I Made a Tumblr

As I write this post, I stare vacantly at the ceiling and ask myself: “Why?”

Why must I fall further down the slippery slope known as social media? I already have a Twitter and that was not a very good life decision.

But why do people make Tumblr accounts if not to reblog pictures of cute kittens in the search of ever more creative ways of wasting their time?

And so I bit the bullet and made a Tumblr account. It’s supposed to be a literature/writing blog, but it has already devolved into nonsense. That said, I do want to use Tumblr productively as I get into writing fiction again. I feel limited just writing about anime or anime-related things. I want to keep this blog focused on anime, so I made a new blog. Simple, huh?

By the way, I am a noob at Tumblr, so if you have a blog, please tell me about it so I can follow you. If you know any cool people I should follow, please tell me about them so I can follow them too.



  1. I bet you will find a lot of graphics which you can add to your posts. Also you may find some things which inspire you to write about.

    I have a Tumblr account blog, but Worpress just automatically sends my blog here to tumblr whenever I post to WP. All I had to do was set it up in Tumblr.

    It is a good way for more people to view your posts.

  2. Like Denny said I use Tumblr to further promote myself rather than a secondary source of enlightenment as you probably wish to make yours. Other times I reblog whatever images,gifs quotes and the like fascinate me. Also like Denny said Tumblr’s a good source for gifs. At any rate best of luck to you in your endeavors.

  3. I decided to make a blog for my anime GIFs, but laziness caught up and I don’t remember the last time I posted something relevant to my blog’s name. Anyway, I mostly use it now as a little auto-feed promotion for my aniblog. You can set your WordPress to synch with your Tumblr account.

    By the way, I go by ‘kamisamatoissho’ at Tumblr, but my main blog is zenithkimgif.

  4. “By the way, I am a noob at Tumblr, so if you have a blog, please tell me about it so I can follow you.”
    Here: http://kaipercival.tumblr.com/
    I mostly use it as a secondary blog where I talked about random/trashy posts. Not like I’m actually active though.. lol. I did have another one where I just post my mascot pictures, or another one where I used it as a feed for my main blog, but you probably don’t really care about those :p

  5. You have a tumblr now? Now I have to follow you.

    To be honest, I can’t remember why tumblr in the first place. I started it to talk about anime and current events with people, but now I find myself most of the time just posting/reblogging pictures and GIFs.

    • “I started it to talk about anime and current events with people, but now I find myself most of the time just posting/reblogging pictures and GIFs.”

      Oh boy, I feel like this must be how it goes for most people

  6. I disagree with your right there. Stop there, good sir! Getting a Twitter account was the best decision you ever made. By the way, you can follow me under @BookLoverC if your interested.

    Extra: I would follow your Tumblr but I don’t really much frequent that social media.

  7. You’ll be surprised at how much productivity and free time (for doing other project) increases when one stops wasting time on twitter and tumblr =P

    (also, you silly westerner: The origin of Putin’s popularity comes from the fact he revitalized the Russian economy which collapsed due to western interference at the end of the cold war. It’s shocking how popular a politician can get when thousands of families who lost pensions suddenly regain their source of bread! The more the west interferes in Russian affairs (or Middle Eastern, or Chinese), the more the locals hate the west for it. Clearly some cultures just don’t learn from their imperialistic past).

    • Damn, I’ve been doing it all the wrong way! Why did I make that Tumblr???

      re: Putin. lol there’s that Russian saying, “Sausages in exchange for freedom” which very much applies in this case.

      Feeding the starving people is definitely the source of Putin’s original surge to popularity, but he gradually lost some of his popularity as the Soviet days have become more distant. His popularity was at its lowest after he was re-elected for his third term in 2012. Since then, his image in Russia has improved a lot. Stirring up the nationalists and the Orthodox Christians has played a big part of it. The only people who really dislike him now are educated folks in Moscow, definitely not representative of the entire Russian population. And yeah, the West has certainly not helped.

      • I get the feeling that UK would hate the US as well if the US went: “hey Scotland, declare Independence from UK and we’ll give you all these goodies”. Years later, Scotland hates the US because the US didn’t deliver (few westerners realize just how much Russia gives Ukraine in subsidies that the EU just isn’t going to match [Greece anyone?], now Ukraine is screwed for decades to come).

        Seriously, Putin has his problems. But at least he puts Russia as his top priority, which can’t be said for many pro-western forces (including some Russian candidates). This is why the Russians love him.

        One of Mao’s famous quotes is that “we’re a democratic dictatorship”. Something the west forgets is that the freedom of choice also implies the freedom to choose an autocrat when said autocrat is doing mostly the right things (sadly this didn’t apply to Mao post-civil-war, who screwed China over for about 2 decades).

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