him as a very passionate person underneath his cool, calm exterior.

        As for the seme/uke thing, I also don’t like characters being OOC to fit a stereotype, so perhaps it’s a credit to the nuance in Haruto and L-Elf’s relationship that they can’t be easily categorised.

        Thanks for the comment! Gave me a lot to think about.

  9. Holy damn sweet mother of the burritos. Really I can’t believe I ended here XDD
    And by the way, lovely post my friend. I was having in mind the same problem as you…that who in this relationship is the damn uke. First I thought will be Haruto because… HARUTOOOO-KUUUUUN even his name is uke from the uke-world in all this ukeless existence.
    But if I’m not getting wrong… the person who we thought would be the seme, could turn into uke because he had a soft side… (BARNABY BROOKS COFF COFF DAAAAMN COOFFF!!!! aaaargh!!!!)

    So yeah, why the hell not!? Let’s give them the fucking opportunity to switch sides… with all the badass love <3 (if my english sucks, please I beg your forgiveness ;A; spanish is my first language, so yeah… I love tacos xD)

  10. You just wrote the whole thing. YES, HARUTO X L-ELF IS THE OTP.
    Being a yaoi fangirl I’ve forseen this haruto x l-elf route from the beginning. Actually from the first meeting they had (when L-elf was paying attention to Haruto’s whining about the win or loose stuff).

    About Uke and Seme, if you look directly at the meaning of these words :
    -Uke, from “Ukeireru” : to accept, to receive, to endure…
    -Seme, from “Semeteiru” : to attack , to take action
    You can confirm that Haruto hasn’t the personnality of someone who can really command and take action in a couple, whereas L-Elf is a bit pushy…

    Oh, and screw all of this ! I just want to see Eru on the top and Haruto on the bottom *q* !

  11. In pairings you put whoever you want to top, yeah, their name first. To me Haruto tops so HaruEru is what I type. There are doujinshi now, but the ones I’ve seen l-Elf bottoms. So. I think Haruto tops because first, I love seeing badass characters making different/ uke faces. Second, Haruto sounds more sexy to moan/say. Third, L-Elf would be a perfect tsundere mommy. Fourth, giving up the more dominating side and letting someone else have control or take the lead. Fifth, It’s just hot.

  12. HaruEru, as the name suggests, elf should be the uke. This may have got something to do with him being my favorite (as pointed by shiro-cat). Some of us does have that kind of preference teeeheehee. The reasons? Well, since i have already watched the devastating second season, i firmly stand by the notion that elf is the uke. He is, yes, a badass who plans all his badass moves million years away from the actual execution. Yes, he is a one boy army, a calm and collected person who takes the role of a leader as naturally as breathing. But we also get to see the other side of him, the soft, vulnerable, fragile side of him. And that finale kills me almost literally (thinking of Haruto’s last moment and teary elf makes me crafting so hard!). As a fan, i want somebody to take care of him also to love and protect him. He needs a person who he doesn’t have to be his badass self when he’s around him and elf shows that when he is with Haruto. I ship HaruRin (also in that order) for similar reason. Notice both ukes are taller than the seme…height is not and never a factor, at least to me.

    On the other hand, i also dislike the way some doujin makes him a weak, needy, clueless,slutty and lustful uke. Unfortunately that is how ukes are commonly portrayed. I also respect that it is the creators own preference. Ah! If only i can draw, i’ll create a doujin where there are a lot of elf whump, angst (cause angst is yummy), and tooth rotting fluff. There. My ideal. Somebody please do it for me.

    Back to the show..yes yes yes, Haruto x L Elf is the end game.

    Bah! What a long respond..gosh! Sorry! That’s all.

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