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What’s the author of Welcome to the NHK doing these days?











This was the burning question on my mind when I read the Welcome to the NHK! novel and saw what Tatsuhiko Takimoto had written in the second afterword. The Tokyopop edition translated his words as follows:

Several years have passed since I wrote, “I still will do my best after this.” I have not done my best. Proof of that is in the fact that I haven’t written a single new story. I’ve been reduced to a NEET, living as a parasite on the royalties from this book.

This afterword was written in 2005, three years after the novel’s original publication. Since then, Takimoto hasn’t penned any major worksHe has published a smattering of short stories and serials in literary magazines and journals (among them Faust, which had two volumes published in English), but even Japanese readers refer to him as a one-hit wonder. So what is the author of Welcome to the NHK! doing these days?

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Basic Questions for any Anime Fan

Silvachief over at The Geek Clinic asked me to answer some questions over at his blog. He also gave his own answers here. I like how these questions can be answered succinctly and with little effort. I consider them basic questions for any anime fan.

So what are the questions, you ask…?

[gg]_Hyouka_-_02 eru i'm curious

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2014: Year in Retrospect

Nisekoi-01-3It’s that time of the year, guys! Time to look back on all the Japanese cartoons and declare how shit they all were!

I’m joking, of course. While I haven’t actually watched enough anime this year to string together a top 10 anime list, I did enjoy the stuff I got around to watching. I also feel that this was a productive year for me as an anime fan and for the aniblogsphere in general.

Time for the highlights!

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