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What I Learned From Writing A Trashy Imouto Light Novel


November has been a weird and wonderful month this year. I crapped out a novel and I actually kind of had a good time with it, so here’s a story about all the heartwarming lessons I learned while trying to write an imouto incest fetish story.

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This Is A Post About Wincest


Come on, who doesn’t want to marry their little sister?

Just joking… I think.

(Warning: This is a long post, which is mostly a narrative.)

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Hyperreality and Spheres of Interpretation, Or Why Fanfiction Is SODEEP


Writing stories is one of those things that for some reason people seem to think is a cheap and easy thing to do until they actually get around to trying it themselves. Fanfiction authors have it the worst, of course. In theory, people know that a fanfiction can be good. Unfortunately, most fanfiction is crap. The reason that this is so is because, even more so than regular writing, fanfiction is incredibly hard to pull off convincingly.

I wrote this post to shed some insight on the fanfiction writing process – but of course most of this does apply to original writing as well, so anyone interested in stories and how they’re constructed should find this useful in some way. It’s a lot more involved than it looks.

Note: This is a lengthy post, which delves into academia and literary theory. I’ll try to explain it all in an accessible way, but nonetheless, I wouldn’t call this light reading.

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Can an Imouto Incest Story ever be actually good?


This is a serious attempt to answer the question.

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How Does Watching Anime Influence Your Writing Style?


This post is dedicated to everyone who loves anime – and who loves writing their own stories just as much.

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Shipping: Sorata x Nanami (Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo)


In my heart of hearts, I’ll always support Sorata x Nanami, even though I know I shouldn’t.

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