The Ending of Oregairu (Volume 14 spoilers)

Watching Hachiman, Yukino and Yui suppress their feelings and not being able to talk out their issues frankly was tough. If you read my summaries of volume 12 and volume 13, you’ll understand what I mean. The fact that this was all taking place over the course of years made it more agonising.

Volume 14 finally brings closure to these characters. Finally, after all these years. In this blog post, I will spoil everything about it, so strap yourselves in for a wild ride!

The book is roughly divided into two parts. I like to think of the first part as “the bad end” like what you’d find in a visual novel. With the Service Club disbanded, Hachiman and Yukino gradually start to drift apart, but life goes on anyway. Hachiman thinks to himself, “I’m sure that one day the distance between us won’t feel strange to me. We become close, and at the end of it, we drift apart. I’m sure I’ll get used to that.”

At the end of volume 13, Yukino told Hachiman, “My wish is for you to grant Yuigahama-san’s wish.” So Hachiman calls Yui to a park and asks her what she wants. Yui says vaguely that she wants “everything.” When Hachiman presses her for specifics, she finally comes up with two suggestions: help see the prom through and throw a party with everyone. 

“And after that… after that, I want to grant Hikki’s wish.”

Because Hachiman doesn’t actually know what he wants just yet, he finds this whole “wish-granting” thing hard. But for now, he decides to make good on his promise to Yui. He ropes all the side characters together and they all hang out at karaoke.

The karaoke scene is 100% the realest social interaction that is written in the book, and it reminded me a lot of the kind of story Oregairu used to be in its early volumes, when comedy was a bigger focus. Zaimokuza and the Games Club guys have no idea how to talk to Yumiko and her gang, so it’s all very awkward. They end up having a good time when Hayama joins the fray to smooth everything over with his impeccable social skills, but Hayama and Hachiman dislike each other, so now things are awkward for Hachiman. 

When Hachiman briefly goes out to grab something from the drink bar, Yumiko has her first real conversation alone with him. She flat out asks him, “How do you feel about Yui?” When Hachiman doesn’t really respond, she continues, “I’m not really your friend and I don’t care about you either way, but I do care about Yui. So don’t half-ass things with her, okay? It’ll piss me off.”

Unfortunately for Yumiko, Hachiman “half-asses” things with Yui for the rest of the book. She never actually confesses her romantic feelings to him so he never explicitly rejects her, and they have barely any scenes together in the second half of the volume. They do have a cute scene together where they go shopping and do some cooking in chapter 3, though. Hachiman momentarily wonders what would happen if he granted each and every one of Yui’s wishes, and then concludes that it’s an impossible fantasy. Sorry, Yui fans.

On the other hand, things aren’t looking good for Yukino either. The preludes interspersed between the early chapters of the volume reveal that after Yukino broke things off with Hachiman, she went to Yui’s house and admitted that she likes Hachiman. She immediately regrets this, because by saying the words out loud, it became something that she felt that she could no longer take back. She cares about Yui that much, knowing that they share the same wish. So even after admitting her feelings, she continues to suppress them, hoping that the day will come when she can smile and put it all behind her.

In response, Yui says that she’s greedy and wants everything – the good times and the heartbreak as well – which was her way of saying that she’s willing to accept an outcome where Hachiman doesn’t choose her as long as they all still get to be friends. But Yukino is determined to end things, and she holds onto that resolve right until the day of the prom.

“Please, Hikigaya-kun… You have to grant her wish.”

When the final song plays, Yukino looks at Hachiman and silently waves her hand. She murmurs those words, and Hachiman understands.

…But is this really the outcome that he wants?

The prom was Yukino’s chance to prove herself to her mother that she can handle responsibility and succeed the family. As far as her mother is concerned, Yukino handled things admirably. But Haruno suddenly throws a spanner in the works, saying that she can’t accept this outcome. She can’t accept how Yukino has decided to stand up to her mother so abruptly without giving a reason for any of it. What made her change so suddenly? Perhaps at this point, Haruno is just as tired of Yukino dancing around her feelings as we the readers are. She says as much to Hachiman, claiming that as far as Yukino’s wishes are concerned, the outcome of the prom was nothing but a consolation prize.

After the prom, Hiratsuka-sensei takes Hachiman to a batting center and has a chat with him. She offers Hachiman some advice: When it comes to conveying how you feel, you don’t have to boil things down to a single word. Say as many words as you need and show it through your actions. She tells him that he’ll be okay, even when she’s gone. “You’re my greatest student,” she says.

And it’s during this conversation that Hachiman decides that although he’s fine with things ending, the way it ended is wrong. If they got this far through circling around each other’s feelings and being too scared to hurt one another, then their relationship has become twisted and fake. Hachiman decides that he’ll end this screwed-up youth that he himself was responsible for creating.

A few days after the prom, Hachiman meets up with Yui and tells her what he’s thinking. He doesn’t want his relationship with Yukino to fade into mere “acquaintances.” He wants to become closer to her. If she is actually unsatisfied with her “consolation prize” because of him, he’ll take responsibility–

Hachiman abruptly realises that he’s saying something quite lame and hastily apologises. Yui says she has no idea what exactly he’s trying to say, but she has a vague idea. She reiterates for Hachiman that she wants “everything” and encourages him to go for it. When she gets back home, she smiles and laughs, but she also cries.

“I couldn’t tell him after all,” she thinks. “The words wouldn’t come out. I couldn’t say the simple words ‘I love you.’ This feeling that came before all this, that supersedes all of this. This impossible feeling. It was the first time I fell in love. It’s the first time we fell in love.”

(This is the first time the word ‘love’ is mentioned explicitly in the text, by the way. It’s on page 345.) 

Hachiman then launches his plan: Prom 2.0. The previous prom was just for the seniors. This time he wants to do a joint prom between Sobu High School (his school) and Kaihin Sogo School (Tamanawa and Orimoto’s school). He makes Zaimokuza and the Games Club kids update the site for the dummy prom to announce this as if it’s an official thing in order to force the school’s hand. It’s honestly a stupid and scummy plan but somehow he gets away with it because Yukino sees the hidden intent and decides to take responsibility for it. And because Yukino has proven her worth already, her mother concedes to her.

Yukino is pissed off with Hachiman afterwards, though. She asks him, “Why did you do that?”

Hachiman tells her frankly, “It’s the only way I could get involved with you.” Now that the Service Club is gone, there’s no pretext for them to see each other anymore. 

Yukino is stunned. She asks Hachiman why he’d go to such lengths, and he tells her, “You told me to grant her wish. It was to spend idle days with you after school, she said.”

“In that case, you didn’t have to go out of your way to do all of this.”

“I did. A familiar face, acquaintances, friends, classmates… Call it what you like, but I have no confidence that I’d be able to maintain a relationship like that.” He hesitates as Yukino shuffles a few steps ahead of him, and then says, “If I let go of you now, I’ll never be able to catch hold of you again.”

He reaches out and puts his hand around her wrist.

“You might not want this… but I want to continue being involved with you. It’s not out of obligation, it’s my own will.” A pause. “So give me permission to mess up your life.”

Yukino is understandably confused and asks him what he means. He explains that while he doesn’t have the power to change her life in a big way, if they become involved with each other, they’ll be stepping on each other’s toes, so her life will probably end up being a bit messed up. In exchange, he promises to give her everything he has. 

They keep talking, and the more Hachiman says, the less sense he makes. They both acknowledge that he is spouting the first bullshit that comes to mind. But that’s fine. Even if his words make no sense, he’s saying these things because he wants to convey his feelings. And that desire, above all else, is what gets across to her.

Finally, Yukino caves in and rests her head on his shoulder.

“Please give me your life.”

Those are rather heavy words, as Hachiman remarks, but he accepts them anyway. Words can’t capture the feelings, but they get across through the warmth of their touch.

The rest of the book is an extra-long coda. After sorting out the logistical difficulties, everyone in the extended cast gets together for the joint prom. Hachiman gets to say his final farewell to Hiratsuka-sensei and reflect on what a long year it’s been for him. And Yukino actually manages to say, “I like you,” to Hachiman’s face. They have difficulty describing their relationship to others, but “partners” is what they manage.

As for Yui, she hasn’t entirely given up on Hachiman. Iroha, much like the rest of the cast, has pretty much figured out what went down between Hachiman, Yukino and Yui. Iroha tells Yui, “You know, there’s no law against liking a guy who’s got a girlfriend.” (She asserts that she has no feelings for Hachiman herself, but well, if he came after her, who’s to say how a girl would react? But no way would she actually expend any effort.) She also says, “It’s okay for girls not to know when to give up. That’s their privilege!”

Yui thinks that Iroha is talking nonsense, but she’s still kind of touched anyway. With renewed energy, she dashes towards the place she wants to be.

And that place, of course, is at the side of her best friend and the boy she loves.

When the new school year starts, Hiratsuka-sensei is gone, but Yukino decides to reinstate the Service Club anyway. At first, it’s just Hachiman and Yukino, but soon enough, Yui, Komachi and Iroha join them. The last scene has them all gather in the empty classroom where they meet for the Service Club. This is where Yui makes her request:

“There’s a person I like, and there’s someone who’s kind of like a girlfriend to him, and that person happens to be my best friend… but I want to be friends with them forever. What should I do?”

Yukino invites her to stay. Yui’s request may take a long time to fulfill. Yui looks straight at Yukino and says, with an honest laugh, “Yeah, it might take a long time. It might not end today, or tomorrow, or the day after… I think it’ll continue forever.”

“Yeah… I think it’ll continue forever.” Nevertheless, Yukino accepts her with open arms.

Meanwhile, Hachiman watches this scene and comes to the conclusion: “My youth romantic comedy is wrong, as I expected.”

And that’s it. That’s the end of the story.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Jokes aside, what a rollercoaster ride that final volume was! I feel bad that the contents leaked a few days before it actually came out, though. The story is structured in a way that there’s genuine uncertainty that anyone will actually act on their feelings for the first 300 pages. For a while, it really seemed like the future that lay ahead for Hachiman and crew was this depressing fanfic. God, I’m glad they averted that future.

It’s been eight-and-a-half years since Oregairu started, and now it’s finally ended. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it was the defining high school light novel of this decade.

I was the same age as Hachiman when Oregairu first began in 2011. Although I wasn’t reading light novels at that time, when I experienced the anime in 2013, it was the first time I felt like I saw my own high school experience reflected in a work of media. I’d always felt somehow alienated by the teen experiences depicted in English YA literature. Oregairu was what got me to read light novels in earnest; I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.

After I became an adult, I stopped being so invested in Oregairu. Or rather, it stopped mattering to me where these kids ended up. I wasn’t that curious about the romantic resolutions; I just knew with conviction that they were going to be okay when they grow up.

In the afterword of the 14th and final volume, Wataru Watari writes: “It was so long ago when I was in my second year of high school, but now it feels like my second year of high school has finally ended. It was the longest year of my life.”

You’ve done well, Watari. You can graduate now with no worries in mind. Thanks for everything.


  1. Wow. That certainly was a thrilling ride. I can’t believe it’s been it’s been almost 9 years since Oregairu first started. It definitely is the best Highschool rom-com of the decade in my humble opinion. I sadly can’t read Japanese so I had to settle for fan translations and summaries but I’m definitely learning it and buying all of the Volumes to support the author and his work..
    Coincidently I too first started reading light novels after watching the anime’s 2 seasons. I was just so mesmerised by the story and so invested in the characters I liked them and I wanted to know more about them.
    Thanks for your time and work Froh-kun! And thanks for the splendid novel Watari Wataru

  2. Thanks very much, Frog-Kun! Thanks for your work on the early volumes that got me to fall in love with the LN series after the S1 anime charmed me. One thing special to me about v14 besides two loners finding love was that after Hachiman has several interactions and conversations with the mother Yukino relays to him an invitation to dinner as mom is “very interested in you.” Big deal to meet the parents….

  3. Thanks as always. My love for light novels started with Oregairu and this blog. It feels really good to know that Oregairu ended. Now, I will wait calmly for the anime and wait for the radio.

  4. This is the only high school anime i ever liked.good work frog kun.thanks a lot.also thanks watari for this wonderful masterpiece.

  5. Thanks for the summary! So the cover really had a teary eyed Yukino (with all the speculation whether it was just an artifact of Ponkan8’s art style).

    This was also the first series that got me into looking for good LNs and Anime (mostly Seinen). Previously all the Shonen anime showing on TV was something I watched to kill time but I wasn’t invested in them. I managed to collect the entire TW translations for the series (it’s up to Vol 13 to date), and then bought the JP eBooks and now I’m looking at getting the Yen Press eBooks if there is a sale. I guess this series has greatly influenced my perception of people and high school struggles in general.

    Having said that, from the summary it still feels like the story hasn’t really concluded. There is an ending, yes, but it is neither a ‘happily ever after’ or a bittersweet end ala Makoto Shinkai. It really sounds like he’s left the door open to continue the story somehow, but I really don’t know if it is something that would keep me interested if it is going to be just a Slice of Life story of Year 3.

  6. Oh I forgot to mention that it is due to the tireless effort of all the fan-translators who got me started on this journey. Thanks Frog-kun for doing the first volume.

    • Thanks! To be precise, I believe it was Wintermance from the NanoDesu translation who translated volume 1, and then I took over for volumes 2-4. Please support the official English translation by Yen Press, though – it’s a lot better than my early efforts – and Watari gets royalties.

      • Well, I hope that the completion of the series and the upcoming final season will be an enough push for this series to be licensed in my country as well. I understand that most fans know this story by heart, but sales of our license Toradora manga and SAO LN show that people are ready to support.

  7. Thanks for writing this summary. I wish I could read Japanese but despite this I ordered and already received this volume from Japan.
    This light novel really changed my attitude to some stuff.

    Because of OreGairu I read a Japanese light novel for the first time.
    Because of OreGairu I read a Japanese manga for the first time.
    Because of OreGairu I started reading Reddit and registered there for the first time.
    Because of OreGairu I started reading about anime titles and manga in English and realized how incredibly big the anime community is.
    Because of OreGairu I ordered my first thing from Japan and Amazon itself.

  8. Froh-kun, one last question! Why did Hiratsuka-Sensei leave her post as a teacher? Was it already mentioned in the other volumes?

  9. The one he should’ve ended with is Hiratsuka-Sensei…for me and my feeble understanding of the novel the only character that genuinely cared about Hachiman and I honestly stopped caring about any of the “main” heroines long time ago. Pity it didn’t go that way their marriage would be funny to say the least. And thanks a lot Frog for this summary : ).

  10. Not gonna lie, while I was reading this I started to imagine the whole situation and a few tears dropped haha this is how easily it get me.
    Thanks to Oregairu I was able to get a better relationship with my little brother, our background is kind of similar to the one of Yukino and Haruno. I got into the anime because of Hachiman but after knowing about Yukino and her family I started to think about me and my brother and how he may felt while growing up with me. Since then our relationship change a lot for the better. So, the point of all this shit that nobody care is to say Oregairu is also special to me, I’m glad it ends and how it ended.
    Also, I found out about this blog a few months ago and I’ve been reading it a lot. There is so much good content here. Thanks for this summery and sorry for the bad english haha It`s not my first langueage

  11. Nowadays there are really few good works about male teenage or youthful experience. While shoujo and josei are trying more and more to be realistic and lively, and great authors like Mari Okada create amazing teen stories for any audience, I cannot help but get the impression that male fiction is either falling into deep escapism or too preoccupied selling their works, than about their actual content
    Therefore, I once again learn thanks to your description that Oregairu throughout its long life was a realistic representation of male and not only adolescent life and remained so at the end. I did not read the last volumes, so I was afraid that the story would go the standard way from unnecessarily adding new love interests or Hacchi from a less realistic MC would turn into the Harem Master.

    So, although I can quite openly say that I was not surprised at the end you described, but to be honest, at the same time I was still surprised at how emotional and hear-warming it was.

  12. Hey there!

    Thank you so much for your hard work as always.
    But there’s been a question on my mind that wasn’t answered even after I read your summary. I have heard somewhere that Yukino, somehow, leaves Hachiman. Some say it’s about studying in a university that is located somewhere far or something.

    Is this true? Or is it just a false rumour?

    Once again, thanks for your hard work!

  13. I’ll be honest but after reading White Album 2… this series really doesn’t compare. Not sure why everyone is going crazy after it.

    But still I’m glad Yukino won.

  14. FUCK!!! He should just end up with Irohas. If you have a love triangle between two beautiful girls and a boy, you should end up with the Third girl, who was the best girl in this case. The author doesn’t have any courage to do something like that. From the beginning, everyone knew that it will end up with Yukino. So it is the point where you should break your chains. and bring up something unexpected and incredible. An ending that will be remembered forever. Now this story became just a cliche, which doesn’t suit a character like Hachiman.

    • Iroha? A girl that uses feminine wiles and manipulation to make boys work for her and spend money on her, flirting with a guy all the while pursuing another? The kind of guy that goes for Iroha is called a “door mat”. Also at the end she told Yui she thought it was fine to pursue a guy in a relationship with another woman, she’s a homewrecker too.

    • Doing subversions just for the sake of it, its one of the most stupid and damaging moves an author can do. I thank the fact that the writer was smart enough to not do something as dumb as that.

    • Ugh, damn. I was hoping for Iroha. Another Kaminomi ending huh. Welp, time to pray for an IF story.

  15. I was afraid it might be iroha. I’m glad she’s not the one because iroha is the kind of girl that would be totally still be friends with hachiman like its no big deal if he dated another girl, with yukino it’ll ruin his relationship with her no matter what, she’d never accept being second fiddle to another girl she’ll would have left the club & story if he chose yui. That should tell you who’s best girl in my book. iroha can easily move on & still love both yukino & hachiman as friends. So her reaction by the end with yukino & hachiman is completely as expected & in-character of her.

  16. Shiratsuka meddled again for no reason. Yukino conveyed to Yui that their trio friendship was over if she didn’t get Hachiman. Haruna acting like an entitled diva.

    This isn’t something genuine, this is coercion. Hachiman was guided to this ending by the machinations of others.

    So what if Yui didn’t confess? They’re only in their 2nd year of highschool, figuring out the rest of your life doesn’t need to happen when you’re still a minor.

    All Yukino had to do was use unambiguous words. Tell Hachiman to love Yui, not “grant her effing wish.” She wasn’t even brave enough to make things clear.

    Yukino’s refusal to maintain a platonic friendship for more than 1 year is cowardly. Once again she was running away. And then she forced other people to shape their futures to make up for her failings.

    The weak girl won. She never got the strength or growth of a real hero. She sabotaged Yui’s and Hachiman’s chance at gaining something genuine.

    • Hachiman always had feelings for Yukino and yukino was the one he always loved. Yui was the third wheel. He wasn’t fine at all with yukino going away from his life. And he made that very clear to yui. He finally grew some balls and confessed to yukino.

    • I completely agree. I feel like authors commonly make the main heroine weak in some way. Meanwhile the girl that most people like (Yui) are casted aside despite being the clear better choice in my opinion.

      If anyone suffered the most, it was Yui, and she did not deserve to lose how she did.

  17. …………………..________…………………. ……………. . . . .. …………………………………………… …………………………………………………………………… .. … . …… ……………………. . . . …. . …m.. ………….. …………. …. ………. …. ……………………………….,……. . Nn . ……. . ……………………………………..m ……(/¯◡ ‿ ◡)/¯ ~ ┻━┻……….. ….༎ຶ‿༎ຶಥ‿ಥ(・ัω・ั)(っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ(っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ( ・ั﹏・ั)Ó╭╮Ò(。ŏ﹏ŏ)(๑´•.̫ • `๑).·´¯`(>▂▂<)´¯`·…………⁽⁽ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ⁾⁾( ˘ ³˘)♥(~ ̄³ ̄)~

  18. Bruh really? Yui would’ve been so much bettter… She deserves better than being a third wheel. Also, the whole “I think i’ll like him forever” thing is kinda pathetic but understandable as she’s just a teenager, she’ll move on eventually.

    Welp, i didn’t dislike it but i wish yui won she deserved better :(

  19. wait i just finished reading it and the ending ends at yukino lying on hachiman’s chest. thats it. and the final phrase is “Our feelings that couldn’t be described no matter how hard we tried were, without a doubt, conveyed through the warmth of our touch.” where did you get the scenes after that like how yui made a request and hachiman saying ” my romantic youth comedy is wrong, as i expected.” i thought the final chapter is 7-3 is there more? not trying to be rude. just askinf

    • There are ten chapters. Spyro (aka Excorcism) released Chapter 7 last week and is working on chapter 8.

  20. Wow!!!! The ending of this story, almost like white album 2 (vn) a legendary never-ending triangle love story but well it seems like oregairu have slim a chance to make after story for adults version of this story so it was pretty shame.

    • Not a love triangle any more, Yui really was rejected in two ways by Hachiman while they were sitting on the bench. He told Yui that he couldn’t accept things ending with Yukino, and moreover regarding someday not overthinking things and with more maturity being able to quickly speak of matters of his heart he told Yui “don’t wait for me.” Knowing that was a rejection she went home to cry. Iroha made the comment a homewrecker would at the end, but she’d never get away with putting any moves on Hachiman. If she was dumb enough to try it would be a race to see which Yukinoshita would destroy her, Haruno or Yukino.

      Instead we have a rejected Yui still wanting to hang out “where Yukinon and Hiki are.”

    • I love an oregairu adult after story but maybe its not as slim as you may think because the light novel is a huge best seller so it can get a short sequel if Wataru Watari wants to do one.
      white album 2 is amazing i just wish the second arc of the VN was adapted in to anime back when it was released.

  21. From the start of this series they never really say something like love and stuff. that make me question about their feeling. I mean of course you will be wondering who likes who. Who will guess that those word will be spoken in last volume. Good job watari sama

  22. Oh wow, so it finally ends huh. It’s really been a really really long time.

    It kinda feels nostalgic, including our time back then in NDT huh Froggie.

    I would have loved to see a short bonus sometimes in the future depicting the future of the cast. No need for pairing or whatever, just showing that everyone is ‘okay’ and happy with what they ends up with . That’d be a perfect closure.

  23. This is the first rom-com highschool story that I’ve really like,and like hatchiman I am a loner too,the plot is really remarkable,until now I repeat to read it and watch anime also ,but its not finished yet,I want to say to Mr.Watari that this story is a masterpiece.I hope he create and write another story and I look forward to it.

  24. Bruhhh, that’s not a good ending. I don’t know why so many shows do these types of endings. He should of picked one girl and be done with it. They’re not even confirming that Hiki & yukino are actually together. “Kind of a girlfriend tp him” smh. The ending should of at least been Hachiman revealing how he feels to yukino and kissing her. Even that’s less cliche than this ending. Nonetheless, farewell oregairu you will always have a place in my heart <3

    • The summary didn’t catch their phyiscal and emotional behavior. After reading each and every sentence and seeing how it was conveyed will make you sure that they will be together.

    • Yui’s words mean nothing, she doesn’t know what happened or what was promised when Hachiman made his proposal. In fact, she considered Iroha’s words to be a homewrecker and slut, we can dismiss Yui’s words and opinion. Hachiman did reveal how he felt.

  25. I just finished the final volume today. I started reading from volume 1 and finished all of them in 10 days. I got to say Oregairu changed my perception of life. I was the same as hachiman, who didn’t like to work and hated people. But, seeing that he changed made me confident that I can change too.

    • There was the ANOTHER alternate route, each volume of the series named for a letter in the word ANOTHER with Yui. The VN games for each season 1 and 2 have alternate routes including Sensei.

    • If you mean the OreGairu Monologue Manga, fan translators have only done up through chapter 80 that I’ve seen on the manga sites. Just have to wait, they aren’t on any schedule.

  26. ‘Yukino actually manages to say, “I like you,” to Hachiman’s face. ‘

    I would like to suggest you change the word like to love, as the real meaning of the word is lost in translation.

    Yes, “like” is the direct translation of the original Japanese word. But that word has double meaning to represent love.

    • Hi, sorry for the late response.

      I translated “suki” as “like” here because the word “love” (koi) was used earlier in the novel, and I wanted to differentiate them. But it is an interesting translation debate with no right or wrong answer, and I think the full weight of Yukino’s feelings come across in the other things she says as well.

  27. When Hachiman and Yukino referred to each other as “partners” what does the word “partners” mean in that situation? Are they implying that they’re dating or does it mean that they are merely working together on the prom?

    • I think it’s purposefully vague because they don’t know what kind of message they want to send to other people about the relationship they have. It should be really obvious to the readers that they’re smitten with each other though.

  28. Ah man… I really was rooting for Yui . Tbh… I thought she was better for him. But knowing how most romance animes go I knew for a fact Yui wouldn’t be chosen.

    And having seen the 2nd season I felt bad for Iroha in a way cause it looked like they were somewhat close. But I knew, once again, that as most plot goes this wouldn’t be the case.

    Kinda mixed on this stuff… Aaaaa maybe I shouldn’t have searched up the ending lol.

    Oh well. It’s a good series. You know it’s good when people are so cut over who the MC should really choose.

    I mean, at the end of the day, the 2 were pretty fit for him. It was a case of preference. I feel like it would’ve been hard for the author to really make that choice of “Hachiman will pick her and her only” in the end.

    Thanks for the spoilers though. Although personally having seen so many of these “Childhood friend gets abandoned” or “MC has to choose between 2” or “MC has to choose between many” type things it’s natural that I’d just say “Why not pick all of them?”

    But realistically that’s just something that doesn’t quite happen. I mean, who hasn’t heard of Nisekoi? I guess this just added to the list of “The MC is forced to make a decision”.

    Oh well it’s a fictional story anyways lol. Too old to be contemplating these things.

  29. Thank god. I was always rooting for Yukino. I’m so happy for her. Now i can finally rest in peace. It had to be her honestly. I never cared about other characters except Yukino.
    The reason i liked Yukino from the moment i saw her was because she is not Tsundere. 😌
    Ahhh… I’m really very happy right now. Thanks to the author thank you so much and thanks to Frogkun for this summary.
    I’m happy with the ending and that’s all matters. Whoaaaaaaaa🤤 sugoiiiiiii

  30. Well, what can I say, Yukino has long hair. Yui and Iroha both have short hair. So the answer to Hachiman is obvious. #mangastereotype

    • A study of Otaku literature teaches us that the unobtainable beauty on the cover of volume 1 with long hair and best girl stockings will win.

  31. Finally sleep well, because the last episode of Oregairu anime was released, and yeah Yukino and Hachiman have a relationship, and Yui has a forever request for Yukino and Hachiman as Frog-kun write, that she want become Hachiman and Yukino friends forever. I like this anime, the story, character, and of course the ending. Thank you Frog-kun to share the ending of this anime on light novel :)

  32. Hi. This is actually the first time i read your blog and i just want to say i really appreciate you summarizing the LN is such a clear and concise matter. Thank you.

  33. I can now safely read and comment on this post as the anime has just ended and Oregairu has formally concluded. A good friend of mine introduced me to this series 5 years ago when season 2 was released and in addition to loving the series, we forged a rivalry as I took Yui’s side while he trumpeted Yukino. Obviously I’m shattered by the ending and how I lost a years long rivalry, but can always dream, can’t I?

    At any rate, I took so much out of this series from Hachiman’s defiant smugness gradually melting away in an attempt to grab something “genuine” to the incredible interactions between all of the characters. I love this story and am so appreciative of it being adapted into three seasons. Admittedly, I haven’t read the light novels which I have no doubt you did an excellent job translating, but I think now’s the time to start. Thank you for covering this series and Wataru Watari’s crown jewel.

  34. Hello Frog-kun, I just wanted to give my thanks. My friend recently sent me The End of the Affair (Oregairu fanfic you wrote years ago), and it really resonated with me. I don’t read fanfiction nor am I particularly versed in literature, and I can’t put in words why I felt profoundly impacted by it. Perhaps reading it amidst a year of COVID isolation coupled with feelings of regrets and fears about my adult life made it so. Anyways if you ever see this, thank you and I wish you well.

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