[SPOILERS] Oregairu Volume 13 Summary + Impressions

oregairu 13 cover

This was a difficult volume to get my head around. I’m writing this summary not just so that fans can get an idea about what happens, but so that I can sort out my feelings on it.

A quick refresher: At the end of volume 12, Hiratsuka-sensei told Hachiman that Yukino is in trouble. He runs off to save her even though she says that she doesn’t want his help.

Volume 13 starts with Hachiman arriving at the staff room to talk with Hiratsuka-sensei. She gives him an update on the prom situation, telling him that although the proposal hasn’t been scrapped yet, the school wants “self-restraint” from the students organising the prom.

Even though the intent of this line is clearly to inspire the students to give up on the prom idea on their own accord, Hachiman willfully twists the meaning of the word “self-restraint” and decides that the issue can still be forced through. Realising Hachiman’s intent, Hiratsuka-sensei is happy. “I trust you,” she says.


Knowing that she’ll be leaving her post as his teacher soon, she gives him some final advice. “Just helping her out with this prom isn’t going to save her.”

Hachiman acknowledges that, but even so, he still knowingly pursues the wrong path.

Hachiman’s idea for getting the prom accepted is a very typical Hachiman scheme. He’ll come up with a plan for a second prom, one that looks terrible next to Yukino’s proposal, and pressure the school into making a choice between one of the two proposals.

Meanwhile, Yukino has been going about things in her own way. In order to make the prom less “scandalous,” she has revised the dress code, among other things. But Hachiman doesn’t think that this will be enough to appease Yukino’s mother.

“I want to help you,” he insists. “I want to take responsibility.”

But Yukino insists that she needs to do things by herself, otherwise she won’t be able to move forward. Hachiman has no choice but to accept that, so he proposes a different approach instead: turn it into a competition. They’ll go about things their separate ways, and whoever succeeds will be the winner and can ask anything of the other person. After all, it was never a requirement for the Service Club to work together in order to solve problems.

After a silence, Yukino responds, “That’s fine with me.”

When Hachiman expresses his surprise at her willingness to comply, she smirks. “Didn’t you know? I’ve always hated to lose.”

Iroha, who has been watching this whole exchange, isn’t impressed. Why does he have to be so roundabout? she wonders. She’s asked Hachiman before about why he wants to help Yukino so much, but he never gave her a straight answer. Don’t talk about taking responsibility like it’s some kind of excuse, she grumbles to herself.

Iroha is a complete bystander to the confrontation, and can’t be sure if what she witnessed was a confession, a lover’s quarrel or a breakup. After Hachiman leaves, she finds it too awkward to remain in the room. Yukino appears to be fine, but just as Iroha is about to go home, she thinks she sees Yukino crying to herself.

Iroha immediately confronts Hachiman after that. She tells Hachiman why she wants to do the prom – because she knows things are ending soon and she doesn’t want anyone to have regrets.

“That’s why you have to do it right,” she says, looking him in the eye.


The next morning, Hachiman comes across Yui and tells her about what’s happened. Yui insists on helping Hachiman, and he can’t refuse her. He appears to be unaware, however, of what Yui is really thinking and why she insists on watching over him. There’s nothing Yui wants more desperately than for the three of them to stay together, even as she knows that it’s an impossibility. Yui also has romantic feelings for Hachiman that she has kept suppressed for a long time.

I’m such a mean and horrible girl, she can’t help but think.

The rest of the volume is mainly preoccupied with Hachiman enlisting help from all the side characters in order to get his scheme to work. In what is 100% the best scene in the novel, Hachiman tricks the hapless goons from the Games Club (remember them from volume 3?) into helping design a fake website with fake opinions from students.

Another great scene is when Hachiman convinces Tamanawa that his deliberately terrible prom plan is completely viable by using nothing but buzzwords and over-the-top hand gestures, just as he learned from Tamanawa himself.


There are still some serious scenes even in the midst of the volume’s most light-hearted content. For example, Hachiman has a conversation with Ebina, where she tells him, “Everyone can see what’s going on with you three just by looking.” This is a prospect which disturbs Hachiman somewhat, because he didn’t think that their relationship was so simple that it could be grasped from the outside.

Yui has an awkward chat with Yukino, telling her that she’s helping Hachiman for her own reasons. She also tells Yukino, rather cryptically, “Your wish won’t get granted.” Yukino responds that she’s been trying to get Yui’s wish granted, not her own. When Yui asks if Yukino really knows what her wish is, Yukino says, “It’s probably the same as mine.” Yui accepts that answer.

Hachiman also has a revealing conversation with Hayama, who finally tells him what the deal was between him and Yukino in elementary school. She was once a loner who got scorned by the other children, and although Hayama felt sorry for her, he only reached out to her in a “half-hearted way.” Because of that, he feels that he made her problems worse, and that she’ll probably never forgive him for it.

Despite the confession, Hachiman still thinks of Hayama as a good guy (although Hayama really doesn’t like him back). Because of his respect for Hayama, Hachiman feels that he can be blunt when Hayama tells him that his methods are wrong. “I know all of that,” Hachiman insists. “I do it because I know that. It’s the only way I can prove that our relationship isn’t codependent. It’s not necessary for me to help her, but I want to do it.”

Hayama blinks in surprise. “Hikigaya… do you know what that feeling is?” he asks with a conflicted smile.

“Of course I do,” replies Hachiman. “It’s a man’s stubbornness.”

After his conversation with Hachiman, Hayama calls up Haruno and they meet in a cafe.

Hayama asks Haruno why she planted the idea of “codependency” in Hachiman’s head. “Because it’s the truth,” she responds matter-of-factly.

Hayama tells Haruno to leave Hachiman and Yukino alone. Little by little, they’ve been improving, he insists. But Haruno disagrees. “That’s just a sham. I want to see something genuine.”

Her words hit Hayama where it hurts; she has long ago dismissed him as a faker. Hayama stews in his regret and wonders if Hachiman will turn out differently.


Meanwhile, Hachiman organises to meet up with Haruno himself in order to ask her to leak the fake website for his plan. Haruno laughs in his face at his idea that through saving Yukino, he’ll prove that their relationship isn’t codependent. Yui, who has come along to offer Hachiman moral support, insists that putting distance would just make things worse. Haruno isn’t convinced, but she decides to do what Hachiman asks of her anyway.

Hachiman thinks that the matter is settled there, but unbeknownst to him, Yui goes back to confront Haruno again later. “I think you’re wrong about us being codependent,” she says. “Wanting to do something for another person… Feeling hurt and doing your best, wanting to support them, and always wanting to be with them… It’s not codependency.”

“Hey, do you think that’s something genuine?” Haruno asks quietly.

“I don’t know,” says Yui helplessly. For her, it just hurts all over.

The stage has been set for the final conflict.

In the end, Yukino’s mother accepts Yukino’s proposal in an anticlimactic twist. But everyone knew that was not where the conflict truly lay. No, the real issue was always about what came after. After arguing about who should take the credit for a little while, Yukino decides to accept the win.

So she tells Hachiman her request.

“Let’s put an end to this.”

This relationship is wrong. It’s not what Hachiman wanted for her. She’s fine now by herself, she insists. He saved her.

Hachiman has lost every reason to interact with her.

“I understand,” he says finally. “I’ll listen to what you have to say. If it’s within my power, I’ll do it.”

“Please grant Yuigahama-san’s wish.”

“Is that your wish?”

“Yes, it’s my wish,” says Yukino with a gentle smile.

After that, there’s nothing more to say. They end their final exchange, and Yukino closes the door softly behind him.

Hachiman does not look back.

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Update: Added a paragraph about Yui’s conversation with Yukino and her wish.


  1. UPDATE: I’ve added this paragraph to the summary about Yui and Yukino’s conversation and Yui’s wish:

    Yui has an awkward chat with Yukino, telling her that she’s helping Hachiman for her own reasons. She also tells Yukino, rather cryptically, “Your wish won’t get granted.” Yukino responds that she’s been trying to get Yui’s wish granted, not her own. When Yui asks if Yukino really knows what her wish is, Yukino says, “It’s probably the same as mine.” Yui accepts that answer.

  2. oooh, now I have to ponder in which sense Yui means that and if Yukino (and we) really know what Yui wants. Thank you!

  3. Been a while since I was here. I need to get this whole series for real.

    Shit has definitely gone down and though I am a bit fragmented with the events before (I am always on and off with Oregairu. I wish there was more of the anime.) the way I’m seeing this ending feels really good in my opinion.

    I think I’ll buy all novels and binge by the time vol 14 hits. Good to read again bruh;D

  4. Hi, thanks for the translation!!, It really helps to know what is going on in this volume. It may be too soon, but is there any where the whole volume is transalted?

  5. Hey frog-kun can u please clarify this

    “Meanwhile, Hachiman organises to meet up with Haruno himself in order to ask her to leak the fake website for his plan. Haruno laughs in his face at his idea that through saving Yukino, he’ll prove that their relationship isn’t codependent. Yui, who has come along to offer Hachiman moral support, insists that putting distance would just make things worse. Haruno isn’t convinced, but she decides to do what Hachiman asks of her anyway.”

    How does Hachiman’s idea saves Yukino??

    • Hachiman thinks that his idea will get Yukino’s plan for the prom approved, which is what “saving her” in this context means. He wants her to succeed while also feeling as if she has maintained her independence.

  6. How can yukino be able to give up so easily on Hachiman if she was really in love with him? I bet she is not so interested in him (she reveals that she prefers her friendship with yui rather than beginning a romance with him) and wants to go back to the wealthy Hayama by using Yui as an excuse. It is in fact better cool for yukino to reject Hachiman in a cool way by saying “it’s because of my friendship with yui” instead of saying the true sentence ” Let the poor marry together and the rich marry together, “

  7. I think the central theme of this volume is “Why did Hachiman want to help Yukino?” Hachiman gave different answers to different people. It is because he was unable to be genuine about his feeling. So I believe that it is Hachiman’s turn to get help in the last volume.

  8. If you don’t mind, may I ask what that image of Miura on the beach, barefoot and shivering, is all about? It’s made me extremely curious.

  9. Yui’s and therefore Yukino’s wish is one of the 2 I think ?

    1. Get hachiman and still keep the 3 of the together (though she has acknowledged that as impossible)

    2. For her friends to be happy and together

    The ball will obviously be in Yui’s court in the last volume. This is setting up to be hachman and yukino all the way unless the author throws in a twist.

  10. Hayama blinks in surprise. “Hikigaya… do you know what that feeling is?” he asks with a conflicted smile.

    Can anyone to me what did hayama mean by this?

    • In regards to was it Yukino……….No I’m largely sure that it was Haruno Yukinoshita………..Haruno hates him because he didn’t do enough to help Yukino during school and Yukino must have similar feelings….However his replies and instantly responding to Haruno (coupled with him continuously preventing Iroha + Miura from expressing their love to him), means he has feelings for another girl outside (Haruno).

      In regards to “What that feeling is”……….it’s less of a what did Hayama mean by it and more he was surprised by what Hachiman was saying……..Hachiman has always stated “I am alone and therefore i do things how i want”……..however he’s unequivocally stating not only that his methods are wrong (which by chance is something I’ve stated for many years now) but also that he’s willing to do anything to help Yukino……..Hayama is basically calling him selfless

      But 8man changes selfless into “a man’s stubbornness”………Note how he says “a man’s” and not “stubbornness” as one word. A man’s implies towards a woman he thinks of affectionately.

      • I think it’s Yukino. In the past, Hayama misunderstand the chocolate gift from Yukino. He think it was Valentine Chocolate, but Haruno get that Chocolate too. That’s why after that Yukino get bullied by girl from her class. Yukino get depressed because her best friend at that time Hayama didn’t stop that girl from bullying. Hayama think Yukino just shy to tell the truth. And after that, Yukino leave him and go abroad. That’s why Hayama tell Hachiman he once misunderstood. “Y” is for Yukino, not Haruno. But that was just my opinion

      • oh…. i never thoguht this way… you may be right…. how could i not see this….. so many things make sense now…. how hayama still cant find an opportunity to atone and if we did more, could he have been forgiven….

        so many times he said Haruno never forgives anyone who harms her favorite things (people)

        MAn… i am blind as a bat….

  11. Hmm Frog Kun RalphZiggy speaks very highly of you (a friend of mine from FanFic) and I can see why…I’ve read your summary from vol12 and now 13 its really well done and very concise (thank you very much).
    From what you wrote this was a seriously packed chapter (gives me hope for a s3 of the anime in fact), however I do have a few problems with it and i think Ralph shares my slight discontent.

    Firstly I dont have an issue with the ending (however i think that should have come earlier) as it was important for Yukinoshita to break her obvious co-dependency on Hachiman to allow for something genuine. However the production of a sudden second contest by Hachiman makes no sense…….the initial service club contest was never completely resolved so why the need for another??

    Next Yui’s wish was somewhat revealed at the end of the anime…….She wants it all…Hachiman and their friendship (and you stated yourself she has unrequited love feelings + an intense need to stay together). However Yukinoshita has destroyed the second aspect by breaking up the service club and therefore that can’t happen…so all she has left is Hachiman. Therefore it has to be for Hachiman to date her (or at least a date), this is going to cause huge problems because even though Hachiman agreed to carry out Yui’s wish, he himself has shot down Yui on multiple occasions and doesn’t love her which is going to push her away either during the date or after and towards Yukino.

    My other major problem with this chapter is the backtracking on the improvement of our MC’s. Hachiman had seemingly learnt by the end of s2 of the anime how his methods were wrong and required input from others to mould a much more well-rounded plan. This chapter seems to have him regress towards his previous methods of doing things himself for his own selfish requirements and becoming overwhelmed by his emotions far too much…….I really don’t see how he could have regressed so much at this stage…however thats just my opinion.

    How do i see vol 14???? Hachiman will go on a date with Yui, Haruno will get wind of the date and will tell Yukino she has to make a decision on what she wants. Yui will realise Hachiman loves Yukino and not her and she’ll once again break down but tell Hachiman to go to Yukino because she does still care about Yukino as a friend.

    Then one of two things can happen….either Yukino will move away to pursure her own wishes and come back later to be with Hachiman (more likely imo)…or they will stay together from thereon indefinitely…………I guess we shall see how it pans out (apologies for the long-winded answer).

    • Demn i cant sleep with this chapter being a cliffhanger ugh, I cant wait what will happen to the 3 . But i need to see Hachiman and Yukino being a couple xoxoxoxooxoxoxox

      • WW may already give a hint to the ending. In one of the color illustration, Yukino stands on the left, Hachiman stands on the right and with Saki, Ebina, Yui, Miura and Iroha in between. While Yukino and Hachiman stand on the foreground, the other five stand slightly into the background. I think this is half of a larger illustration. The other half will have Hachiman stands on the left, Yukino stands on the right and with Zaimokuza, Totsuka, Hayama, Tobe and Komachi in between. So Oregairu is the story of Hachiman and Yukino.

        • Yes yes yess I just need to see them to have their relationship to the next level just like in the Oregairu gamee!!! Im excited to wait for that haha, I hope that we will be satisfied in the ending of oregairu, and i may rest in piece

          • We know undoubtedly that Oregairu will have a definite and finite ending………However their remains the slight possibility that all character could still remain on their own having achieved some insight to their own indefinicienes and being able to move on with their own lives.
            I think most the fan base would prefer Yukino x Hachiman as this has always seemed the best way for both Yukino and Hachiman to complete their own (half-selves) as it were, they complete each other basically. Yui x Hachiman or any of the other girls (Iroha or Kawasaki) never really had an actual chance.
            I’ve heard April 2019 as the release date for volume 14 (and the release date i had for November 18 as volume 13 was correct from the same person) so I’m going to stick with that.

    • I agree with endofera-kun after 14 volume of LN and 2 season of anime after all of that hachiman gonna reject his way of life and suddenly throw away everything what he said and do.

      Honestly i want a tragic ending..

  12. I just want to see happy ending for Hachiman and Yukino

    I know Yui will dissapoint about Yukino
    Love Hachiman i very happy if Yui not
    Will sad

    • Well, maybe.

      If you re-read Vol 1, Hachiman tell about if somebody enjoy her/his youth it means they already run away and that was wrong.

      And Hachiman did the same, he enjoy Youth when he alone with Yukino, debate with Yukino, and more. So the title means = Hachiman tell about his Youth and enjoy his Youth with somebody

    • me too….. and not in a cryptic way….. i want both yukino and hachiman to be able to understand their feelings..

      Yui might be sad…. but from vol1 to vol 13, hachima always was stunned with yukino… how his mind and body stopped…… but with yui, it was always mentioned like a heart fluttering when she came to close to his face….

  13. what will happens to yui and yukino relationship if their wish granted? how will hachiman live on knowing that he take away what have been build between yui and yukino. . i don’t think yui and yukino need hachiman. . i think yui want a true friend and yukino a trusted friend. . . i think genuine that hachiman search is kawasaki. saki feeling for me is genuine. . it’s a wrong romcom right its not like shocinko need to end up with heroin. . .

    • Well, i want Hachiman date Saki too.

      Yui need Hachiman? Yes, because Hachiman is a hero in Yui’s eyes. The reason why Hachiman close to Yui is because Yui love Hachiman, if Yui didn’t like Hachiman i didn’t think Yui will in the Service Club. Remember when Yui didn’t go to the club because Hachiman rejected her? Yep something like that. Yui just need to be mature in the end and accept that she get rejected. Maybe she can be a friend with Hachiman too in the end! It will be awkward of course. And she need happy too :(

      Yukino need Hachiman? Yukino already fall in love with Hachiman. Even though, she already had a plan for herself. She deserves happiness because what she already done with Service Club. She got back-stabbed by her best friend (Yui and Hayama) , got rejected by her mom, get betrayed by her soulmate (Hachiman). Why i said Hachiman betray Yukino? In the anime S1 last episode, i forgot in the LN. Yukino say, she already know who is Hachiman, it make Hachiman blush. In the next chapter, Yukino trust Hachiman plan in Kyoto Arc, but what did Hachiman do? He didn’t tell the truth and lied about his feeling. Yukino know Hachiman because he is never lie and always tell the truth. But Hachiman did the mistake and lie. So after this Vol 14 i hope Yukino deserves happiness with Hachiman (the one who closest with)

      But if Hachiman end with Saki it will be unique tho haha

  14. i like to see a pic where saki look outside the window and hachiman at his place looking the other way in their classroom. . .

  15. Wait, frog-kun. I need revelation… the very last interlude: it is Yukino? Or it is hachiman? -_-”

    And about the ‘not co-dependence but genuine thing’: is that an interlude between Haruno / Yui?

    It seems like these interludes become important bridge between chapters now …

  16. well if hachiman ends up with anyone besides yukino that would be so fucking crazy,,,it will definitely shock me since it’s obvious how things will end,,it’s more likely that yui will just give up onher feelings towards 8man and tell him to save yukino,,lmao but it’s gonna be one boring ending i want something unexpected,, i mean the title is what made me watch the anime this love story/ending needs to be wrong

  17. I still hope that he ends up with Yui, even tho she turned into the “bad girl” fighting for what you want isnt a bad thing imo and I believe 8man has feelings for the both of them.
    That being said, its been obvious for quite a while he will end up with Yukino. I just hope they stay friends and Yui gets her own happy future in epilogue :)

  18. Also, no sad ending, hell freaking no! I know the novel is called like that, but if after 14 novels there will be a luckester of a bittersweet ending where 8man decides to leave them to be friends or whatever I will personally flip.

  19. If those stupid girls think hachiman just kind to them as friend no one get hurt poor hachiman, the anime will be fun as comedy and light, but this also romance and drama.

    nemed “My Youth Romance Comedy is wrong, As I Expeted”. Maybe because There will be misunderstanding 75% it’s will be unexpected Comedy and the end will be hachiman’s Expected. He expected they will solve the problem with best way and no one get hurt, and no suffer, The drama make us think this is painful, but this is “light novel” so no dramatic sadness bittersweet.

    (DON’T KILL ME PLEASE💃) just my imagination😎

    85% = hachiman tell the truth hes youth romance is wrong as he expected, and say he can’t
    love those girls.
    because he already fall in love with someone and he already say “but there’s this
    one person i just can’t give up on”(In anime), or he already dating that person, he feel
    The reasion why he so sad is unable to tell them. He also
    afraid those girl will get hurt. But those Girls realize the misunderstanding and realize
    how stupid they are, and they know who’s that person, IN MY HEAD :
    “wrong” mean swing that way
    “As i expected” mean hes expected = dating with saika, everyone know, but no one care
    but hachiman already crazy for him, he even try so hard forget that saika and can’t give

  20. Maybe saika become an excuse, and those girls not hurt anymore, because they already know hachiman crazy for saika 😂👌🏻 i’m sure not iroha

  21. Thank you Frog-Kun. I started Oregairu back in 2015. It has taught us a great deal in life. I feel like….whatever the ending holds..my heart will be able to take it :’) wether it be bitter or sweet, I will accept it all. Once again, thank you.

  22. i think its pretty safe to assume that Iroha is going to win this in the end.It is the only ending that prevents Yuigahama and Yukino’s friendship from being ruined.

    Yuigahama probably is willing to sacrifice herself for Yukino. And so is Yukino for Yuigahama.

    But unlike Yuigahama that can continue being friends with Yukino regardless of the outcome. Yukino’s personality and the way she is will most likely prevent her from being friends again with Yuigahama if either she wins or Yuigahama wins.

    As such, Iroha is the best option for a happier ending.

    Yukino needs to have some massive change in her character for the next volume for me to think she can continue being friends with Yuigahama.

  23. Wait is the only hope.

    “If” Hachiman date with another girl, it will make Yui and Yukino more confusing about what Hachiman want. Don’t count Yukino and Yui as the another girl cuz they are main heroine.

    From the beginning Yukino goals is to make Hachiman change. Yui goals is to make Hachiman as her boyfriend. But after know who is Hachiman, they start have a strange feeling (In Prologue 2 Vol 11, Yukino say she doesnt know what is the feeling is). That means, this is Yukino first “that” feeling. It means, Yukino never have this feeling to other people.

    Yukino want to be herself because she doesn’t want to be anyone (After that “Someday…” scene). It clear Yukino is the one who move forward after that Genuine scene. And of course, Yukino goals is want to get work in her Father’s company and want Hachiman change still in her mind. That’s why she still want to do that prom (Because she want her Mother acknowledge her). Haruno says “You become an adult if you give up about something” (CMIIW). So she gave up in Hachiman. But still, she can move forward in her own. She still have a hope in Yui, maybe she think Yui is more acknowledge Hachiman than other girls.

    Yui doesn’t want to be herself because she want what they are now. But still, she is a “bad girl”. Of course she lie about that. She want Hachiman, that’s why she say she maybe doesn’t get along with Yukino after knew what Yukino feel. Yui want Hachiman think about other feeling before Hachiman act. Yui want her friendship and Hachiman. She must gave up in her friendship and take Hachiman. And she must move forward as her “fake” boyfriend.

    Hachiman want something genuine. If Hachiman become adult, he must give up in Genuine, he must see the reality that everyone is fake (And see that Hachiman become a faker too). That’s why Haruno says “I doubt you never get drunk like me”. But after that maybe he regrets that and can move forward after that.

    Yukino like Hachiman because Hachiman didn’t lie and say it clearly at the first. But Hachiman change after that. Hachiman think Group Hayato can last longer if Hachiman lie (Hachiman more think about feeling at this rate). Because of that, he swallow what he regrets what he say in the first Prologue.

    People in here didn’t get happy ending. I confuse in my grammar lol. But hope you understand. This is not about “Love” but about “Bitter and Sweet Youth”, that’s why it’s wrong yet so beautiful. (After this the 3 of em can’t get married like Hiratsuka-sensei because of regreting Youth xD)

    • that depends if Hachiman wants something now that there is no reason to interact with the girls; there is no club, no projects. For most the story Hachiman has been acting for one person’s sake and been fixated on her. Will he gather up the courage to say he wants to be with her, to support her properly instead of just being a “helpful ninja” working behind the scenes to aid her even after she told him to stop? And a hint, that person is not Yui and it is not Iroha.

      • Ikr. And Hachiman must accept that Yukino can walk for herself. It doesn’t mean Hachiman can’t walk together with Yukino right? He just afraid Yukino can walk for herself and forgot about him (this is why Hachiman cry after he knows Komachi from now on can walk for herself). He just doesn’t want to be alone. Poor Hachiman.

      • But sorry bro, it’s not because of “properly support her”. In the first big problem in Oregairu, where Yukino get a problem because of Sagami, Hachiman support her in the back and help her.

        Hachiman just need to be himself again, and say the truth even is bitter AF. He doesn’t need to become a big liar. (Yukino didn’t like people who lie). I assume your “properly support” is not become a big liar.

  24. jauh frog kun i have many question in my head now and my own analysis please correct me if i wrong

    1.what is yuigahama wish?,it is same as yukino wish

    want hachiman be one of them boyfriend and make they are still together?

    2.what you think about yukino hachiman relationship? os there any possible on end vol 14 they become couple?

  25. hai frog kun i have many question in my head now and my own analysis please correct me if i wrong

    1.what is yuigahama wish?,it is same as yukino wish

    want hachiman be one of them boyfriend and make they are still together?

    2.what you think about yukino hachiman relationship? os there any possible on end vol 14 they become couple?

  26. hai frog kun i have many question in my head now and my own analysis please correct me if i wrong

    1.what is yuigahama wish?,it is same as yukino wish

    want hachiman be one of them boyfriend and make they are still together?

    2.what you think about yukino hachiman relationship? os there any possible on end vol 14 they become couple?

    • 1. We still don’t know what Yui want because she doesn’t say it clearly. But, want Hachiman as Yui’s boyfriend? Maybe yes. And make they are still together? It never happen bro. Yui clearly say if WE (Hachiman, Yukino, and Yui) reveal their feeling, it will be never ever same as it now. Yui know what Yukino and Hachiman feeling each other, that’s why Yui want everything. Everything mean Hachiman, why? What are Yukino have? Yukino has some relationship with Hachiman, so Yui want it. (Remember, Yui know scene Hachiman-Yukino in the infirmary)

      2. Yukino-Hachiman relationship is just difficult.
      Yukino want prove to Hachiman she can walk for herself, so that Yukino is already have a self. But can Hachiman accept that “self” from Yukino?
      And for Hachiman, Hachiman just want to save Yukino because of that waterfall scene. But, he didn’t say because of that waterfall scene, but because of his stubbornes. It means, Hachiman already accept whoever is Yukino. But he still didn’t save her properly and make a bigger problem.
      Possible to become a couple? Yes, Hachiman must say the truth that he love Yukino and accept Yukino as it is.

    • Japanese prefectures rotate their teachers to other schools, Hiratsuka was overdue for this as Haruno notes. She’ll be teaching at some other school for Hachiman’s third year.

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