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I Enjoy Reading Negative/Bashing Reviews


What reviewers who bash my favourite anime look like to me

This might come as a surprise, but I really enjoy reading negative reviews, sometimes a lot more so than positive reviews. I generally put up with people pissing all over my favourite shows. This happens very often, what with my taste and all. Negativity sometimes gets overbearing, especially when the writer appears to take their own opinions way too seriously, but in general, I think exaggerated hate is hilarious.

The reason for this is that I read reviews to be entertained, not just to get an idea of what others like or dislike. I don’t take the actual recommendations seriously, but I don’t think that’s the point of reviewing. It’s all about having fun sharing your opinions.

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How To Make Valentine’s Day Chocolate Like An Anime Girl

anime girl akaza  may-be_soft valentine wallpaper 5 stars phistars

Since Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, I decided to embrace my inner anime girl and prepared homemade chocolates.

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Relating to an Anime Character


They’re just silly cartoon characters. For God’s sake, they probably don’t even talk your language. And yet somehow, you feel a quasi-spiritual kinship with a fictional character. DOESN’T ANYONE UNDERSTAND THESE FEELS???

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A Database of Curiosities: A Hyouka Literature Review

[gg]_Hyouka_-_02 eru i'm curious

Hyouka is my favourite anime of 2012. It’s also the anime that introduced me to the blogsphere at large. For various reasons, I hold it close to my heart.

So, as a tribute both to this series and to the excellent bloggers who have poured their time and energy into writing about it in detail, I’ve decided to write a post that analyses, well, other people’s analysis.

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Is It Wrong To Make Assumptions About People From Their Tastes?


I’m going to make a controversial statement here. I don’t think it’s wrong to make assumptions about people from their tastes. I do it all the time.

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