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I Made a Tumblr

As I write this post, I stare vacantly at the ceiling and ask myself: “Why?”

Why must I fall further down the slippery slope known as social media? I already have a Twitter and that was not a very good life decision.

But why do people make Tumblr accounts if not to reblog pictures of cute kittens in the search of ever more creative ways of wasting their time?

And so I bit the bullet and made a Tumblr account. It’s supposed to be a literature/writing blog, but it has already devolved into nonsense. That said, I do want to use Tumblr productively as I get into writing fiction again. I feel limited just writing about anime or anime-related things. I want to keep this blog focused on anime, so I made a new blog. Simple, huh?

By the way, I am a noob at Tumblr, so if you have a blog, please tell me about it so I can follow you. If you know any cool people I should follow, please tell me about them so I can follow them too.


Sexism in the Anime Fandom: A Case Study of a Tumblr User

A "stereotypical" female anime fan

A “stereotypical” female otaku














In my last post, I discussed my stance on sexism in male otaku fandom. I described my ambivalence about my own fan activities and how I have always felt complicit in sexist attitudes despite my desire for gender equality. It is certainly easy to point out that anime fanservice objectifies women (among other things) and in doing so turn your critical eye away from yourself.

This time, I want to focus on the female anime fan’s perspective. In doing so, I hope to show that sexism in the anime fandom lies far beyond what is shown in anime itself. The sharp division between anime communities “for boys” (i.e. Reddit and 4chan) and anime communities “for girls” (i.e. tumblr and fanfiction sites) does not help. There is a distinct lack of open communication between both genders online. This enforces gender stereotyping on both ends.

This post is a collaboration with my friend AquaJet. She is an insider of both female otaku culture and tumblr culture. I decided to feature her writing on my blog because I feel this is a perspective that needs to be shared to a wider audience.

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