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7 Reasons That Make Shingeki no Kyojin a Daring Social Commentary


This is what your face is going to look like after going through this list.

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Why Anime Heroines have Bad Taste in Men

tsukasa makino rui

We all have encountered this scenario in shoujo anime: Girl falls in love with Problematic Guy. Nice Guy falls in love with Girl. Girl still chooses Problematic Guy. I happen to be one of those people who want to smack Girl in the head and tell her, “Why can’t you just choose him?

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Between Life and Death: Lelouch Lamperouge


I know it’s pretty late, but let me join the bandwagon and answer the million dollar question.

Note: Spoilers for Code Geass in this post.

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Character Study: Kuroko Tetsuya


Kuroko no Basuke is the rising sports anime of today, after Prince of Tennis. It would be a mistake, however, to compare it with its predecessor because of the huge differences in their narratives. While TeniPuri used Echizen Ryoma as a starting point and later branched out to other players and teams, KuroBasu is practically anchored on Kuroko Tetsuya’s development as a character.

In other words, TeniPuri is the grand narrative of middle school tennis, whereas KuroBasu is all about its protagonist, which is the focus of this post.

Note: Spoilers for Kuroko no Basuke in this post.

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New author: Tensai

I am called Tensai, but I’m not one bit of a genius, just like Froggy here isn’t one bit of a tadpole. Or a toad. Or maybe sometimes he is, lol.

Anyway, Frog and I met a little more than two years ago, in the Prince of Tennis fandom. I was just starting to write fan fiction back then, and he was one of the first few authors who helped me flesh out my writing.

I’m not nearly as good as him, but I’m the type to over think things about anime so we got along pretty well. He wanted my introspection on this blog, as he is on this crusade to “treat so-called ‘trashy’ titles with the intellectual weight they deserve.” So yeah, he invited me in and I agreed to do it.

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