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Thoughts on Hakomari

covers2-3I still don’t know what happened there…

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Update on Summer 2013 Anime + Fall 2013 Season Preview


There’s a lot of miscellaneous stuff I want to mention about certain anime that I never felt deserved a post of their own, so I decided to write about them all and slap them together in one post. This is going to come off as a bit unstructured compared to my regular posts, but bear with me.

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Why Yaoi Fangirls Have Good Taste In Anime

If there’s one type of anime fan that is almost universally – and undeservedly – scorned, it’s the yaoi fangirl. Also known as fujoshi (literally meaning ‘rotten girl’), this is the female anime fan who likes pretty boys and homoerotic subtext in her anime. This is the big question I’m going to pose in this post and I want you readers to seriously think about it: is there anything wrong with that?

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