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Because Froggy is away in the Philippines, twelve guest writers will be blogging about anime and/or Christmas. Today’s guest writer is Kuriyama Mirai from Kyoukai no Kanata, a Spirit World Warrior and an avid blogger.

How unpleasant.

I have not being having a very good month. For a start, I’ve had a lot of difficulty paying my rent. That was made even worse when I accidentally spilled coffee over one of my costumes at my part-time job. Ai-chan just smiled at me and said, “You’ll have to keep working hard!” and before I know it, I’ve been staying up late every night modelling and then yesterday I fell asleep during a test and in general life has been very unpleasant.

Fighting youmu has also been nothing but a pain in the neck. I’ve been so tired and I can barely swing my sword straight and also I have been forgetting to dot my t’s and cross my i’s. I have been making all sorts of regrettable blunders and all senpai ever does is just laugh and say that’s cute. No, it’s not cute. I am losing my mind here with my irritation and would it be too much to ask to have more than instant noodles every night? I am not a starving college student I am a Spirit World Warrior and also I am tired and not in the mood for blogging.

Also, did I mention that December is really cold and because I don’t have the money to buy myself a good coat or something I’ve had to rub my hands and keep them close to the stove, which is a really bothersome thing to keep having to do. Sakura keeps hogging the bath and because of her we keep running out of hot water. Imagine having a cold bath on a winter night. As you can guess I have a cold and I am sneezing as I type this. I can’t even sleep right now because my temperature is high and I have a headache and it’s all very unpleasant indeed.

Today, senpai came to my house and made me some warm soup. It turns out that he’s very good at cooking. I suppose this is all because of his mother whom he likes to quietly pretend does not exist. The soup tasted quite all right but then senpai had to ruin the good vibe by saying something like, “I hope you get better soon because you’re not the same without your glasses.”

Now you can see what the big problem is when you are a SPIRIT WORLD WARRIOR (I’m not really sure what I am typing because I am feverish right now as you can see) because senpai is a pervert with weird fetishes and I wish he would lay off the glasses harassment because I am a human being and not a glasses display rack. But the thing with senpai is that he smiles so much and means so well while he is being unpleasant that I get swept up in his pace. Anyway, I am tired, and plus I have a cough.

Senpai tries to hold my hand while I’m sick, which is stupid because I am trying to use this hand to type complaints on my blog. Then senpai says, “You really shouldn’t push yourself so hard,” but really I don’t know what he’s talking about I am a perfectly moderate person with my habits. I balance out my life with school, work, fighting youmu and occasionally a spot of gardening and if I am good I get three hours of sleep at night.

But then senpai took my phone and forced me to sleep and now I’ve woken up and he’s gone. Somehow, I feel more refreshed. I feel as if I’ve forgotten something but I don’t feel like writing any more, but I never edit my blog posts so I’ll just press publish now.

That’s my blog post for today. Please write lots of comments but don’t flame because that’s unpleasant.

(Froggy’s comment: Sh-She didn’t even mention Christmas or anime….)



  1. Hi Mirai-chan,
    Really enjoying reading your blog. Pity there are so many flamers out there. Though sometimes it is a good idea to re-read your work before publishing.
    I think your senpai is just misunderstood. I’m sure he just likes beauty to be framed… with glasses. *ahem* Speaking of which, are you going to post any pictures of you doing modelling? I would be interested ^_^

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