Oregairu Volume 3 English Translation Complete (Plus Other Blog Updates)


Hey, guys. As you probably already know, I translate light novels in my free time (but not because I l-like you or anything! Baka!) This post exists to let you know that I recently finished translating Oregairu volume 3! You can read it here.

Since the anime adapted the entirety of volume 3 in one episode, there’s a lot of content in this volume that will be fresh to anime-only fans. I think it’s worth a read even if you don’t normally read light novels.

I’ve already said what I feel about translating Oregairu in another post, so I’ll just let the contents of this volume speak for itself. Although this volume took me longer to complete than volume 2, I think it’s a more polished translation overall. I hope you find it a pleasure to read.

I’m also translating the bonus Drama CD that came with this volume. When that’s finished, I’ll upload the subbed version onto Youtube and Mediafire. The links will be posted to this blog.

Now may also be a good time to mention that I recently wrote an Oregairu fanfiction, The writing is maturer than the light novels, but I think older fans may find it interesting, especially for the themes it tackles. The topic of “literary fanfiction” is something I would like to discuss in more depth in a later post.

So yeah, prepare yourselves for more Oregairu-related posts in future!

Most of that good stuff will come after Christmas, though, since I am participating in the 12 Days of Anime ChristmasSimply put, there will be a blog post every day in the twelve days leading up to Christmas. I heartily recommend any anime blogger to participate!

As for what I will be blogging about, I decided to stray off the beaten track and try something a bit different. I will be covering the Christmas episode from a different anime each day. I haven’t finalised the list of shows I will be covering, so feel free to let me know about your absolute favourites. (OVAs and movies are good too.) Who knows? I might end up writing about it.

That’s about it for the blog/writing updates for now. Hope you have a good holidays!



  1. I would totally vote for a X-mas episode of Infinite Stratos, in a few hours I’ll watch the World Purge-hen OVA. xD

    Oh and thanks a lot for the translation! I will read it in my holidays. I guess the whole pdf version is not available right now and I have to wait for a few days, but no problem at all.^^
    I’m truly grateful for your efforts! :-)

    • I was totally wondering the same thing last night. Why haven’t they made a Christmas episode for Infinite Stratos yet?! Where is my Charlotte in a Santa outfit?!?!?!?!

      About the pdf version… you’ll have to wait a while for that. Firstly, the bonus content will be included in the pdf, so that has to get translated first. And then who knows how long that takes? I don’t really have any control over the pdf creation process.

      In any case, I hope you enjoy the translation :)

  2. Your Oregairu fanfic ruined my whole day. Not in the “your writing is terrible” sense, but in the masochistic “I did something that I knew was going to hurt because I knew it was going to hurt” sense. It almost seems strange to offer praise, but seriously, well done.

    On a lighter note, thanks for the new chapters!

    • I’m terrible. I smiled over ruining your day. Thanks for leaving a review as well.

      But yeah, on a lighter, hope you enjoy the new chapters! I think chapter 5 is the funniest in the novel.

  3. Your fanfic was an engrossing read. And I haven’t even watched/read Oregairu yet! (yeah, yeah, I’ll get to it)

    So serious, then suddenly “the power of moe compelled me”. 0.0
    I was empathizing Hachiman so hard in the first half, but then he was such an ass at the reunion. Who the heck thinks that about 4-year-old kids?

    >> “If you shun people as a high school kid and spend your time studying and doing whatever, you at least guarantee yourself decent grades. In university, that’s no longer as true. The schoolwork is harder to figure out on your own. I didn’t join a club and I avoided study circles; in the end, I barely scraped a pass.”
    THIS IS TOO TRUE. Story of my life right here.

    Beneath The Tangles blogs Christmas episodes every year, so you can check out what they’ve covered before:

    • First OreImo, now Oregairu – how can you miss out on so many quality ORE BLAH BLAH light novels?!

      I’m kind of flattered that someone unfamiliar with the source material could enjoy my fanfiction. It’s actually a bit fascinating seeing someone react to a fanfiction of a light novel. Stuff like “the power of moe compelled me” kind of gives away the otaku roots the story draws from. (There’s also a wincest joke in chapter 2! …ahahaha…)

      THIS IS TOO TRUE. Story of my life right here.

      Ouch. Adjusting to university is tough and it does take some time to get used to. I think most people get poorer grades in university relative to their high school results, if that’s any consolation. It also means you’re among smarter company, so a pass at university speaks way more highly of your capabilities than the same grade at high school.

      By the way, yeah, I like what Beneath The Tangles does and was inspired by their examples. Right now I’ve been tossing up between blogging ef ~a tale of memories~ or just picking out my favourite Christmas episodes from various shows. Hmm, we’ll see.

  4. satou satoshi…
    coming up with names in wataru watari style is not easy huh?
    it’s my first time reading a fanfic it was pretty interesting
    you didn’t use recent volumes as a base for this story since it would be spoiler right?

    • Glad you thought the story was interesting!

      And yeah, everything after the anime is not part of the fic’s timeline. Considering the developments that happen in the recent volumes, the fanfic scenario is not very plausible at all.

  5. “Although still slim and attractive in a metrosexual kind of way, Totsuka Saika is unquestionably a man. He has grown a short beard and when he lit a cigarette in front of me, I felt all my hopes and dreams shatter before my watery, smoke-filled eyes.”

    Ohnononononononononononononononono. Froggykun, you also just shattered mine. How could you..!

    Your fanfic is one of the best ones I’ve ever read. (Granted, I don’t read that much but still…) I love it as much as I love 8manxSaika! You’re awesome! ^^

  6. Thanks for the translation :p I might give it a read soon.. and your fanfic while I’m at it.

    Also, I like Toradora’s Christmas episode :-)

  7. Thanks for your hard work! I need to catch up. I’m at the last chapters of vol1. I wonder if I should wait for the anime 2nd season though.

    Gonna check the fanfic and tweet ya ;)

    P.S.: in the oregairu about page you introduce yourself as a “moe girl”. Has anything changed about your self-identification?

  8. Some X-mas fic suggestions:

    – A very Free! Christmas
    – Christmas at Amagi Brilliant Park
    – Christmas Parasyte
    – Christmas x Ore, Twintails

    (I know there are NO actual Christmas eps in those shows.)

  9. Heya ribbit. It’s Vic here :D
    Nice fic of Oregairu there! I just finished reading the last chapter and it’s awesome!
    It’s like it might ‘happen’ for real in the future of Oregairu like those one of those routes in VNs.
    I like how you end it with that song too!
    In the end, a loner is a loner huh….Kind of sad and twisted but it fits the fic them after all…

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