Froggy Answers Your Questions about Nisekoi

vlcsnap-2015-04-12-18h26m48s217The second season of Nisekoi has started airing! Are you guys having fun with it?

Yes, this is yet another Nisekoi post. I’m pretty sure my readers know exactly how I feel about Nisekoi, but for some reason, they keep asking me questions on my about it. In this post, I will answer all your Nisekoi-related questions and solve all your life’s problems.

This post is dedicated to Marow, the Nisekoi guru.

Q. Match the Hetalia nation-tans to corresponding Nisekoi characters, go!

Crap. I’ve pretty much forgotten all of Hetalia’s billion-and-a-half characters. But here is the best I can do!

Chitoge = America

Raku = England

Onodera = Liechtenstein

Haru = Switzerland

Tsugumi = Sweden

Marika = France

Ruri = Italy (Romano)

Shuu = Italy (Veneziano)

Q. Can you apply the Joseph Campbell’s theories within Heroes of a Thousand Faces to Nisekoi?

Of course.

THE ORDINARY WORLD: “The hero, uneasy, uncomfortable or unaware, is introduced sympathetically so the audience can identify with the situation or dilemma.”


THE CALL TO ADVENTURE: “Something shakes up the situation, either from external pressures or from something rising up from deep within, so the hero must face the beginnings of change.”
















REFUSAL OF THE CALL: “The hero feels the fear of the unknown and tries to turn away from the adventure, however briefly.”


MEETING WITH THE MENTOR: “The hero comes across a seasoned traveler of the worlds who gives him or her training, equipment, or advice that will help on the journey.”


CROSSING THE THRESHOLD: “At the end of Act One, the hero commits to leaving the Ordinary World and entering a new region or condition with unfamiliar rules and values.”


…he still hasn’t quite gotten to this part.

Q. So at this point half (read: most of) the fans want Shuu to 「NTR」Raku’s 「entire harem」, right?


Q. Rank the Nisekois in order of physical attractiveness

1) Marika

2) Onodera

3) Chitoge

4) Yui

5) Haru

6) Tsugumi

7) Ruri

Ruri is Best Girl, but glasses girls don’t really appeal to me aesthetically.

Also, Onodera is the worst girl, but I have to admit that she is pretty cute. I prefer the Onodera doujins over the Chitoge ones. I honestly can’t tell you why.

Q. Who’s suffered more: Slaine, or people thinking they’d have progressed Nisekoi’s plot faster in Raku’s/Onodera’s place?

The latter, definitely.


Q. What are you real honest expectations on the future of Nisekoi?

Honestly? I think Naoshi Komi will continue milking the franchise for all it’s worth, teasing plot developments here and there until he is forced to end the story. And he will probably do so in the most rushed and half-assed way possible, because he is already thinking about starting his next series.

As for the key mystery (if it will ever be resolved), here is my theory: all the girls need to combine their keys to open the lock. There are multiple locks or something like that. Chitoge’s key will open the final lock because she is the promised girl. This will probably happen when they reach the end of high school, because Raku and Chitoge will no longer need to date each other after this point. Of course, they will decide to continue dating anyway, because that is how romcoms work.

By the way, if Chitoge isn’t the promised girl and it’s Onodera instead, then Raku will decide it doesn’t matter and that he really loves Chitoge. Either way, the resolution of the lock mystery will push him to make a concrete decision.

Also, inside the lock there will probably be some trite message telling him to take care of all the girls, so I doubt he will lose the harem, even if he technically chooses Chitoge as his one true love.

The next two aren’t really questions, but some person sent them to my inbox anyway.

“Nisekoi: When Betas Collide” | “A Sci-Fi Thriller from Michael Bay

Not gonna lie, I would watch this movie. Would it be a Nisekoi Infinite Stratos crossover?


Komi’s MO:
Ai4KhKNI thought Naoshi Komi has admitted that he only draws Nisekoi for the reaction faces. But I like your theory as well, anon.

If you have any more Nisekoi-related questions, feel free to shoot them in the comments or my

To finish, I have a question for you readers: how are you enjoying the second season of Nisekoi so far? How about the manga?


  1. Thanks for the entertaining answers, Froggy-kun!

    Haha, I’m pretty sure at least half of these were me..
    Manga’s fun! By this point, the only actual plot I’m expecting is the nigh-obligatory “Marika faints/coughs blood in public, gets a mini-arc, we see again why everyone likes Raku” arc.
    That, and maybe a joke chapter “revealing” that the Onodera mom was the promise girl.

    Tsugumi and Ruri below Haru? Alas.
    (Actually, be honest, would you rate Ruri higher given an image of her holding an LN translation she’d done?)

    Also, I haven’t watched the anime beyond short clips, so how would you say the seiyuu choices have worked out?

    • Huh, so it was all your doing, huh? :P

      I feel that Ruri would be the type to translate ~proper~ literature rather than LNs, but either way, her dedication is very inspiring to me :D

      The voice acting in the anime is great. I think Nao Touyama knocks it out of the park as Chitoge. Kana Asumi is also great as Marika. Of course, the anime feels a lot slower-paced than the manga, so it’s probably fine to just watch the clips and admire the voices and pretty visuals.

      Also, I love this little clip of Kouki Uchiyama singing enka:

      • *may or may not be guilty*

        And that’s actually the one relatively “long” clip I’ve seen before! It’s pretty great – certainly sold me on Chitoge. But now I want a Nisekoi enka album… (and a Bleach one, but I really do have enough Bleach seiyuu music as is)

  2. It’s kinda sad that Ruri X Shuu is the only interesting pairing in Nisekoi. Also, Marika needs to find a better man.

  3. Gantz?

    The first season of Nisekoi bored me but, I had hopes that the second season would remedy that and actually progress the plot somewhat. From your posts though, it looks like it ain’t gonna happen.
    Shame really since I started it on a friend’s recommendation, and really wanted to like it. :(

    A question –
    How many girls in Raku’s harem currently have keys?

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