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The Best and Worst Types of Anime Girls















Just a friendly reminder that UR WAIFU IS SHIT.

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Cute Girl Anime and the Female Adolescent Experience, Or Why You Should Watch Love Lab


Seems legit.

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On Repetitive Comedy: Why Tomoko Will Never Be Popular In Watamote


Tomoko is the most socially awkward penguin of them all.

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How To Watch Anime Correctly: The Sacred Blacksmith


A couple of weeks ago, I watched this super cool show called The Sacred Blacksmith. Then I looked at its MAL score and at the critic reviews and it appears that the general consensus is that it’s a sack of shit.

In my humble opinion, you’re all doing it wrong. So this post is going to teach you how to watch anime correctly for 45.683934% more effectiveness (numbers are exact, by the way). While my example for this post is The Sacred Blacksmith, you won’t need to have actually watched the anime to understand this. Just mentally swap it out for that show you really like, I dunno, Boku no Pico or something.

Anyway, onto my demonstrative example:

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Understanding “Otaku Pandering” in Anime and Light Novel Culture


One of the most common complaints critics have about anime is that they pander to the otaku. Because fanservice and stock anime characters do nothing to further the plot or the themes of the narrative, this is generally perceived as an example of poor storytelling.

My intention with this post is to challenge this assumption.

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What Happens When You Get Burnt Out On Anime?


When you watch too much anime, you turn into an unmotivated slob who hates anime. True fact.

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50 Questions


According to my stats, this is the fiftieth post on this blog, which is a pretty crazy high number considering I’ve only been blogging regularly for about a month or so. Anyway, what better way to celebrate this event than with the 50 Questions thing that seems to be the thing with anibloggers? If you want to stalk me (and I know you want to!) here is finally your chance.

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Fanservice Does Not Always Suck: An Analysis of Ecchi as an Art Form


It’s pretty hard to justify the existence of ecchi with one’s brain rather than with one’s groin, but I’m going to do my damned hardest here.

(Note: All images in this post are perfectly clean, so feel free to keep on reading.)

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