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Correction: Ouma Shu Had the Worst Christmas

(This post is part of a series of posts covering Christmas-themed anime episodes. For more posts like these, check out the 12 Days of Anime tag.)

If I thought Kirito had a crap Christmas, Ouma Shu of Guilty Crown fame blows his suffering out of the water. The Lost Christmas in Guilty Crown involved Ouma Shu getting sexually harassed by his yandere older sister and a whole city of people dying in the apocalypse. Can’t get much worse than that!


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Narrative Self-Projection and Hypocrisy: Why Suzaku is a Better Character Than Lelouch


If you pointed a gun at my head and asked me what my favourite anime of all time was, I’d probably tell you that it’s Code Geass. It’s not the series I have the most nostalgia for (that would be Card Captor Sakura). It’s not the title that I consider anime’s finest artistic triumph (that would be Neon Genesis Evangelion). It’s not even the anime that’s resonated with me as a person the most (that would be Hyouka). But I’ve engaged with Code Geass on practically every level – as a robot fan, a shipper, a literary nerd, an otaku, etc. It’s the series I’ve gotten the most out of as a fan of anime.

tldr; I could write about Code Geass all day, but today I’ll focus on my single most controversial opinion about this show: I think Suzaku is a better character than Lelouch.

Yes, I’m serious.

Now let me write a whole essay about it.

Warning: This blog post contains Code Geass spoilers, word vomit and slight traces of yaoi shipping.

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What Anime Wallpaper Do You Use?

[Commie] Guilty Crown - 08 [B171C9BB].mkv_snapshot_00.46_[2011.12.01_14.14.54][2]

This is the wallpaper I use for my laptop screensaver.

Just kidding.

This is a simple post about one of the simple little things a lot of us do as anime fans: download wallpapers of our favourite anime. I know I do it – what about you?

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Is It Better To Have Discerning Or Liberal Tastes In Anime?


As fans, should we be selective about the series that we like or should we not bother about things like standards and just enjoy each show as it comes?

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Is It Wrong To Make Assumptions About People From Their Tastes?


I’m going to make a controversial statement here. I don’t think it’s wrong to make assumptions about people from their tastes. I do it all the time.

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Falling in Love with Flawed Anime


I like Gundam Seed Destiny. Shit taste confirmed?

I’m sure you’ve all done it before: fallen in love with an anime that everyone else you know seems to hate.

So what do you do then? How do you recommend a series that has so many objective flaws? Sometimes, it’s even a little difficult to explain to yourself just why you like something so much.

But hey, love’s an irrational thing. Just as we fall in love with people for all their flaws, so it can be with anime. A genuinely moving, engaging piece of work doesn’t need to lack flaws to be effective at what it is. We’re in it for the experience.

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