The Deplorable State of Nisekoi Shipping

vlcsnap-2015-04-12-18h41m32s116Over this past year, Nisekoi has slowly but steadily been sliding into irrelevance. A second season aired earlier this year to absolutely zero fanfare. The manga has also consistently been ranking low in the WSJ magazine surveys. What’s more, the story is finally starting to wrap up, so there may come a time when there are no more Nisekoi shipping wars.

It will be a sad day for humanity. But nevertheless, life will go on.

So who will win the Nisekoi bowl? It was obvious from the start that it’s Chitoge, but that’s not really the point of a harem series. The fun comes from the possibility that your favourite character will come out on top. But Nisekoi has been failing at this lately, since nobody actually cares about who Raku should end up. How many years has it been since anyone last gave a shit about that whole key thing? In fact, I didn’t remember it until I started typing this post.

I’ve always said that Nisekoi is a better comedy than it is a romance, so it’s not like I ever expected much character development, but now that the story has turned fairly serious, the relationship drama falls flat. On the other hand, the action scenes have been really cool, so I guess it evens out. Komi, when are you going to start drawing Double Arts again?

But anyway, getting back to Nisekoi. The last few arcs in the manga have been rather transparent about sinking every ship besides Chitoge and Onodera. It just feels like Komi is just trying to get it over with, especially since he recycled the exact same plot device for Yui and Marika’s arcs (i.e. sudden possibility of marriage to unnamed dudes).


But even here, where ships are supposed to be sunk and tears are supposed to be shed, Komi tries to have it both ways. There’s no doubt that the girls give up on having a relationship with Raku, but they never stop having feelings for him and they stay single to boot. In effect, they’re just left hanging. In my opinion if you want to sink a ship you may as well go all the way guns blazing. Or at least don’t be a dick and give the characters some emotional closure.

This is why the state of Nisekoi shipping is so deplorable right now. You can technically still ship the characters who have dropped out of the race, but no reason why you would want to do so, especially since none of those characters are actually appearing in the manga regularly anymore. I know that shipping is appealing because the romance left to the audience’s imagination, but there are no interactions to even base any imaginary romances on. That’s why it’s no fun to ship Nisekoi anymore.

At this point, I doubt anyone even cares about questions like “who should Raku end up with?” These days, it’s all about “who is my favourite girl?” Hop onto any Nisekoi discussion thread and that’s where every conversation begins and ends. But to be fair, that’s how it is with most harem series.

Marika is the best girl, by the way.



  1. *crosses legs, sips tea*

    Indeed, it is truly a deplorable state of affairs, isn’t it? This whole Nisekoi shipping affair. Truly a tragedy how such a thing can happen in this year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Fifteen. What happened to class, and honor, and fair play, when it came to shipping? The harems of yore knew of such things, and that is why they prospered, while harems of now wallow in their currently degenerate state. Harem shipping has lost its way, its raison d’etre – to incite a burning feeling of love, of _ai_, in its readers that cause them to ship a ship that conflicts with the protagonist’s destiny, their unmei, of ending up with First Girl.

    No matter. Let us not talk of shipping in such a sad way. Let us make merry and talk about shipping in good shows, like Gundam Unicorn.

    • Your comments are well appreciated, my good friend, but what are the good ships in Gundam Unicorn? I can think of no single one. And furthermore, I do believe that no Gundam ship can ever outdo Setsuna x Gundam, no sir I do not.

      Nevertheless, I thank you for the comment and I do concur that Nisekoi is shit.

      • As good as your tastes may be, I am always surprised at how myopic you are. How can you think Banagher x Possibility isn’t a great ship?

        Also, Setsuna x Gundam cannot be a ship, my friend, if Setsuna IS Gundam.

  2. Well for a long time I stopped caring about the romance in Nisekoi (as weird as it may sound) and read it just for comedy and no matter what it always brought a smile to my face every time.

    Still it’s sad that it went the way it is right now considering it could be much more.

    BTW best girl is Maruusha Lu Vieh Nonbeeri. (A.K.A. Princess Chitoge and yes this is her name according to wiki)

      • Too bad She only appeared for like 2-2.5 chapters.And the best part about her is she is like the combination of the other girls, at least some of them.(All-in-One package)

        I really wish she will at least find a man thats identical to Raku (I mean she is identical to Chitoge so why not put a guy identical to Raku.)

  3. I feel that in order to make a story such as Nisekoi work, you need to have a clear ending in sight, or else it will fall apart midway (as we can see with Nisekoi). First there are shows like DBZ that can just go on forever with no ending (because the enimies keep getting stronger!) It was obiviouly clear from the first season that Nisekoi is not one of those shows. At the beginning all the stuff was fresh, the humor, the romance. But came later on, there seemed to be no more progress in the plot and things sort of stayed in place. But now I am glad it’s getting an ending, though I’m not sure if it will be the ending it deserves; but in my opinion (although here it might only mean shit) it should have come sooner.

  4. #TeamTsugumi

    Anyway, now I’m going to have to rewrite one of my posts since it’s on the same topic;) Marika is perfectly acceptable, but I agree the whole thing has been pointing at Chitoge the entire time. It kind of makes you wonder what the whole point of it was.

    • Filling up chapters, perhaps? I mean, the oneshot clearly showed Raku ending up with Chitoge, so the harem is really just there to put off Raku and Chitoge’s inevitable hookup. But then it went on and on and on…

  5. There’s definitely something to be said for the shoujo approach of “everyone ends up with someone!”. Although, I feel like Komi doesn’t know the grand existence of the AU. Raku and Marika can meet in as many coffee shops as the fans want! That can be just as fun as canon….! That’s how the fandom keeps ships alive sometimes, dammit!

    • My favourite idea for a Nisekoi AU would be one where Raku has to “fake date” one of the other girls instead of Chitoge. It would work well in Marika’s case because she comes from a super powerful family herself. Ah, the possibilities~

  6. #TeamHaremEnding

    …because in any harem series I always feel sorry for the girls who don’t get their man.

    Not that it’s possible with Nisekoi, best you can hope for is the Chitoge/Tsugumi as mistress scenario, which also will never happen.

    • There’s kind of a possibility that Raku could choose to be with Onodera and Chitoge at the same time because Marika points out in one of the latest chapters that he’s in love with both of them at once. It would be interesting to say the least if Raku ends up picking both. Maybe it could lead to be a School Days-type ending.

  7. Too bad She only appeared for like 2-2.5 chapters.And the best part about her is she is like the combination of the other girls, at least some of them.(All-in-One package)

    I really wish she will at least find a man thats identical to Raku (I mean she is identical to Chitoge so why not put a guy identical to Raku.)

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