The Ending of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Sucked [Light Novel Spoilers]


Literally my reaction to the final volume of Sakurasou.

Obviously, don’t read this post if you don’t want to get spoiled. But I’m actually going to assume that if you clicked on this post, getting spoiled is your intent. You can’t be bothered reading through all that squiggly Japanese text yourself. (The last volume only came out a couple of weeks ago anyway.) Well, ask and ye shall receive. I will spoil the ending of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo just for you. 

Or maybe you actually have read the novel and you just want to pick flaws in my rant. That’s cool – I’d love to discuss this with someone who’s also read the novels.

For the rest of you, I’ve chosen to translate a few pages here and there to give a bit of an indication of how the plot goes. In case you can read Japanese and you want to cross-check it with the original, I’ve uploaded scans from the novel, which you can click to enlarge. So you can see I’m not making any of this up. Translation might seem dodgy, though. I’m open to critique.

Edit: To those readers who asked questions, I’ve added the answers to this post.

Q. At what volume does the anime end?

A. Volume 6. Volumes 7-10, which are not translated yet, are the ones that finish the story.

Q. So what happens?

A. Shit.

Q. Be more specific?

A. The Best Girl loses.

Q. So, it was a Sorata x Mashiro end?

A. Indeed. Here is your confirmation:

Saku 1


Unable to contain his emotions, Sorata quickened his step.  “I love you, Mashiro!” he declared. By then, he was practically sprinting.


Mashiro broke out into a dash too. She tripped over her own feet, she stumbled, she seemed close to toppling over – and all the while she ran frantically. She ran towards Sorata. Reaching for him, she thrust out her arms. Earnestly, single-mindedly, as if she was possessed…


In the end, she dove at him, burying herself against his chest.

At first, Sorata somehow managed to catch her and hold her in his arms. But soon his knees gave out and they fell backwards to the ground, still caught in their embrace, right in the middle of the church.

Q. When was this?

A. The ending of volume 8. Sorata is made to choose between Nanami and Mashiro. After being a dickhead and ignoring Mashiro completely for the first 5/6ths of the novel, he decides that he loves her and they start dating as of volume 9.

Q. What happens to Nanami?

A. She is put on a bus and barely ever mentioned again.

To be more specific: Nanami leaves at the beginning of volume 9, so this is almost immediately after Sorata and Mashiro get together. The novel explains it like this:

“Nanami, who ran away from home to become a voice actor and who worked hard at her part-time job to make a living, was breaking the rules for not going back to the regular dorms. For that reason, she was expelled from Sakurasou.”

So the story here is that she’d been breaking the school rules ever since she got her parents’ financial backing at the end of the anime and she finally got caught out on it.

She also cuts her hair in the last volume, indicating that she has gotten over Sorata.


I have to say, after being such a major contender in the first half of the series, it is really disappointing seeing Nanami drop off the face of the planet like that. But whatever.

Q. What happens to the other pairings? (Jin x Misaki, Ryuunosuke x Rita, etc.)

A. Jin and Misaki remain happily married. Rita is still ineffectually chasing after Ryuunosuke, even in the epilogue set four years after the main timeline. Their relationships are completely static. There is no development.

Q. What about the newcomers to the dorm who were introduced in the last episode? Do they get any backstory?

A. They do.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo - 24 - Large 31Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo - 24 - Large 30

Left is Iori, a musician. Right is Kanna, a novelist.

Iori is an easygoing perverted guy who seems to like all hot girls except for Kanna, but as we all know that actually means he secretly likes her. Kanna falls in love with Sorata.

By the conventional definition of a harem (3+ girls interested) this means Sorata is a harem lead character now. Yeah.

Q. Do Iori and Kanna ever get together?

A. It’s ambiguous. I personally would like to think they do.

Q. What happens to Chihiro-sensei and Kazuki (the game developer guy)?

A. They are not mentioned in the epilogue.

Q. Do Sorata and Mashiro kiss?

A. Mate, they do more than kiss.

Saku 3

Sorata was no longer the ignorant boy he had once been. He felt the atmosphere keenly, and it told him what he wanted to know.

The timing was now.

Gingerly, he placed his hands on Mashiro’s shoulders. She trembled in reaction. And then, without any hesitation, he bent over slightly and kissed her. As their lips met again and again, they collapsed on the bed, where their fall was broken by the mountain of clothes swathed all over the sheets.

Resting on her back, Mashiro gazed up at Sorata with misty eyes. Their hearts were each thumping with the same frantic beat.

Mashiro was beautiful, Sorata thought, so irresistibly cute and loving. He wanted to hold her in his arms and possess her.


“… Yes.”

Q. So… they do it?

A. It is strongly implied at the end of volume 9.

There is also a “morning after” conversation which they have in the beginning of volume 10:

Saku 5

“It’s cold,” Mashiro mumbled drowsily in complaint.

“That’s ‘cos you were sleeping without any clothes on.”

Intending to wake her up, Sorata pushed Mashiro’s forehead away from where it rested against his body.

“Nrgh…” At last, Mashiro opened her eyes. She looked at Sorata, blinking in surprise. “It’s cold.”

Unfortunately, waking her up did not progress the conversation. Once again, Mashiro cuddled up against Sorata’s body.

“P-Put some pajamas on already! Why are you butt naked anywho?!”

“It’s your fault.” Her condemning eyes seemed to look right through him.

“Oh really now. Let’s hear your reasoning.”

“You took my clothes off.”

“Urk! Ahem!” he spluttered.

“Do you have a cold?”

“No! It’s because you said something weird!”

“It was the truth.”

“W-Well, that may indeed be the case, but I clearly told you to put pajamas on before you slept, remember?!”

“I do.”

“Let’s go over this again, why are you naked?”

“I couldn’t find my panties.”

“Oh? Hm, isn’t it somewhere around there…?”

“You took my panties off.”

“Oh, right! I’m the last one who touched them!”

Q. Has Sorata really turned into such a pervert?

A. Yes. It’s disconcerting how his personality seems to have done a complete 180 last time I checked.

Saku 4

“Do you really want to have sex that much?”

“Of course!”

“Is that the only thing you want to do?”

“N-No way at all! I-It’s because I love you that I want to do it with you! So don’t say I only want to do that kind of thing. Definitely not!” he insisted vehemently. He was truly frantic, and his desperation seemed more awkward and unsightly by the second.

Mashiro was unimpressed.

“I-I love you, Mashiro!”

“You love my body?”

“All of it, I mean all of you! I love everything about you, Mashiro!”



Silence. It was clear she was waiting for something.

The silence continued.

Mashiro looked at him expectantly. He figured she wanted him to repeat himself.

“I love you with all my heart and soul.” Slowly – and clearly – he put his feelings into words.


Blushing slightly, Mashiro smiled.

Q. So what happens at the end of volume 10?

A. Sorata and Mashiro break up. They realise that even though they love each other, their relationship is too destructive and he can’t achieve his dream as long as he’s comparing himself to Mashiro. Their breakup is amicable and strongly resembles something out of a ’90s Korean drama.

Saku 2

It was just too unbearably sad… Even while they still loved each other, they thought it was best if they parted ways.

“That’s right.”

Her tone was warm as she responded to him. “I think that’s for the best.” He was in love with the sound of her voice.

The wind sighed. The air, still cold, numbed him to the very core.

“And then…”

He said nothing to her.

“Then I can support your dream, Sorata…” The side of her face seemed only slightly scrunched up in pain.

“Good luck with your manga,” he cried out. The words poured from his heart.

“Yes. You work hard too, Sorata.”

It was then that he saw the smile hovering over her lips, radiating with utmost, gentle kindness. It was a look he had never seen up until now, the greatest of her smiles.

Q. … But they get back together in the end, right?

A. Of course. The next chapter skips ahead four years and suddenly Sorata is a COMPETENT ADULT whose growth process we never actually got to see. His reunion with Mashiro plays out like so:

Saku 6

“Mashiro,” he called out, turning to face her.

“What is it?” Mashiro turned her body towards him too.

“I’ve always loved you for these past four years.”

She said nothing. Her eyes widened in surprise.

“I’ve loved you for more than four years.”

Gently, he held out his hands.

“We might fight again.” Mashiro held her own hands close to her chest.

“Yeah.” She was right.

“We might have hard feelings again.”

“Yeah.” She was right about that, too.

“We might hurt each other again.”

“Yeah.” She really was right about all those things. “Even so…”

His feelings, four years budding, were opening up like a flower in bloom. It was as if time itself flowed in reverse, turning the clock towards a moment that had passed years ago.

“What is it?”

“I think we can overcome it this time.”

When he looked back, those four years overwhelmed him. In that time, he felt as if he had become somewhat more of an adult.

Looking at Mashiro like this now, he thought, was all the proof he needed to believe that this was a new beginning. He wanted to hold those emotions to heart. And he wanted her to know all about these feelings that had assailed him when they reunited. Hopefully, he was not alone in this.

Mashiro’s eyes were slightly downcast. She said nothing. There was nothing to say.

She merely extended her hand slowly and held Sorata’s hand in hers.

“That’s right.”

Q. Do they have a sketch or a picture of the grown up Mashiro and the others?

There’s this picture from the very last page of the book:


That’s about it, really.

Q. Was Sakurasou always this painfully cheesy?

A. I don’t even know, man. Probably.

Q. Do the characters achieve their dreams in the end?

Yes, they do. In the ending, we’re told that they’re all working hard to achieve their dream but they’re making real progress. Sorata’s game designs are getting steadily more popular and Nanami has had a couple of voice acting roles. Mashiro’s manga is widely regarded as a classic. We’re not told much about the others, but we can assume they’re successful.

Q. Do you still like Sakurasou?

A. The anime, yes. Spoilers for my year-end favourite anime list: It’s going to be number one.

Q. How would you have done the ending differently?

A. Oh man, I came up with such a tldr; scenario for this, I don’t think I can summarise it adequately here. But to cut a long story short, I would have focused much more on Sorata’s growth process as a teenager and would not have resorted to the four years separation thing. In theory, I do like the idea of having to grow as an individual and learning to love yourself before you can love another person. The way it was done here was just a copout.

Q. Do you want a second season for Sakurasou?

A. No. Fuck. NO! It’s good the way it is.

If you feel differently from me, however, there’s an online petition you can sign, although it feels more like a declaration of interest among fans than a practical means of securing a second season.

Q. Is there a translation for the novels?

A. Yes, there is one on Baka-Tsuki. I much prefer Nano Desu’s version, so while it is on hiatus, I think it is a great starting point. (Link)

Q. What about volumes 7-10? Do you plan to translate the novel yourself?

A. Unfortunately, no. I’ve already got my hands full translating Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa MachigatteiruPlease feel free to click the link and read what I’ve done so far. It’s another series that I really like and the light novel isn’t half bad. So if you’re interested in reading light novels – check it out.

Q. Are there a lot of big differences between the plots of the anime and the novel (besides the ending that was discussed), or are they just small details?

Mostly, only small details are changed from the light novel in the anime, but in general:

  • the dialogue is severely cut down
  • some scenes are rewritten, usually to place greater emphasis on Nanami’s role

Q. Any general comments about the light novel?

A. I think in general the light novel is an inferior product to the anime. The content is much dirtier, the characters spend ages talking about oppai and pantsu and doing jack shit with their lives, the prose is repetitive and the plot is cheesy. It’s not just my translation that made it sound like a bad romance novel. It is a bad romance novel.

The anime was able to take the best elements of the light novel and make them shine, but even then, I admit it was hampered by serious directional flaws.

I have this to say about the novel, however: it has the distinct strength of being an easy read. You don’t need to be that good at Japanese to understand it.

I am disappointed with the ending of the light novel, but at the same time I do admit it’s not out of step with the feeling of the series. It’s merely stupid, but not deserving of rage. There were so many smaller moments of the characters not acting like themselves and the general stupidity with which the romance subplots were handled, and not to mention the whole “talent versus genius” aspect – the main fucking draw of the series – was completely overlooked by the end, but when all is said and done, I guess it was okay…

No, what the hell am I talking about. This sucked. I spoiled the ending for you just so you wouldn’t have to read it yourself. Please be happy.

If you have any further questions or comments one could reasonably have about the LNs and the ending of the series, feel free to leave a reply on this post.


  1. Further proof that just because the source sucks doesn’t mean the adaptation has to suck. Not that I’m the biggest fan of Sakurasou or anything but my god the last LN sounds like garbage.

  2. Man, aren’t you turning the cheesiness factor up to eleven even as you complain about it xD? I even see your own lines creeping into the original script here and there:
    “It was as if time itself flowed in reverse, turning the clock towards a moment that had passed years ago.”

    I thought the anime was all right, and the ending you summarize is about what I would expect from the novels. But it’s always a good thing if the novels got you involved enough to become passionate about the topic.

    • I even see your own lines creeping into the original script here and there:

      What can I say? By the time I was done translating I was actually getting into it despite myself and I was like “What the hell” and I went all the way with it. But I think the script would have been cheesy regardless hahaha

      • It’s really a shame. Sakurasou could easily have gone the route of older Rom Coms where the Confession and relationship represented a mid-point of the story ). Sadly, the “Database” nature of LNs probably makes it very hard for a LN author to break the mold of ending the LN with the start of a relationship. I guess the two step forward, one step back character progression of Sorata in the anime reflected the flaws of the LN.

        There are some Shojou mangas of relatively recent date of writing that have started with a relationship. In those cases though, the build up from acquaintance to relationship is extremely fast, while in the case of LNs, the build up from acquaintance to relationship consumes the whole story – it’s a shame that the middle ground is rarely seen in recent works. (Though older works, like itazura na Kiss manages that).

        • My guess is that the author himself was starting to feel like he had lost control over where the story was going. I think he had realised that in terms of its message about finding your dream and so on, he had already said what he wanted to say in earlier volumes. He introduced more romantic subplots and conflicts to keep the story interesting, but with the final volume, not many of these things were resolved. I think he wanted the series to just end.

          All things considered, Sakurasou is probably best read as a generic romance with a little something extra on top rather than as primarily a story about achieving your dream. It goes down better that way, but that doesn’t stop the fact that the light novel “database” you mentioned and the publishing schedule (notice how 10 volumes – plus two extra books – were released in just two years) was probably what killed a potential masterpiece.

  3. We need light novels to grow a pair of balls and start actually discussing relationships AFTER the initial kiss or whatever. Just saying “they break up” and “they get back together” isn’t good enough. Falling in love isn’t difficult, and starting a relationship isn’t as tough as keeping one together. This kind of wishy-washy nonsense, especially with time-skipping, is pretty aggravating and won’t do anyone any favors. I sometimes wonder if the kids who read this tripe will even know what the hell to do once they’re in a relationship. None of their reading material is even trying to prepare them for it.

    • The interesting thing about so much trashy romance literature is that they’re actually often written by married people or people who have probably had relationship experience in some way or another. The author of Sakurasou himself is in his early thirties. I think telling terrible love stories is just a given. But I agree that it’s not healthy for impressionable kids to read.

    • Yes, but if all reading material existed to give kids good ideas of what romance and life was like, everything would be the same. I see no harm in showing something inaccurately, because it is fiction. And I don’t think anyone will take seriously what they read in a book.

  4. Maybe if a second season is created, it can branch out to it’s own ending…

    Nanami!!! (sob)…. You were the only reason I endured the second half of the anime….

    • I don’t think the anime generated enough sales for a second season, and there’s not enough material in the novels to justify one to be made anyway. So it’s easy enough to pretend they didn’t happen, right??

      I agree with you, Nanami is the greatest ;__; whyyyyyyy

      • 3rd here why can’t just author make nanami x sorata x mashiro at the end they clearly had potential to stay together at all the time why just cut out nanami from the picture

        • and even the boy who liked nanami SUPPORTED them like to Sorata: Here bro come with me where instead he could just go by his own to help her but no he actually helped their relationship because SORATA was the one NANAMI called in the time of her need not him so he understood that and helped them even more and despite all of this how the hell you brush of Nanami like that how? HOW?

      • Bro,really why not nanami? Nanami is the best girl. I agree,nanami is the best. Damn it makes me sad that nanami didn’t get her love.. ㅠ.ㅠ

        • She didn’t even get to confess her real feelings and later has to hide her feelings so that Soraya and Shuina won’t feel bad for her .
          And according to me Aoyama was in real love with all the sacrifices she did
          But Shuina was in Affection as she never saw a boy and Soraya was a Nice boy back then
          But the problem is Jin who tells Aoyama to not give up on Soraya Even though he knows about SorayaXShiina and he also pushed Soraya to care about Shuina even though he was jealous of her

  5. I can understand why you dislike how the LN ends. The way it proceed after the volumes where the anime ended is too fast and the time skip defeats the purpose of having character growth. If Kotonoha no Miwa can handle the romance better in just 45 minutes, I don’t see why Sakurasou can’t do it well. Then again, even in the anime (up to the extent that I stopped), it is made clear than Sorata will eventually end up with Mashiro.

    As a side note, you said that the ending of the anime should be the beginning, but upon reading this I realized that the end of anime signifies the end of a beginning. In this case, the narrative becomes a lot more sensible. Considering that I am almost done with the anime, I might as well finish it someday.

    Another brilliant post from you, I must say. :-)

  6. One very interesting thing I learned about Sakurasou is that Mari Okada, the screenwriter for the anime adaptation, is childhood friends with the LN author. I asked her at her AX press conference whether some of the more emotionally true depictions of failure and striving were based on her experiences, and she said it was both her and her friend’s experiences when they were struggling unknowns that got poured into those scenes (the best scenes in the anime, imo). From what you gave us here it seems that she not only did that, she may have actually improved on the original material by focusing on more than just the cheesy fanservice romcom parts and adding a lot more about the dreams, creativity, and hard work stuff than was present in the novels. Fascinating stuff!

    • Oh, wow. Hearing that made me appreciate the anime quite a lot more. I had a feeling that that those scenes about failure were drawn from life, but I had no idea Mari Okada had such a personal connection to the whole project. Thanks for that!

  7. I personally preferred Mashiro, and the way I read the story, it seemed that Mahiro was the only girl who will end up with Sorata. As much as Nanami was portrayed to develop some sort of relationship with Sorata, I get the feeling she never stood a chance. Writer’s intuition, maybe, but the whole story was more about Sorata’s relationship with Mashiro than with Nanami.

    But that’s just how I read it, and everyone’s bound to have a different reading of it. The four years timeskip is annoying, I agree. It sounds like the novelist ripped off Ichigo 100%, with Manaka and Nishino spending 4 years apart before coming back together. Hmm……

    Well, I don’t really like romance light novels that much (despite the fact that all light novels have the element in one way or another), and prefer battle fantasy stuff like Unbreakable Machine Doll and Gakusen Toshi Asterisk. No money to buy more, though I might pick up Shurabara! since it’s fun to read.

    • Yeah, but the way they push Nanami out is just darn absurd to me. Probably because of the way I read it. THE LIGHT NOVEL SUCKS ANYWAY. WATCH THE FLIPPING ANIME INSTEAD.

  8. There are two ways you can end a love polygon–one is to settle with a couple, two is to leave everything unresolved. It’s a shame that this series ended with the former, but botched it badly. I would be mad too, if the author resorted to a stupid timeskip to make everything magically better.

    Toradora also did the same thing, but I thought that was much better-executed (also, it was only one year and not four). Man.

    The “blueball everyone” ending is the worst, of course, because it tries to please everyone.

    • Well, in the Toradora LNs the timeskip isn’t a year but more like 6-8 weeks (from mid-February to early April). FAR more plausible.

      Four is just… wow.

  9. I think you’re exaggerating. Surely, it doesn’t seem perfect, but it’s not really as bad as you make it out to be. (plus I’m pretty sure the light novels are vastly inferior to the anime)

    – Sorata and Mashiro had sex? Well, nothing wrong with that.
    – Kicked Nanami? That’s a shame, definitely, since she was my favorite in the cast. It depends on how it was handled, though, which isn’t really brought to light here.
    – The other pairings? The Rita x Dragon sounds rather lame, sadly…
    – The new characters seem so-so, but it’s hard to tell without seeing them in action. Having a pervert is off-putting, though. But music and writing? Sounds like good ideas.
    – Speaking of pervert, I’m rather sure you overreact to Sorata’s panty line:
    ““Oh, right! I’m the last one who touched them!””
    Perhaps I’m wrong, but when I read that line I think either it’s A) said in a sarcastic/jokingly manner or B) said in a relaxed, slightly tired, manner without much emphasis on the exclamation mark (as in, it’s a soft line)
    – Sorata and sex. Well, it does put me off, really. But once again: context. And however stupid it may be, it’s just possible that it’s only that scene and Sorata being really awkward about how to proceed because Mashiro is such a derp.
    – The breakup and flashforward sounds poorly made, definitely. Couldn’t they at least have talked during the time apart or something, making it more natural? If I go by how you portray it, it sounds bad.

    Just some thoughts.

    • Serious and justified criticism of my ranting deserves a serious response. You’re right in saying I cast a very narrow light on the final volumes of Sakurasou. It was pretty much a gut reaction and should not be taken as my attempt at a legit critique. I’ll elaborate on your comments with the context of the events in question:

      Kicked Nanami? That’s a shame, definitely, since she was my favorite in the cast. It depends on how it was handled, though, which isn’t really brought to light here.

      When Sorata rejected Nanami, they had excellent closure, where Sorata deliberately sought her out before Mashiro in order to specifically thank her for her friendship and support. Nanami leaving Sakurasou was portrayed anticlimactically, which I think was the point, since everything between her and Sorata had already been said.

      The new characters seem so-so, but it’s hard to tell without seeing them in action. Having a pervert is off-putting, though. But music and writing? Sounds like good ideas.

      They did get a lot of development. The majority of what happens in volumes 7-10 revolves around their subplots, especially after Sorata and Mashiro get together. Iori struggles in figuring out whether he wants to pursue performing music or composing it, and things are further complicated when he suffers an injury in his hand. (He plays the piano.) Feeling responsible for this, Kanna helps him out, although their relationship reverts back to how it usually was after Iori is nursed back to health. (ie. she’s constantly exasperated at him, despite her own private perverted tendencies – aka she goes commando everywhere.)

      Kanna also struggles with completely unrequited feelings for Sorata and pours a lot of these emotions into her writing. Iori composes music for Sorata’s game.

      The breakup and flashforward sounds poorly made, definitely. Couldn’t they at least have talked during the time apart or something, making it more natural? If I go by how you portray it, it sounds bad.

      This was probably the only really bad thing about the novel ending. And no, they never talked once. Sorata mentions that he was too busy with college, work and pursuing his dream to talk to her even once.

      I think this was meant to portray Sorata learning to depend on himself and not on her form motivation, that he doesn’t need her, therefore a relationship between them as adults is not as dysfunctional. Mashiro is also a completely normal and functioning adult; her artistic neurosis and her quirks are gone in the epilogue.

      • They did get a lot of development. The majority of what happens in volumes 7-10 revolves around their subplots, especially after Sorata and Mashiro get together.

        Sounds fantastic!

        >He plays the piano

        I totally thought it was going to be drums.

        Mashiro is also a completely normal and functioning adult; her artistic neurosis and her quirks are gone in the epilogue.

        Huh, really? I thought she was autistic to some degree myself in hindsight (never occured to me when watching). Sure, it’s possible to adapt, but still. A bit of a shame. But the epilogue may have been a bit too short to shed any light on the matter.

  10. I haven’t really finished translated the LN yet since my kanji’s sucks. but Does every member of sakurasou reached their dream especially sorata and nanami? please spoil me

    • Yes, they do. In the ending, we’re told that they’re all working hard to achieve their dream but they’re making real progress. Sorata’s game designs are getting steadily more popular and Nanami has had a couple of voice acting roles. Mashiro’s manga is widely regarded as a classic.

  11. Thnx mate, for the spoilers……this just made me think can there really be a good ending (while referring 2 oreimo)???……well, only 1 I can think up now is FMA: brotherhood but that’s a completely different genre…….toradora may b, I mean, it was satisfactory……..sigh…….

      • He may be. Dude, share your feelings, but don’t go bombastic because your favourite member of the cast didn’t get through. I feel the same way too and so do many others, but no one hates an ending because of that, otherwise flatly put, you’re retarded.

  12. Question:
    how does nanami leave? in the anime, she went to osaka to get her parents to let her continue voice acting, and she comes back to sakurasou. what happens in the light novel? when was she rejected and when did she leave sakurasou and also how did she leave? was it like he rejected her and the next day or end of school term/year she prepares to leave, and he thanks her n stuff, then she gets the parents financial support? expwain. what do u mean she goes on a bus? when was that? when she went to osaka to tell her parents she wants to continue the voice acting?

    • or did she get help frm her parents when she went to osaka to tell her parents she’s going to continue voice acting? but left sakurasou after d rejection?

    • Nanami leaves at the beginning of volume 9, so this is almost immediately after Sorata and Mashiro get together. She doesn’t literally get on a bus, but she stops being relevant to the plot altogether. The novel explains it like this:

      “Nanami, who ran away from home to become a voice actor and who worked hard at her part-time job to make a living, was breaking the rules for not going back to the regular dorms. For that reason, she was expelled from Sakurasou.”

      So the story here is that she’d been breaking the school rules ever since she came back from Osaka at the end of the anime and she finally got caught out on it.

      • what do you mean by sakurasou? like expelled from the school or from the sakura dormitory? you mean shes forced to go back to the regular dorms?

      • so she returns to the sakura dormitory, but does rly bad at school until she had to be expelled? when was she rejected? cuz in the anime she never confessed and let mashiro take him

      • did she break the rules cuz she was rejected or something? cuz she didn’t confess to him? or did she confess then he rejected her? or she does it on purpose to forget abt him and leave sakurasou with a legit reason?

        • I guess she wants to leave as it was her fault and don’t want others to think it was thier fault as she always hides her feeling and wants to be a nice person by excusing to get closer to Soraya but as she wants to move on she still can’t show her feelings and tried to make it like it was her fault
          I’m sooo sad dude
          Her life is soo fucked up just after Shiina
          Appeared and I guess because she left Sorata and moved on she was able to make Voice Actress like hell and I don’t think she is gonna start her next love life after this shit

      • wait you said ‘for not going back to the reg dorms” so like she was supposed to live in the reg dorms? why? also so she didnt go to the reg dorms n stayed at sakurasou, so she was expelled from sakurasou?

        • I’m not sure how I can explain this to you clearly enough…

          Sakurasou is meant to be a dorm for students with “problems”. Nanami has no problems. At first, she had her financial difficulties, so that’s why she was initially allowed to stay. When she gets money from her parents, that is no longer an issue and it was decided that she had to move out of the dorms. She’s not expelled as a student altogether and so she continues to attend school along with Sorata/Mashiro/etc. As a normal student, she’s meant to stay in the normal dorms.

          Her moving out has nothing to do directly with her confession to Sorata. That just happened to be the time when the school decided to kick her out of the dorm. But she did decide that she needed a change and had no objections. Moving out was her way of moving on from being rejected.

  13. Can u do the exact same thing u did here for The “Hentai” Prince and the Stony Cat novel. mI can’t find a long translation And what u did here was great so I would really joy it and be in your duebt

    • I assume you’ve already checked out the page on Baka-Tsuki but here’s the page in case you haven’t found it already:

      I haven’t watched Hentai Ouji or read the novels but I’m interested in giving them a read. I wouldn’t be able to guarantee a summary post very quickly, though. Are you more interested in reading a translation of the novels from the beginning or do you just want to know what happens in later volumes?

      • I would lik to read the whole thing but At the least I would like to countinue from where the anime dropped off. I can leave the translation to Baka and slowly read as it comes out but I would like if you could (when ever even if not befor a year) do some thing just lik this for hentai prince because I just finished the anime and would lik to know the end even if it just a summery like this and not the whole thing because your summery got me to read “the pet girl……” And it was still great ( even tough I didn’t feel lik I needed to after such a great summery) And so I would be glad to see the same thing with hentai prince and know that I still want to read it

  14. Or just give me a link to a good translation or a page like this for The “Hentai” Prince and the Stony Cat novel

  15. I know it would be throwing a lot on your plate but another one that I would like to see done just like u did here is “beyond the boundary” light novel. Or even a link to a novel translation. I personally couldn’t find one. The anime just started so I would like to know what is head either via your great summery or the translation of the novel

  16. An one more think to throw on your plate. I need some help finding the light novel for “My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy” it really funny and the same rules apply and review for u is ideal but a link to a summery or translation would by great too. You have been a great help and I promise not to bug you again unless u dint Mind the questions. Then you will become my go to guy. Thanks again

    • If you want to keep track of my updates you can subscribe by email on the top right of the page, just below the search bar. Alternatively, if you use a reader, you can add my feed to it:

      Since the “My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy” anime only just came out yesterday and I really like the show, I’d rather wait until the anime has at least ended before reading and spoiling it for myself. Please have a some patience, although I do like the story enough to read the light novel once I’m done with the anime.

      • Thanks for everything, you been a great help and i can wait for years untill u read the novel because I still want to watch the anime too. I just wanted to throw te idea your way. My last question is if u know anything another high school DxD new. Is it good I’ve been thinking about starting it.

  17. Ok I lied I need one more thing other then high school DxD new I would also like to now about attack on Titan novel. Same rules. Summery by you or link to translation or novel

  18. Just as advice for another summery type thing is the light novel for Oreimo.
    Baka already translated it and it a really good love novel but the ending is so bad a summery would save people from a lot of disappointment. Just like this summery did. Sorry if I’ve become annoying

    • High School DxD: It’s a pretty fun novel! You should definitely check it out!

      Attack on Titan Prequel Novel: Someone is translating it here:

      OreImo: I think the ending is so widely common knowledge in the fandom by now that a “spoiler” post would not have much meaning.

      I see you’ve been taking up a lot of comments to ask me questions unrelated to the topic of the original post, so if you have any more questions about light novel translations or whatever, please just email me at Thanks!

  19. If you’re going to translate HenNeko then do notify me… Installments sound good.

    At the moment I’m on the first chapter of Shurabara! so I’ll only return to HenNeko when I’m done with it.

    — KanzakiAria

  20. I came across this anime a couple days ago and knew from the OP1 and OP2 that Sorata was gonna end up with Mashiro. I mean it was obvious.

    But I thought the author or screenplay writer wrote Nanami and Sorata’s relationship well enough that they would get together. Sucks because their problems and their side on the “effort” portion of the effort/talent motif that was prevalent in the anime/LN. If you look at the chemistry and relationship between the characters, you would think that Mashiro and Sorata would never work out because of Sorata’s constant jealously. I mean, the author even pointed it out in the ending when they broke up. Honestly, its pretty dumb how great the setup for the these characters were for a decent payoff, but there was nothing (at least for Nanami). If Nanami and Sorata got together, at least they can motivate each other that hard work will pay off in the future especially since they are each others driving force past failure. It didn’t really make sense for Mashiro to play the romantic interest when she was opening up socially to the real world. But, what’s done is done.

    I really liked the first half of this anime, but really dreaded the obvious nature of the second half. Great characters, great chemistry, great VA (for the anime), but horrible ending.

    BTW, glad you spoiled the ending of this LN for me (you gained a reader for your blog!). I was so frustrated (as you can see) from what happened in this story because I had similar issues in the creative industry with the genius/talent theme. It hit home hard for me and I was pleasantly surprised how well the anime dramatized the theme up until episode 21-22 where there was very little payoff for all that hard work.

    • Thanks for the comment! I totally get where you’re coming from with your criticisms. I think Sakurasou was always a story at odds with itself when it came to its romance. For the most part, I think it did manage to combine the relationship drama with the talent vs genius theme very well, but it also had a habit of slipping into romcom formula for the sake of it and I think that’s the quality that came through most strongly in the ending.

      As for Sorata x Nanami, I was shipping them too, but thematically, I did like this idea of overcoming one’s jealousy in order to be happy with someone who is obviously more talented than you. So in terms of character development, I would say Sorata x Mashiro means more in the long run. Unfortunately, the potential was not realised here.

      If you are still unsatisfied, here is an alternate ending I thought of: what if Mashiro had left Sakurasou at the end of the anime and Misaki and Jin graduated and Nanami left and Sorata was left alone? I would like to think he would continue working hard even through his depression. This is when Nanami comes back after her hard work to convince her parents to support her voice acting career and Sorata values her companionship so much. He is so desperately lonely that he thinks he loves her. And so they start dating. They support each other, and slowly they start to achieve each other’s dreams, but they still feel more like friends.

      Then the new kids come into Sakurasou and he’s their senpai and it’s their turn looking up to him. Kanna likes him and Iori is secretly jealous of him for multiple reasons, and through this Sorata realises in this profound way how Mashiro must have felt dealing with his jealousy. And then he realises how much he loves her, and it’s not just the envy playing up. So he breaks up with Nanami and she accepts it. Then, when his game design finally gets through (with the help of all of his friends) he wins money for the first time and uses it to fly straight to England. There, he meets Mashiro again and they finally have an honest conversation. That’s when Mashiro tells Sorata that there are parts of him that she is jealous of herself, like his common sense and his ability to support other people like he was able to do with Nanami.

      And Sorata laughs because he realises that comparing himself to other people was stupid all along and yet he couldn’t help himself. In that moment, he lets go of his envy and takes Mashiro’s hand. She comes back to Japan and finally, Sakurasou is whole again.

      THE END. This is literally how I’ve decided the story ended in my head after that disappointing schlock of a light novel. Does that sit better with you? ;)

      • I would prefer the alternate ending that you wrote way more than what occurred with the anime and the LN ending. Simply because it provides more closure than what was written by the author. It provides more character development than what was written especially with the tone of “life isn’t fair”. Yes, it still doesn’t sit well because I do ship Namami X Sorata but I do see where you are coming from if indeed they got together. It wouldn’t be all rainbows and butterflies especially with the psychology of depression mixed with the false realization of love.

        Now it still frustrates me that it didn’t go the way I planned, or the way of your alternate ending. I guess indirectly, it goes to show you that the theme of “life is not fair and it always doesn’t go as planned” still shines strong even with this type of ending. I do think that either way, Sorata would have gotten with Mashiro anyways (because he’s that type of masochist) due to the reasons you specified in your reply. But it would make the story better if the ending wasn’t so absolute (but then again, so would almost every other story).

        I believe that Sorata and Mashiro are the main characters of this series, but I also believe that Namami deserves better. I hate to say this cause its a bit embarrassing, but she’s my favorite character in the series because her problem are so relative and so endearing. I can both relate and feel the emotions that she displays. Yet, out of all the characters in the series I feel like she felt the most trauma due to her sacrifices. I still like the fact that she made up with her parents, but I don’t think that was a big enough payoff especially with how the LN ends. But then again, that was her biggest issue that she invested so much time towards her dreams that she couldn’t really do anything else. Maybe I feel this way because I’m butthurt about the pairing not working haha.

        But that’s my two cents. BTW, thanks for the add on MAL. I’ll be happy to follow along with your blog, especially with fall season looking great.

      • Nice kind of disappointed at the ending of the novel,but looking back to the first volume until the sixth volume.this ending was the right decision.i think.but it could be more satisfying

    • Logically I think that it SEEMS right that Nanami and Sorata were going to get together. I personally think the character development was better formed compared to Mashiro x Sorata.

  21. I hope that if they will create season 2… “THEY SHOULD NOT FU**ING FOLLOW THE LIGHT NOVEL!!” But they can adapt some stories from it. JUST NOT THE ENDING AND SOME OTHER SHITS!

  22. wow, I’m going with the; I’m not angry, just disappointed line on this one.

    (Don’t care about the spoilers, I just wanted to see whether it was worth me buying the novels)

    I have actually only seen the anime and was interested in purchasing the light novels once I found out that chances for a second season of the anime were slim (I thought the ending of the anime was nice and it left a good opening for a possible season two). Since reading this, I don’t know whether it would be worth my time and money.

    Now about the things that have been discussed here (from your QA), what a way to end the novels. The whole four year gap (LIKE WTF, THAT IS A REALLY LONG TIME) and the departure of Nanami just seem unfair and lack closure. The whole Sorata having sex seem okish, but the things he was saying the next morning seem bizarre and it sort of taints that whole experience. Is there a chance the author just ‘dropped off’ and wanted the light novels done with ?

    Your alternate ending is far better than the original. It would be brilliant if the anime got the go-ahead for a second season and they used your ending haha

    Question … Is Mashiro actually autistic ? (I knew something was up, but …)

    and yes in the end even after saying all this I guess I have to agree with Dionisius Edgar, at least Sorata and Mashiro become a couple and LOVE happily ever after (Big Mashiro fan).

    • I’m glad this post could be useful to you in some way, even if Sakurasou itself was disappointing :(

      I’m kind of surprised that you read all the comments in this post too and that you saw my alternate ending! Thanks, I’d love to see my ending get animated too, but that’ll never happen hahahaha!

      Now, to answer your questions:

      Is there a chance the author just ‘dropped off’ and wanted the light novels done with ?

      I have no way of reading the author’s mind, but it seems that way to me. I feel as if the story was gradually losing its focus on its original themes, even in the anime, and had to resort to repetition to keep the drama moving. Kamoshida probably realised this and wanted the story to end the best way he could.

      Is Mashiro actually autistic ?

      It never says so anywhere, probably because that’s a pretty contentious issue for a light novel to tackle. I personally think she’s autistic, but this being a work of fiction, her condition is pretty much cured without any explanation after the time skip. (not sure how that works….)

      • Thank you so much for the quick reply.

        Unfortunately when I seen the ending for the light novels I was so disappointed (I just can’t help it), I don’t think I would be able to make the purchase knowing it ended that way. I think the anime gave me too high of hopes :(

        Seriously, your ending is amazing !!!

      • BTW I was wondering about the whole autism thing and I asked my sister about it (without telling her it was regarding a character in an anime). So I explained how Mashiro behaves and acts etc etc and she said it may be Asperger Syndrome (Autism Spectrum). So I had a look into it and yes I think Mashiro to some degree may have Asperger Syndrome, but then again like you said Sakurasou is fiction, so who knows.

        Just a thought I guess.

  23. What are you people talking about?
    The anime is far worse than the LN even with this terrible ending. The anime was garbage and I’m glad it sold like shit. I can’t believe this crap is being compared to Toradora.

    Sakuraso no shit is so cheesy with shitty characters, shitty fan service, horribly written female lead that is basically just a shamless pandering and not actually a real character with personality and what not, forced melodrama and the worst incompetent MC I have ever seen, Sorata is a complete faggot.

    • No, I haven’t played the VN, actually, since I don’t have a PSP/Vita. It doesn’t seem that essential to the Sakurasou story, but I’d be interested to see what it adds. My friend says he’s buying the game, so maybe I’ll steal his PSP :P

    i was waiting so long for the sorata x aoyama ;__: THERES’ NO REASON TO GO ON ANYMORE
    WHAT..WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR i can’t take it why why bro i was shipping so hard.. my heart. my poor heart. the realities of life are so harsh. i knew i never should’ve spoiled myself but i had to. now i feel so depressed and unmotivated to finish watching it
    reccommend me something with rainbow unicorns ending anime pls i can’t stand this ;__; i wanted the happy sword art online type of ending. y tho y

  25. So in the end, they got back together and are successful in their dreams ?
    I am just really curious about this part.

  26. Wow. I’ve got a lot in my mind right now after reading the spoilers and comments. But i want to share every bits of it since Sakurasou is one of my most appreciated LNs.

    One significant reason why I stay attached with this LN is because of the main character, Sorata. He somehow resembles my personality in general (average person, his jealousy/insecurity, indecisive, etc.) and the situation he was in, well sort of. And I’ve got this gut feeling of defending him from the criticisms.

    I don’t want to fully judge the ending based on your spoilers but I got an itch since I’ve been drying my eyes out for the whole week finding the translations for volumes 7-10. Well whatever, here it goes.

    About Nanami losing:
    At first, I really don’t like her personality ’cause of her stubborness and continuous refusal from others’ help. It may seem understandable with her situation but to have someone like that as a friend (in real life), it is pretty frustrating since you want to return the favor. But anyway, I like how she progressed throughout the story and being plainly honest with what she really feels. She turned out as the sweet girl she is. Now, about Nanami x Sorata, i think they are perfect for each other, TOO perfect that it won’t work. They have a lot of similarities which will be a problem, Sorata won’t be able to outgrow his insecurities/jealousy (like you said on one of the comments). They are better off as friends. It was enough closure that Sorata came to her first before Mashiro.

    Nanami being kicked out of Sakurasou:
    It was really depressing since she’s already part of it. It lessens the value of the part where they defended Sakurasou from being demolished. But in her situation (being rejected by Sorata), she would stay distant either way. So i guess that was for the better. And about cutting her hair, it wouldn’t simply imply that he got over Sorata, but she’s trying or starting to move on.

    Mashiro x Sorata:
    Sorata didn’t ignore Mashiro before, he just kept his distance from her for he always have thought that she was too hard to reach. He even realized it when he was having a hard time calling her name (Mashiro instead of Shiina). With his constant jealousy, out of mind, he kept pushing Mashiro away without realizing it. It was evident that he already feels something for her when he kept on chasing her when she gets lost/about to leave and caring for her undoubtedly.

    Mashiro and Sorata had sex:
    It doesn’t really matter. I think it was normal. It wouldn’t be if Sorata didn’t feel any lust for her. This might be one of the progress the LN is implying. But it would be better if the morning conversation was more of a cheesy one. Well whatever, maybe it just shows that Sorata still can’t handle the situation well since it was their first.

    Progress of Sorata:
    As I said, he somehow resembles my personality. It is really hard to overcome the insecurities you have even if you think you had overcome it for the first time, or even the second or third. That shitty feeling will be there no matter how you avoid it. It is fucking hard. That’s why for me, Sorata is one of the believable characters out there that had been layout for a LN. For the criticism like most people have here shows how he’s realistic (how he has a lot of haters to be exact). I hate that part of me as well.

    You could see his transitions but never the progress (feeling jealous then overcoming it because of his love for Mashiro, then this situation just keeps on repeat). He can’t let go of Mashiro at the same time he can’t let go of his insecurities. For me, this is one of the believable conflicts of a romance. Now, deciding for the break up is the start of Sorata’s growth. He had the courage to let go one important aspect of his life, and his decision was best. He eventually can’t compare himself to Mashiro so then he decides to be better and independent. Not having a talk or even a slight conversation with her (as you said) simply implies that he needs that kind of space for his growth or else the break up would be for nothing.

    The timeskip was honestly depressing, I want to witness how they grow. But I surprisingly like it that way. Why? because for readers/viewers like me who relates to these characters and situation, it was like a pot at the end of the rainbow. You don’t know what’s in it but you would definitely go for it. It was that kind of a feeling when I read your spoiler. The author lets you think about it on your own way. Because honestly, I’m still on that level where Sorata is still indecisive and insecure, and I don’t want to rely my own path base on this LN. Having to realize that you have to take a step forward and be brave enough to take a risk is enough for me. Thinking like “how can I start taking risks?” or “how can I be a competent adult if I took the risk?”. It is inspiring. This LN understands reality and people, because it means much more to be understood first than just to layout the words, eventually it will just slam right on your face and will do no good.

    About your proposed ending:
    I won’t deny it, your ending might be the sweetest finale for Sakurasou. But personally, it is too predictable (the girl gets the guy-realization-breakup-the guy goes for the girl she really loves-happy ever after, and his insecurity towards Mashiro wasn’t solved at all) and would fall for an average type of LN. It may be possible for the story but the timeskip still had to happen. For me, the author’s finale was perfect for the story. It just goes to show that in the end, the author implies that life is meant for not pleasing everyone, it is unpredictable, it is unfair, its bittersweet, its not always the rainbows and butterflies or rainbow unicorns. It is reality, and reality is that we have our own ways/paths, there’s no need to compare with anything or anyone.

    Notice how the other characters reflect the situation of Sorata & Mashiro? (Chihiro-sensei & Kazuki, Jin & Misaki) I like how it was well-put. That’s why I sort of figured that they will have that separation, and was dead curious about how the story will go.

    Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo is one hell of a good LN. I hope I can find the translations of 7-10 soon. Thanks for the spoilers! I really do appreciate it :)

    • This is a very long comment, but I think your genuine love and understanding of Sakurasou came through it.

      As someone who also relates a lot to Sorata’s character, I can totally understand how you feel, although I do think the ending could have done a lot more to show his growth. As for me, I’m starting to (very slowly) find confidence in myself after comparing myself negatively to others for so long, and actually the way this came about was rather similar to the alternative ending I proposed! As people, we often don’t realise how damaging it is to compare yourself to others we make until we have others admiring or being jealous of us. It makes you feel pretty bad for the people you once looked up to in an unhealthy way. So in the LN, Sorata letting go of his jealousy is probably the first thing he needs to do in order to achieve his dream and be with Mashiro. That’s the way I saw it.

      I didn’t really see him do that in vol. 10, though. It was more like he was distancing himself from her again and running away from the root of the problem. Separating from Mashiro was not the solution – learning to accept and understand her is.

      I’m glad to hear that Sakurasou really resonated with you in general, though, as it did with me, and I hope you come to find more confidence in yourself, because everyone has the potential to be talented :)

      • So you mean to say that the finale felt like he was still distancing from Mashiro? If so, then maybe you’re right. It was the point I failed to realize, distance may be the solution for “finding yourself” but may not solve understanding others. If there will be an animation, I do hope they’ll see that the way you did.

        Thanks really :) it felt like having a chat with a friend.

    • ryuunicorn | November 17, 2013 at 8:45 pm, I really love your perspective about the story. it is more realistic and acceptable than any other comments I’ve read in this spoiler… froggykun must have regrets on using the wrong words and perspective about sakurasou by comparing it to other story… It really have an impact to some dependent minded anime lover.

      By the way, I’m a Filipino and I really love the anime so much that I even watch it several times. I also kept my eye every week for any development about Sakurasou.

  27. Would be nice if blog’s owner mentioned anime original shit added by aoyamafag director.

    How can anyone be retarded enough to think Aoyama will win?

    • Haha, I never thought for a moment that Nanami would win, but that doesn’t stop me from being disappointed by how mercilessly she was thrown aside. It’s definitely clear that the LN writer didn’t have as much affection for her as the anime director did.

  28. Sorry, do you know where i can find some translations of Ookami-san to shichinin no nakama-tachi? They’ve currently arrived al 12° volume of the LN…i’d like to know how it ends, but i can’t find anywhere!

  29. sooo….are we sure there isn’t any RitaxRyuunosuke ending hints? I really shipped them, and it’ll be sad to know that they’ve remained static

    • I don’t know where to find translations of Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi, sorry!

      As for Ryuunosuke x Rita, it could very well be that an ending for them was implied all along, but their usual dynamic was shown in the epilogue to enforce that sense of familiarity to reader. I was shipping them too, so I like to think they got together in the time skip, but for whatever reason, he’s still as standoffish as ever, hahaha.

  30. if they would make an season 2 for the anime they could use some fillers like the progress of the 4 years they were separated, like their succeeds and failures. even tough i know they don´t got enough money to make it probably, sorry for my poor english, i am 14 years old and live in netherlands :P

  31. This is indeed a good anime. This gave a lot of insight for the viewers especially ‘us’ who are actually analyzing the anime itself. Based on your explanation of the ending, I think it sucked big time where ‘they got back together in the end without much explanation’.

    There are few things I would like to comment.
    The first would be the theme of hardwork vs talent. I think the author is over exaggerating on this. Hardwork do pay off but not in the short run. We could see that Nanami and Sorata work hard when they moved to Sui high but their hardwork is nothing compared to Mashiro. Mashiro may have the artistic talent and experience. She has spend her whole life doing one and the only one thing which is drawing. Therefore, I find it very normal for her to be successful or to be far ahead of everybody. Nanami and Sorata on the other hand is newbies and probably new to the whole of concept of reality. Every little failure they think it’s the end of world. You guys could see this happening in the anime. Failure is inevitable and it’s a stepping to success. The way failure portrayed in this anime is plain bad.

    Nanami vs Mashiro
    I have to admit I’m a big time Mashiro fan. I would actually prefer Sorata to be with Mashiro more than Nanami. This is due to the fact that Nanami is an average high school girl. The only thing which shines in her is that she’s extremely hardworking but she’s not gifted in anyway I can see. Mashiro is unique. She’s like a baby in a 18 year old body. She understand almost nothing other than art related subject. Therefore, the development of Sorata and Mashiro relationship as lover would be unpredictable. Sorata would face much more challenges dealing with Mashiro as compared to Nanami. Hence, this excites me a lot to see how events unfold. However, the story didn’t go as I wanted it to be. It became a typical love story where there is separation, gap year, and falling back together. This could be due to the fact that the author has control over the story as In not able to continue the theme of the first half. Nevertheless, this is what the author should develope; the uniqueness of Sorata and Mashiro relationship. Both are definitely in diffrent world and how both of their world converged in the end. This is why I prefer Mashiro over Nanami.

    My comment is definitely different but I’m not here to run down what your opinions on this Anime. I feel that this anime should be viewed for this perspective too. It’s no hard looking at things from a diffrent angle.

    I would like a reply though on my comment :P

    • I like your insight into this series! Now, to reply specifically to some things you said:

      The way failure portrayed in this anime is plain bad.

      Well, the fact that you commented on how Sorata and Nanami thought their failures were the end of the world tells me that the raw feeling of failure is portrayed very well in anime. We can’t help but think we’ll never get better when we fail at something for the first time. The fact that the characters do move on from their failures also shows that the anime is aware that failure is simply a part of life.

      What is bad about this anime, imo, is how it never gives you a measure to gauge how much Sorata and the others improve. When they make mistakes, it always seems to be the same kinds of mistakes. They don’t actually think hard about where exactly they went wrong.

      Sorata would face much more challenges dealing with Mashiro as compared to Nanami

      Agreed with this. While I’m very attached to Nanami, Sorata x Mashiro makes more sense when you look at the themes the story is trying to address. It’s about learning to love someone who is not your equal. If Sorata had gotten together with Nanami, that would have been a copout in and of itself.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    • 18 years old? dude, high school student is average 15 years old,

      me? in the anime timeline is told us that the year is 2012… in 2012 im 16 years old.. so are they (how can i know this, coz the main char is 2nd year high school.. and im still 1st year high school ), but i failed at grade 5 because never attend class in 6 month in a row,,, lets forget about my past…..

      in myanimelist…. sakurasou get rate 8.4/10…

  32. Damn,please dont spoil it,i know the ending and they are together in the end.course i read chinese and japanese ending.Damn!how can u judge the ending the google translate?it sucks!

    • Hey. Relax. You can’t stop people from spoiling it. Some of us won’t have the time to read through the end. Our judgement is our opinion. Stopping us from judging things around us makes us non human. Think about it..

  33. I kinda wish that you’re just being a giant troll and the actually ending was great. I just finished the anime and I was curious to see what happens next, but now this just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Oh well, the anime, at least, was satisfying enough.

  34. Couldn’t there be away where the anime could divert the story from the original one? just like what some animes had done when they went a diffrent path from their manga source?

    • Unlike manga and visual novels, light novel adaptations are usually faithful. There is simply no need to create new material to “wrap up” the story because each LN volume is usually a self-contained storyline. If they ever did make a second season for Sakurasou, they would animate this ending.

  35. the ending wasnt so bad from what you’ve explained true the break up plus the 4yrs skip sucks
    but from the start i always knew mashiro would end up with sorata its like normal somehow in anime’s mangas LN that the MC’s love would end up being together well another factor was nanami expelled from sakurasou its was like she suddenly got end of the stick being rejected kicked from sakurasou but lets think positive if nanami where there with sorata and mashiro being together i think it might break her so i guess its ok i wish they elaborate the time skip so we kinda have a idea what did happen from there well from my point of view i guess the ending was rather ok compared to some LN or mangas out there which end without a point

  36. Hahaha I seriously like the way you worded the questions. After reading your scripts, I agree it seems like a rip-off of old korean novel themes… And the pantsu jokes get old after a while so why did they keep it? :/

    Either way thanks for reviewing the ending. I’m pretty sure the other volumes are just random jackshit moments. Atleast it didn’t go to the School Days anime ending :v

    And I guess this is one of the rare cases where the anime > LN/Manga

  37. How the hell Mashiro x Sorata is the worst pairing? It is cheesy at the end, yes… I’ve seen too much too many romance story like that, but damn… once again, how the hell Mashiro x Sorata is the worst? I’d burst into rage if it was Nanami… :/
    But then, people have their own preferences…

  38. sankyuu for the spoilerrr~ i’m a little shock when mashiro and sorata break up but i always know, they’ll together again~ actually, it’s not bad ending, i like mashiro x sorata ending hehehe~ ;w;

  39. Hello!……do you know spanish?……if you don’t……can i translate this post? and obviously i’ll put the link of your post, but onliy if you want.
    I liked so much you post and i loved Sakurasou no pet na kanojo. :D

  40. Nice post. Are there a lot of big differences between the plots of the anime and the novel (besides the ending that was discussed), or are they just small details?

    • Mostly, only small details are changed from the light novel in the anime, but in general:

      – the dialogue is severely cut down
      – some scenes are rewritten, usually to place greater emphasis on Nanami’s role

  41. Uhmmm…i’m trying to read the light novel of this but i can’t find the translations…i know there is Baka-tsui but not all of it is completed from what i see on my computer they are still working somewhere on volume 5. may you help?

    • Sorry, I’m not going to translate the entire novel series. You’ll simply have to be patient and wait for the Baka-Tsuki translators to catch up to the ending.

    • No, Nanami isn’t gone forever. She’s still a student at Sakurasou and she still has some interactions with the characters – she’s just no longer a contender for Sorata’s heart.

        • I’d say the LN overall is mediocre and about average as far as LNs go, but the last couple of volumes take a nosedive in storytelling quality. I think the anime is an improvement over the source material to say the least, but I still like the characters in both.

          In short: no, the LN isn’t crap, but you don’t need to go out of your way to read it.

          • I see… I think I’m content with the anime ending… I imagined something great so I’ll stick with that. I’ll be looking forward to more of your reviews and stuff. ^.^

  42. still waiting for the second season in anime version ,,, maaaa,,, kinda disappointed with this LN s ending though >.< hope they rewrite some scenes as they did for the first season huhu

    • There is no second season… not enough votes for it on the petition. Its a lot like the “Save Sakurasou” petitions it would take a miracle for it to end well.

  43. What do you think about Sorata ? Like is he a dick for always blaming Mashiro when he fails or do you think that he couldn’t help it ? Do you think he is kind ?, etc. Just curious on your opinion of Sorata’s character.

    • I empathise with Sorata. It’s easy to blame him for lashing out at Mashiro, but I’ve personally been in his kind of situation before and I know it doesn’t feel good. The anime and LNs do a great job portraying his insecurity as a person.

      However, I also think that he is not always a well-written character. His portrayal is sometimes inconsistent and it’s difficult to tell whether he’s well-meaning or just petty. His voice actor is great at the comedic scenes but tends to overact, making Sorata sound less sympathetic in the key moments than he should.

      On top of that, Sorata never seems to show any consistent development as a character. He repeats the same vices over and over, never truly learning from them. You could even see this in the anime, where he regresses into hating on Mashiro whenever he fails. I feel that his actions are manipulated by the plot rather than the result of natural characterisation. It’s clear that the author did not know how to write his transition into a better, more confident person, which possibly explains why he resorted to using a timeskip in the light novel ending.

      Conclusion: I like the concept of Sorata’s character but am ambivalent about his portrayal. He’s a very human character, but is sorely misunderstood, both by the audience and by the writer.

      • What do you mean by ” his actions are manipulated by the plot rather than the result of natural characterisation. ” ? Do you mean that the author chose to make Sorata take all his anger out on Mashiro everytime he fails just for the sake of the plot ?

          • Yeah one last question. From what you said earlier, are you saying that the author was not able to portray Sorata’s character development and hence decided to do the skip ?

            • are you saying that the author was not able to portray Sorata’s character development and hence decided to do the skip ?

              Yes, that’s what I think, although I can’t read the author’s mind. It’s just a guess!

              how do we and the writer misunderstand Sorata ?

              A lot of viewers complain about Sorata and call him an asshole (I do that sometimes myself) without showing much empathy for his situation. At the same time, as I said earlier, I don’t think he’s always well-portrayed, so that’s why I think the author didn’t fully empathise with him, either. Because he’s not always well-portrayed, people tend to hate Sorata even though he’s not a bad person.

      • I feel that Sorata is a kind guy, the way he takes care of Mashiro and how he always bring stray cats back home really makes him a great guy. Although sometimes he lashes out at Mashiro but he can’t help it, after you put so much effort into something and how it just gets rejected will really get to you. I feel that because of that he started to get angry at himself and the only thing he could do to defend himself was to take it all out on someone else, causing him to get mad at Mashiro every time he fails. But I don’t like how he doesn’t stop doing that, he lashes out at Mashiro every time he fails. But he finally learns after that 4 year skip type deal. So overall I feel that his character is very human-like and most of us can relate with him. Do you agree with this guys ?

  44. You said you did not wish to see a second season because the series was good the way it was, but would you sign the petition for those who actually care and just not watch the second season. Personally I don’t care if it gets a second season or not I hated the ending for the LN and I don’t want to see it in the anime; however, I do think it is unfair for those who do care.

    • I am aware of that petition. I’m not going to sign it since I don’t personally want a second season for Sakurasou, but I’ve put up a link to it in my post for those who do want that second season. That’s fair.

  45. Dude I wanted to say you are funny .And thank you I know now the detailed ending for one of my favorite anime characters relationship Mashiro I can rest in peace later on in life due to this lol.But really you’re funny I mean your so blunt in a way that straight forword comedy gold.And its hard not to agree ,bt anyway mind my spelling and thanks : )

  46. I would liketo know ifnanamistillfriends with thecharacterssakurasoumainlymisakikandaand, wellI could not seeany volumes7-10,was wonderingwhere to buy,or havea freeplaceto tell me, I lovesakurasou,principlamenteofAoyama,notlike anythingthatend, Iam Brazilian,andyou know,my countrydoes not have muchthat cultureanime,an animesakurasouiftranslateonly222012,will neverbe able to findin mystock,onlyin English orJapanese.:(, I wonderwhere to buycanbe upJapanese’-‘

  47. Even had a friend who liked the sorata nanami, I was always the kid never give sorata ball nanami, but wondered if this friend sorata was part of some volume, why he declare if I remember to nanami

  48. worst MC ever -_-

    Ryuunosuke should be the MC !

    and no romanctic closure between mashiro and sorata -_-

    very upset
    much disappointed
    not wow.

    i really wish that the last part of the LN
    gets animated ,

      • I read a translation of the last part of volume 10 and saw this-”

        “You caught them too.” Saying this, Mashiro went on her tiptoes. In the next moment, they touched their lips together for a short kiss. Mashiro stepped down, with little willpower a naughty laugh slipped out. A little joke. Her face had not looked like this in four years.”

        I don’t get it lol

        • I looked through the Japanese LN and found the part I believe you are referring to. The translation is mostly accurate but doesn’t flow particularly well in English. But basically what it was trying to say is that Mashiro and Sorata got back together again and that it was upon getting back together that Mashiro started showing her girlish side again.

  49. I don’t like it so much Of The Ending Of sakurasou , I feel diasaapointed About Sorata With Nanami even awhile ,,

    I try doesn’t Care About it, But Infact My Feeling Become Worse and Bad (Dissapointed badly) :(

    Published by: Sentai Filmworks
    Distributed by: Section23 Films
    Run Time: 300 min.
    Street Date: 3/11/2014
    Format: DVD
    Language: Japanese with English Subtitles
    SRP: $49.98
    Yessssss, have a good day everyone

  51. Oh , i got it , sorry. But danmmmmm i havent read the LN but this spoiler make me feel like shit, why it isnt harem ending , fruakkkkkk, f*ck you author , I will make a hentai of Mashiro x Sorata x Nanami then fap my self , f*ck you , seriously f*ck you.
    I need some stupid harem ending anime right now :(((((((

  52. I just finished the anime and started to look for season 2 of it and I saw this spoiler thanks and no thanks i guess .
    it literally gave me mixture of feelings because I really dont like bad endings even though they still ended up together in the end
    I felt like Why cant you just overcome your own problems with her
    Realy idk what to think anymoree *sigh* this feels
    im really confused to what i said too lol

  53. Ohh do you have any anime suggestions for the same genre ? I feel like I want to suppress this feels lol

    • Off the top of my head, you should watch:

      Toradora – Same studio, same genre, same composition writer

      Love Hina – Also about a “normal” guy living in a dorm with crazy people. A harem comedy anime.

      No Game No Life – This is going to be released next season, but it’s the same director as Sakurasou and is also a light novel adaptation.

      True Tears – also a dramatic story revolving around a love triangle and a young boy’s attempt to find himself

      Whisper of the Heart – A Ghibli film that’s also about finding your dream through your love. It’s about a girl who wants to be a writer.

        • Yeah, you’ll have to be patient. Volume 1 will be finished by midyear and the translator who’ll be taking over from me seems a lot faster than I am, so you might be seeing new story content sometime down the road next year.

          For now, hope you enjoy seeing the familiar story in written form.

  54. I’m mostly ok with the ending. I would have been nice to see him working towards being more independent and working towards his goal, but at least he ends up with the right girl (Sorata x Mashiro all the way)

    • I am sorry sir, but I will have to disagree with you BIG TIME. If you watched the anime series as opposed to the light novels, Nanami’s character receives x100 the character development that Mashiro gets. Mashiro’s conflicts are trivial and almost nonexistent when compared to the amount of stress and failures that Nanami had to endure. Seriously, it’s not even comparable. Personality wise, Mashiro is relatively flat and uninteresting, whereas Nanami goes through a range of emotions – sadness, anger, depression, happiness, jealousy, disappointment, acceptance, etc. Also, if you didn’t like Nanami before for whatever reason, that scene amidst the rain in episode 21 would have definitely made even the most stone-hearted person feel a pang of sympathy for her – as her situation is something that we all have undoubtedly experienced before. In the end, the one character from the cast of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo that I was able to connect with on a personal and emotional level was…Nanami Aoyama. But of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if you support Sorata x Mashiro, then I am in no position to change your mind. As for the light novel ending…I’m just going to pretend as if it never happened. The anime ending shall bid me well.

      • Hey mate, I just watched the anime and googled about the light novel but ended up reading those painful facts. But… What the hell you were saying. I guess you are a fan of Sorata and Nanami ship? Man, even myself, I think Nanami’s better staying just as Sorata’s friend. Plus, the fact that Mashiro is such as a senseless girl makes her best end up with Sorata, a guy who can teach her about feelings (since Sorata is normal and he’s able to feel things and emotions, just like Nanami). Sorata and Mashiro complete each other and make a great couple. Just like Naruto and Hinata.

        Ps : the guy whose comment you replied didn’t even state that he disliked Nanami. He was just glad that Sorata ended up with Mashiro. Calm yourself down.

  55. Looked around the blog a bit. Some pretty neat posts you got there. :)

  56. This is my bad…
    I am looking for Nanami Aoyama after (future).
    More important is to be Nanami husband like??

    Is one difficult thinking…
    A double pain in that situation..

    Sorry for my thinking…
    There is like nobody to get nanami love anymore…
    For the forward to future is very dangerous insane…

    I don”t know to recover nanami feeling…

  57. Thank you so much for this post! I wanted to watch/read more about the character interactions after the anime ended, but I guess it’d be pointless with a sucky ending and composition like that. I’ll stick with imagining my own ending, like you did!

  58. Well pity the LN ended the way it did, but for those who want more try the PSP/Vita game, you can have the Nanami ending… I don’t think there’s an English patch for it (there IS a Chinese one however) but its worth a go if you know enough Japanese.

  59. Thank you for this… appreciate the follow-up on the anime with the LN ending. Just nice to have some closure to the anime series.

    • I translate for Nano Desu, but you can find a link to my translations for Hentai Ouji and Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru on Baka-Tsuki. I don’t translate Sakurasou.

  60. oh gees thanks for this.. i can now sleep what happen to their ending ..thanks again.. maybe im gonna wait for the full translation.. have a nice day!!

  61. Are you planning on translating Sakurasou anytime soon? I know you said you were busy but Baka hasn’t had any updates for a year and Nano is in hiatus still. Plus, I thought the small translations you had in this post were great!

    • I’m busy translating other projects right now so I can’t focus on Sakurasou, sorry! I’d certainly like Sakurasou to be resumed but I don’t see that happening in the near future.

  62. So in the end Nanami remain being a part of Sakurasou (joining with Sorata and others as always they do in anime) even she stay in regular dorm?

    Her new hairstyle is coooool but the ending made me feel dem :(

  63. You did really spoiled my Light novel ending, and for that, i thank you. I did seen the anime all the why through and it was really one of the bests in this kind. You know that feeling when you’re at the final 2/3 episodes and even though you love the anime and absolutely know that it will have a great ending you just feel sad? Sad to know that the anime you love and identified so much with, and that you may not in the future encounter any other as good as this, is about to end? I felt like this seeing this anime and i have to say, although the end was good in general i felt like something more could be shown between Mashiro and Sorata, i mean, se barely react to his confession and that was pretty sad.. I just wish we could’ve seen more action in the end like a real kiss. Also, although i love Mashiro’s role i feel more like Nanami should have a better chance with sorata, up until the episode 21 they were so close that i actually thought she could have a chance! And then all of the sudden Nanami renounces her feelings for sorata just because of mashiro, and i really think they (Nanami and Mashiro) should confront each others from whom deserved sorata the most… Sorry for any errors you may find as i am actually portuguese.

  64. I have seen the anime in just one seating. Something tells me that the anime was going to be good so I watched it and then there was no regret. I find the anime cheesy and that’s why I liked it. Too bad they didn’t included the ending so I thank you for spoiling everything. I felt sorry for Nanami because I think she was the more deserving girl for Mashiro. And I just wished there was some instances that they would actually kiss and do more “dirty” stuffs, just to sort out the real feelings of Mashiro for Nanami. But I can’t complain either since Sorata was really cute, her clumsiness makes her way cuter. The anime was way too short for me, there could have been more to this awesome light novel hype! Thanks btw!

  65. If u want to rate the anime and the LN from 1 to 10 what would you give?.(just being curious because I agree with almost all of your comments)

  66. I finished the anime recently and I heard that the LN continued where it left off (In this case S1 = Vol 1-6) I couldn’t really find any translation for the remaining light novels so it cant be helped and spoiled myself.

    After reading that Sorata gets into a relationship with Mashiro, I was disappointed because, in my opinion, Nanami would have been better than Mashiro. Hearing that she got expelled from Sakurasou made me feel depressed.

    Nonetheless, the anime was great. I didn’t really like how the LN ends, due to the 4 year skip and the break up and getting back together thing.

  67. I just finished the anime “Sakurasou no pet na kanojo” and i have to say that i’m highly disappointed . I was looking for sad animes to watch and i found comments about the sad end of Sakurasou no pet na kanojo . So i watched the anime with the idea to find a plot twist at the end of the serie , but it wasn’t sad in my opinion . Plus , i thought that Mashiro probably had an illness because she couldn’t take care of herself but it turned out that she was just a spoiled girl . I didn’t find the characters interesting at all . Everything was so cheesy , especially the scene were they were singing on the graduation day and at the car . So to conclude , i wasted my time watching this anime and i do not recommend it for anyone .

  68. Hold on, I’m confused. You said he turned into a huge pervert or something, and in the quotes he says that he doesn’t want to have sex with her just cuz, but because he loves her. Was he just saying that to get laid? Like, does he legitimately love her or just her body?

  69. still a much better ending than CoD : Ghosts campaign and Battlefield 4 campaign altogether…..

  70. Hi all. In my opinion I believe there will be 2 season… why? just look at the anime they’ve created things such as games, figures etc. so I strongly believe second season will come up… I hope…
    And I’ve got a question for you man xD are there any images, when they have sex? xDD I know that’s weird, but I’m just curious did he draw something? Or just showed black screen: D

    Best of lock :D Still hoping for season 2 :)

  71. Nanami is my favourite of the bunch in the show/LN.
    I could relate to her so much.
    I found myself crying like a idiot when I read this since pretty much nothing went her way
    I wish she could have found love or someone who give it to her be it through another character.
    I personally don’t want her to be with MC as I believe she deserves better. I just don’t feel good that she doesn’t end off as happily as the other characters.
    Call me an aoyamafag all u want. Call me a idiot for being too attached. Laugh at me all you want.
    I just really wished she could be more happy.

  72. I know that this comment is very late and likely won’t get a reply since this post was more than a year ago, but I just completed the anime series and have a very profound need to discuss it. I am glad that I stumbled upon this post regarding the light novels. To start off, I was shipping for Nanami the entire series, although I knew the entire time that it was doomed from the start. I feel as though my strong feelings towards Nanami pushed me through the entire series, but by the end, it seems, I found more value from the anime than just it’s romantic aspects.

    Now, I am by no means experienced in anime, manga or Japanese light novel, so forgive me if I may be clueless to some aspects. When I first watched this anime, I was under the impression that it was a romance anime, primarily. However, as the series went on, it dawned on me that the focus of the anime was more around the Sakurasou, especially considering the graduation day drama. It disheartens me to learn that not much emphasis was put into maintaining that vision.

    Now, as for the big thing I want to talk about, i.e. the Nanami and Sorata relationship. I cannot explain why, but I was rooting for her since the beginning. She is the first major female character that we meet in the anime. She is likable from the start, and her diligence is admirable. When Mashiro is introduced, I knew from the get-go that she would be the main female character. Mentally, I fought against this notion and consistently hoped that the anime wouldn’t be so predictable as to place her over Nanami. I would’ve been fine with Nanami’s ultimate defeat if the anime hadn’t replenishing hope in the anime, but at the same time, I appreciate that insertion by the screenwriter because it added depth to the characters and to the main plot.

    What I do like about the anime is that it was never, in my mind, completely predictable, except perhaps for the Mashiro and Sorata relationship aspect. The theme of life not being fair is very prevalent throughout the anime. We see all the characters fail when a generic plot might have them succeed. In fact, I feel that the anime needed all of them to fail by the end of the series. There would be no profound message to tell if they had succeeded. The message that was being built up was, to me, that life is not just about ourselves but the people around us. The entire speech at graduation was about the fact that we do what we do because of the people that support us.

    To me, the theme of the anime, the development of the characters, the way audiences felt should happen, it seemed to me that Nanami and Sorata SHOULD have ended together, but by the fact that the anime was titled after Mashiro, it was forced into creating an ending that is to me, very unsatisfactory.

    As to the light novels, it is very disappointing to see that it departs so greatly away from the network of Sakurasou. How can you kick Nanami out in such a way? Yes, I am a huge Nanami supporter, but even if she is to be defeated, she needs a satisfactory exit. She needs to be given a proper conclusion. If she is to be pushed out of the anime, I want to know that she is in better hands. I have come to the conclusion, although perhaps driven by denial, that Sorata never deserved Nanami. It reminds me of the classmate that was friends with Sorata and that subplot about him pursuing Nanami, forgive me I don’t remember his name. I almost feel that they should have kept him in the plot. If he had kept fighting, if he had worked hard to win her love, maybe then I would be happy with letting her go and accepting Mashiro and Sorata. My biggest issue is that they gave so much build up to get me fighting for Nanami and Sorata and just killed the payoff in the end. The light novel seems to do worse.

    MY PROPOSED ENDING WOULD BE AS SUCH (assuming that the ending must be Mashiro and Sorata):

    Pick up from where the anime left off, because I truly believe that although it was frustrating to watch, it was a great progression. Nanami is still, obviously, pursuing Sorata after Jin had encouraged her. During the school year, she works hard but unlike before leaves time for herself, which one of the main points she makes when she breakdown at the end of last year. However, she is so narrow sighted by her pursuit of Sorata that she doesn’t notice that his friend is trying so hard to get her to notice him. Sorata, of course, fundamentally neglects to fully fulfill Nanami as he did in the last season.

    Mashiro and Sorata, by the end of the anime series, have a head start on Nanami. Therefore, it would only be natural that their relationship progresses faster. However, you cannot change Mashiro’s personality. She does, however, have to develop, but this is a slow and often painful process. As time passes, it becomes more and more apparent to Nanami that it is impossible. She starts to get to the point of desperation. Finally, you’ll come to a climax where Nanami finally confesses her love for Sorata, but is ultimately rejected. She would no doubt be horrified, but you HAVE to get her to confess. You can’t avoid it altogether. It has been pushed off for far too long.

    Nanami would be in despair, but that is the point at which her classmate supports her and keeps her from hitting absolute rock bottom. It is only at this point that she realizes who the better man is for her. She, although hurt, begins to grow closer to her friend (sorry I don’t remember the name). Eventually, she comes to a conclusion that Sorata would never have treated him the way that she wanted or needed. It is at this point that she becomes distant from Sorata, and naturally Mashiro as well. She doesn’t seem like she belongs in Sakurasou anymore. Eventually, she is kicked out of Sakurasou because her financial situation is better, but she doesn’t mind. And that of course, is the same time that Mashiro and Sorata begin.

    That to me, is a better conclusion for Nanami. She needs someone. She needs happiness. She needs support. To be neglected in such a way and separated is just painful for me. If she is closed out this way, I would be happy.

    • I do agree with you some extent as I just power watched the series haha. I found that the greater focus on growth and life gave me a more personal message, and I think actually lent to giving the relationships a much stronger secondary plot.

      I disagree with you in that I wanted Mashiro to end up with Sorata rather than Nanami (you can read my post further down for a little more of my view if you want:P ) however I understand your stance, it was really just a matter of which female protagonist and relationship you could connect with and cared about more. To me (this is COMPLETELY personal so Im not bashing you) her stubbornness turned me off a little where as I preferred Mashiro’s sweetness and naivety. I don’t know why but I liked the connection they forged through that over the one they had created with Nanami.

      What I do really agree with though (and touched on this in my comment) I think that Nanami is a strong and valuable character and that she really does deserve some level of closure rather than dropping her like in the manga. Personally I would have liked to see her warming to the other friend Diachi. Sort of starting to accept Sorata and Mahiro while opening her eyes. I dont think that they should out right say anything about them being an item at all. (not even internally) Instead perhaps being a little more friendly and maybe even a small blush? Done just right so that it is slightly up for our own imagination but we know she is happy and things are looking up for her.

    • Yeah you can go daydreaming about Sorata and Nanami should be together or whatsoever but the ending is : Sorata ends up with Mashiro because both characters complete each other with their 180° different personalities and traits. Mashiro is senseless but unlike Mashiro, Sorata is able to feel emotions. Mashiro is a professional but on the other hand, Sorata is a new beginner of gaming world and has to work over and over to succeed. Sorata is dependent but Mashiro isn’t, she needs someone like Sorata to help her. They really complete each other. Thus yes, I think Mashiro really doesn’t need any change of her personality. Just like Naruto and Hinata, Sorata and Mashiro make a great couple.

      Ps : I do like Nanami and I even cried when she finally gave up on Sorata and sincerely told Sorata to utter his genuine feelings to Mashiro (the episode when Mashiro decided to go away from Sakura-sou). She’s really strong. She knew that she would be rejected that’s why she let Sorata run to Mashiro.
      She doesn’t need to confess or whatsoever it is that you think needs to be done in the series. I think the series plot is just perfect the way it is (despite the real ending, if compared to the light novel).

  73. I loved this anime, and the only thing that I came to say is… The ending sucked, really, I can’t believe how a soo good history can end like this… The anime was soo good, but well, there is nothing that I can do about that

  74. Personally I loved the anime. I mean everyone wants a big ending, and I do too. But the anime ending really did make sense and kept to the characters current level of growth. I mean Sorata DID just tell Mashiro that he loves her so it makes sense she wants to kiss. But at this point in there personal growth a full normal relationship still wouldn’t be appropriate.. They implied that they would continue to grow. And based on Nanami’s reaction I think they really made it feel like she has come to accept Sorata and Mashiro.. not that she’ll stop having feelings for him right away but she can begin to just be happy as a part of his life.
    As for I second season I think it could actually really work if they took a respectful departure from the the manga and continued with the atmosphere they created. They can have Misaki be her normal crazy self and visit while Jin could make a few fun visits. I think they have a lot of potential in giving the characters some small successes and focusing a little more on the growth of the individuals (especially emotionally because they can still be naive). Especially as Mashiro struggles to become a girlfriend and Sorata learns to be more perceptive of her feeling and inentions. Also I think it would be cool if they gave Ryūnosuke the chance to open up so that he agrees to “date” Rita but barely. Haha, they could keep his withdrawn attitude and and her determination for a really funny dynamic. I think each as aspect would give the opportunity for a unique set of troubles. And could be made into quite a few episodes if they make extra episode about breaks (especially summer) and could it a bitter sweet ending..
    Okay few people read this far down my comment lol.. and there will likely not be a second season. But if there is.. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE DO NOT MAKE SORATA A PERVERT. I think that is over done in anime. Make them grow up as they leave for college, and PLEASE let let Sorata and Mashiro end up together (In fact I really the idea of Mashiro wanting to live with Sorata and produce manga while he continues to pursue producing games. Afterall her art is relatively portable so this seems realistic to me. Especially under their unique circumstances). Last but not least I think it would be best not to just drop Nanami. She is a strong character in the anime and needs some level of closure.
    Realistically I could imagine and additional 1 – 1.5 strong seasons with a solid ending.

    • And if anyone is still reading, I do think the ending should be open ended. Just not quite as open ended as in the first season. :P
      I did like the ending though.. lol

  75. Thanks Frog-kun for this. I wanted to buy volumes 7-10 of Sakurasou and hire someone to read and translate it to me in English because i couldn’t find english version of the said volumes. It’s so frustrating not knowing what happened next after the anime.

  76. Thank goodness i succumbed to my desire and read this post.
    i have been waiting the LN to be translated, but it hasn’t progress one bit.

    I still can’t believe the story would end like that.

    for those who think sorata is an asshole. think again.
    You met this girl, who depends on you. A girl who cant live properly without you.
    She is a famous artist too.

    Then that girl starts drawing manga and didn’t do it very well.
    You see her drawing manga all night to refine her drawing skills.
    You start to think that a genius wont get anything she want if she doesn’t give her best.

    And that makes you want to try doing something too.

    However, that girl fell in love with you ( obviously in this case you dont realize it yet)
    She doesnt know what to do , so she does this and that to get your attention, but by doing so she has less time doing her manga now.

    Because you dont know that she did those things for you, you think that she is slacking off.
    while you are giving your all in making games.
    by this point, “I will proof that you dont need to be a genius to achieve somethink, some hard works will do.” kind of thought would enter your mind.

    then reality hit you hard. Real hard.
    the person you thought was slacking off get what she wanted. while you who had tried your hardest failed.
    On top of that, you see that person starts ‘slacking off’ again ( that girl actually want to learn how to cook so she can makes you happy)

    there’s no way in hell that wont wake you irritated.
    Not to mention your friend also gives her best at voice acting and failed as well.

    tl;dr version.

    having a genius person in your circle is not a great thing. You will probably live in her/his shadow.
    in this case, a girl who cant live properly without you..
    a girl who you think is slacking off.
    get what she wanted..

    while you and your friend who gives your all. failed.

    you probably get irriated, and mad

  77. i dont really see why everyone’s raging at mashiro x sorata relationship, i mean, it was basicly implied that they would be together since episode 1, many of you were just too blind to see it. honestly i dont think any of you ever thought he would really date nanami, your just mad cause you wanted it to happen, even tho all pointed to mashiro. if you don’t like it, dont read it / see it, but if you do, at least open your eyes and see whats obvious.

  78. How the fuck are you upset by this? Aoyama is clearly not best girl. Sure it should have fleshed her losing out more, but Mashiro is best girl throughout the entire series. At least from an anime perspective. Not one time does it seem like he will actually date Aoyama, but constantly seems at the cusp of a relationship with Mashiro.

    Mashiro for empress.

  79. endings like that make me watch or read only harem themed ones because they don’t cut out characters like nanami just like this I seriously regret reading this far in the both main story in LN and watching the last few episodes of anime I started the anime just to see some comedic scenes and really not expecting this to happen

  80. I completely understand that you think this was a bad ending, but it really doesn’t sound like the absolute, up-most worst ending possible. If you weren’t a fan of Mashiro then I can’t really say anything to help, but as a fan of Mashiro I find it fine that they were together in the end. The breakup and timeskip can be ignored.

    This really has just been a lesser version of Toradora, from beginning to end. Kinda glad it didn’t receive a 2nd season lol.

  81. Ahahahaha, ending sucked? More like you were a fan of Aoyama and got really butthurt that she lost. This entire post is just QQing.

  82. ryuunicorn | November 17, 2013 at 8:45 pm, This guy deserves attention.

    I really love your perspective about the story. it is more realistic and acceptable than any other comments I’ve read in this spoiler… froggykun must have regrets on using the wrong words and perspective about sakurasou by comparing it to other story… It really have an impact to some dependent minded anime lover.

    By the way, I’m a Filipino and I really love the anime so much that I even watch it several times. I also kept my eye every week for any development about Sakurasou.

  83. ok,So did Aoyama kiss Sorata in the Amine I’m at episode 12 and I have seen a few signs of Aoyama liking Sorata at the beginning is they gonna kiss at all?😕

  84. I found your blog article last evening. I was upset. I removed Nanami Aoyama from my desktop wallpaper. I had trouble sleeping.

    Comment for The Pet Girl of Sakuraso,, Posted 10/17/14:

    In the future, Aoyama Nanami will succeed in capturing the heart of Kanda Sorata. She is pretty close already even though Shiina Mashiro appears to have a lock on Kanda-kun’s heart instead.

    The relationship between Mashiro & Sorata appears to be one of blooming love between the two. However, it will not become that type of relationship. Sad to say, but Mashiro & Sorata truly have a relationship very similar to cat & cat-owned person. Sorata has to tend to Mashiro as though she were his pet – seeing that she is fed, clothed (with panties), taken to appointments, and tucked into bed. He cares deeply for Mashiro but he also cares deeply for his cats.

    Mashiro is attached to Sorata because he cares enough about her to tend to her needs to the extent of neglecting his own often times. She feels a growing affection for him but I don’t see how it could actually be romantic love. It is more akin to the love of a beloved pet for its master. As Mashiro learns to accept responsibility for her own “care & feeding” which she has demonstrated somewhat in the closing episodes, she will begin to understand the nature of her feelings for Sorata.

    In like manner, Sorata will see Mashiro maturing as a full, independent person. As she grows to depend upon him less and less, there will be a growing conflict between them as she seeks her own path away from Sorata’s care.

    Meanwhile, Nanami will be there as she always has been, supporting Sorata as he moves through his senior year, develops his games, and struggles with his changing relationship with Mashiro. He will go through a lot of heartbreak until he realizes he never did truly “love” Mashiro and, shortly thereafter, it will sink into his very thick skull that Nanami has always been there for him not just because she is a good friend but because of her love for him.

    Sorata will then understand what his real feelings for Nanami represent – his deepening love for her.

    Another person commented, “so you just going to ignore that every time mashiro was in trouble he would ignore nanami and go after her……and the healthy thing would be for Nanami to move on and be friends”

    No, I don’t ignore that. I just think Kanda is not yet mature enough to realize what he is doing. Of course, it hurts Aoyama when he ignores her but she is further along on the maturity road so she does “strike back” when hurt. She could move on without Kanda but then the author would have lost the tension of the triangular struggle of titanic proportions resulting from her doing so.

    Shiina is almost a case study of the idiot savant — a magnificent artist who can not dress herself. However, she has shown the ability to accept more responsibility for herself and, on that basis, I think she will continue advancing and will achieve more independence.


  85. Thank you for putting this up. I did not plan at reading the light novels at all. I just finished the anime and had to know how the series ended. I heavily supported SorataxMashiro so I’m happy they ended up together but I would have also like to see the MisakaxJin relationship and the RitaxRyousuke relationship be delved into further, sorry if I spelled that guys name wrong. I very much appreciate you putting this up and stopping me from reading the light novels as I feel they would have been an utter waste to read. Whoever was the author of this series sucks ass for ending a series in such a manner but I will not further bash him/her since the anime now holds a place in my heart and made me feel an abundance of feelings.
    I feel that the whole premise of the series, the whole jealousy because life is tough and some people have it easy because they are gifted is stupid shit. Yeah some people have it easier than others, be happy for them; don’t be a little bitch because they succeeded and your hard work ending up not producing the results you want. I can understand where the characters are coming from on that aspect but I can’t relate. I thought Ryousuke, again sorry if I spelled his name wrong, was the best and the wisest character in the series. He gave the best advice and was just bad ass and his line about love just being a bug was pure genius. Rita is God-level too, except when she was a cry baby about Mashiro, and she should have had more screen time, she did end things off with a bang with that kiss of hers.
    I ended up writing all of this when I just wanted to give you a thank you. Whoever you are, thank you for putting this up and informing me of the ending of this wonderful anime. I can now be content with the ending of this anime.
    I do have to end it like this though, Misaki= pure kawaiiness and amazingness. Jin is a lucky man. Mashiro is amazing too but not even close to amazing as Misaki. I didn’t give a shit about Nanami honestly, her stuff was touching but I just wanted her to let SorataxMashiro flourish. Sorata was a stupid little prick who deserved to get his ass kicked by me, occassionly. He was mostly fine though. I was interested in seeing the new Juniors, especially Yuuko, and I most definitely see Plan C get used on something, but you don’t always get what you want, Sorata is living proof because he fails in everything he does, even kissing Mashiro lol.
    See you all and thank you for reading this comment; I say that just in case the 1/1,000,000 chance of someone actually reading this comment comes true.

    • #1,000,000 reporting in. Just finished watching the anime+reading ALL the comments on here. It’s a damn shame I don’t have anything constructive to say.

      I’m glad I read through this; the alternative endings posted in the comments (esp frog kun’s) were much appreciated.

  86. Hello everyone. I liked the end, the separation is very interesting, showing that earlier they were not ready for a relationship yet. (I think the reason is this)

    The only thing that made me sad and angry was the part of sex between Mashiro and Sorata, I do not know for what reason, but I hated it.
    Could anyone tell me if this has any particular reason or the author just wanted to put as part of the story?

    Sorry for my bad english, I’m brazilian and I used google traslator.

    • wait why did that make u sad? maybe just cuz here only selected parts have been given, u might be feeling so? amidst the full novel, it might feel to be along the flow

    • I’m sad because Mashiro and Sorata had sex,for this I asked if the author put only for another reason in special or wanted leave how an part of the history

  87. hey dude thanks man- i was thinking whether to go with this or not. but i think my life is gonna suck if i read after all the hard work u put to alert us. besides i am not a japanese, so i do stutter even now. so at least one LN chops off my reading list

    • not that the ending is crap since i shipped those two since the beginning but hey, that is such a mediocre way of ending a LN which had such a nice anime. makes no sense. i mean the ending should have been a bit more conspicuous with a more solid way of showing the happy ending for the couple. i really might chop this off my reading list…..though not yet sure, damn

  88. I’ve read ending now and i’m happy, forget my last comment. Anime is awesome and LN ending too. I really like this end cuz Sorata is with Mashiro, latest chapters are good for me. I know that, Sorata was stupid dickhead, but overall and after 4 years brake, he became more adult and smarter. I don’t understand why some people don’t like ending, but it’s maybe because Nanami loses ? Nanami was good too but i like Mashiro more, then ending is happy and good for me. Ty for that spoilers !

    • I liked the ending, it’s really good. But I did not like the part that the two had sex and morning after conversation in beginning of vol10

  89. I would like your opinion, If in case there was a second season, you think they would put some sex scene of Mashiro and Sorata? Or would it be censored? And the “morning after” conversation between the two would be censored too?

    I feel bad for thinking it might have some sex scene or morning after conversation adapted ):

  90. I have just finished watching the anime and it is a good and unique anime. I was satisfied with the ending. Of course I also wondering, is there second season? Then I arrive at this website to read light novel. Honestly, I am really happy with the ending. In the end Sorata and Mashiro finally together. Even though, there is a regret why they have to break before together again.

    Honestly, I think the light novel really in a mess, the backbone is really different compare to the anime. In the anime we see that all of the character take a part in the story. It is about Sakurasou dorm, but in the LN looks like they abandon the others character.

    I also read the above comment, many Nanami fans disappointed with the ending. Well, I will not comment about it because if Mashiro lose also, I will feel the same. Some of the fans maybe think Nanami is annoying character, but for me the most annoying character is Sorata. At the first time, I think it is comedy-romance and okay Sorata is suitable with the character but it is different story if the story become deeper romance. Sorata become really an asshole. I remember in episode 14 (one of my favorite scene), Mashiro bring him a cake because she want to make up with Sorata. It is really a breaking heart to see this. How pure and honest Mashiro is, but in the other hand Sorata always angry to her with unreasonable reason. Of course, we see Mashiro is really talented person in painting but we also see, she is a fragile girl, she almost can not do anything in her own. She is also have a lot of weakness. Why after having a serious relationship Sorata also do the same. Did he really love her or only want to have sex with her? Seriously this annoying. Mashiro is too good for him. Where is his love and sacrifice to Mashiro? I remember in anime Mashiro really concern for him and doing a lot sacrifice. But I am glad in the end, Sorata become competent adult and together with Mashiro.

    Also about Nanami, it is not Nanami fault but Sorata give her too much hope. Like I said before if it is comedy-romance like To love ru darkness or Highschool Dxd, it is okay. But if the story become deeper in romance, Sorata hug Nanami become a really wrong, if it is as a friend it looks like give a false hope. Nanami has a right to get other boyfriend (Sorata’s friend is a good people I think) in the end of the story, she have to move on.

    In the end, if there is second season, I hope it will show the progress of all the character not only Mashiro and Sorata. How they relationship are. especially Nanami,

  91. why not make season 2 ? and at the end you introduce 2 new students we need season 2 to know what that 2 studen attitude and ofcourse the relationship of sorata and mashiro if we only read manga or this novel its not satifying us.i dont want to read this novel and imagine what happenging .all i want is to see season 2 im okay if it only 10 episode.this anime is cool great and lot’s of lessong why not creating season 2 i need explanation please :”( ty

  92. i can wait until my skin gone while listening to this song inspired me to wait sakurasou season 2 . you guys think im joking ? im not like that guys i wait even i grow up . i know everything will end but please make it to end without regret of watchers im not satisfy cus sorata and mashiro didnt tell what they feel in anime face to face . that train is anoyying but i love it the way you put the train like sorata cant bbelieve mashiro gone :) .. dont worry for me guys ill wait :) i have advice dont listen to the hater’s cus they only want what they want to happen like sorata x aoyama ..and lastly all i want is season 2 if you guys done of thinking idea about season please make it creative just make season 2 as you see people in your around like mashiro do she make manga in what happen to her life with sorata :) season 2 please i beg you :”(

  93. people that still want aoyama x sorata please listen it will never be happen i rewatch the anime 30+ times .. and what i did is in 5 times i watch it i focus on 1 character and it end’s up mashiro sorata .sorata will be succesful in game if mashiro there and mashiro can change because of sorata .nanami is just a friend but he got the guy he rejected that fully support for nanami.. just respect what creator did dont make him/her disapoint it will cost season 2 will never happen. im still hoping it will happen. so stop changing the story its good just respect it . if your not satisfy try to rewatch and understand and you will begin to love sorata x mashiro.

  94. Ok for my last comment !! For not satisfy sorata x mahiro
    First of all if sorata never meet mahiro he’s life is bored even aoyama help him.for the cat foods and giving the cats.because he meet mashiro he found hope or something that he want to reach hes goals or want to find what’s he’s future. And he’s jealous to mashiro because even how hard he tried he can’t do it and to make he’s self more better he instead mad at mashiro.remember this is he’s 1st time of making can’t reach a professional because you want it you need to try harder than you think..the problem of sorata he want to reach mashrio instantly even he’s a newbie.I know mashiro feel what’s worst feel too before failing even you tried so hard. Mashiro and sorata is so different when mahsiro fail her compete she’s a bit disappointed but that night she redu all and debut her manga it means he tried hard that night and change just to make her manta debut..and about sorata he’s a retarded person once he did it he think its over but mashrio told him to keep running and motivate him.remember there’s no one can success at first try just like mashiro first manga but because she’s good at drawing she can make manga easy and thats her talent and sorata just find he’s talent so its not easy to be successful instantly.

    For clear and clean explanation ..
    This guy want to be someone that already professional. And want to be successful at first try and he just find he’s talent at that time..and mashiro is veteran in drawing and paiting because she started at age of 6 ? Sorata just find he’s talent at that age. So you can’t successful at your life instant as you think .

    About nanami she is just a side character at this anime but I like her because she tried her voice acting for 2years but she fail that make me sad too but it means your hard work at 2 years is not enough maybe 3 or 4 is enough : ) and I’m glad she fail so she can meet her family again and try to explain them and make it clear understand ..

    About x x x x x x x
    I prefer sorata x mashiro as you can see how they develope each other feelings and want to work harder..sorata is now have a goal in he’s life and mashiro change a bit by trying to cook and she can dress her self now.

    Sorata x nanami will never happen. For how many years or months they been together but still sorata not in love with her or blushing because of something but I saw it one. When they are in bike.but remember the episode 22 when nanami almost confess but she said in otherway thanking for motivate her..and sorata said same to you can see sorata saw her as a friend only.

    I am happy about misaki and jin
    And about Rita and ryusuke I got nothing to say its so bold I mean to obvious they can be together

    The reason why sorata makes a game because he want to reach mashiro someday that motivate him.

    There’s no need to hate the ending its only a story they are not real but maybe its related to you that’s why your hurt try to change something in your real life.
    Sorry for the bad English because I’m not English language user.

  95. well, the ending was fkn good enough
    at least i want the 2nd season with independent story so it doesnt follow the LN’s endings

  96. I like Mashiro more than Nanami in the anime, but not someone I thought would be best for Sorata. :( Also, I didn’t know the LN could be this cheesy. Anyway, thanks for your sacrifice, frog-kun.

  97. Thanks you so much for providing us with a sense of closure, but could you please expand a little more on Nanami’s whereabouts?

    Why did Nanami get expelled from Sakura Sou in chapter 9?
    What rules did Nanami break exactly, wasn’t sakura sou for troubled students anyways?
    How did she get over Sorata?
    Why did she cut her hair?
    Does Nanami remain the same caring and hard working person we all love?

    If you took the time to read this message, thank you, thank you, thank you soooo much and I really look forward to a response

  98. Well it’s been a few years since the end of season one so its safe to assume there won’t be a season two. Thanks for the summary of the ending. I related quite a bit to Sorata (although I find him to be an oblivious douche….. Douche might be putting it to strongly) and I’m trying not to compare myself with someone i have feelings for myself. As for the ending of this story, I’m deeply unsatisfied yet somehow okay with it. I like to think that everytime a story is created, a little world is created along with it and that the events that happened in the story go on to continue like real life. But life isn’t fair and we must accept that.

  99. A little late to the party, probably because i hadn’t realized that it went on because well the ending for the anime was pretty acceptable. Found this when I watched sakurasou again and was looking for OVA. I’m curious about yuuko?

      • dude what u watched in the anime, i think it did not even cover the entire novel to begin with, so what u saw in the anime was much early in the novel, not the absolute ending
        i have not come across any anime till date that covers an entire novel

  100. This pisses me off. Then, in my experience with LNs, the ‘canon’ romance partner is very rarely ever the person I think it should’ve been.

    Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi for example, the canon pairing is Kazuma with Ui. I can’t explain why, it just feels so wrong to me. It should’ve been Madoka, the emotional impact would’ve been far greater. Madoka just feels right. I read somewhere that in some media form or another, the author went with Madoka as the canon girl, which would explain why Madoka feels right and Ui feels wrong.

    Anyway, my point being that I guess I always knew it was going to be Mashiro, though I much preferred Nanami. In my opinion, the anime series portrayed Nanami as never really having a chance, but it sounds like in the LN, she was a far bigger contender for Sorata’s affections.

    Eh, it never works out the way I want it to…golden rule is, if she’s not on the cover of the first LN, she hasn’t got a damn snowflake’s chance in hell.

    Still, at least it was a better ending than Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. That shit was infuriatingly bad. Embarrassing, almost.

  101. I know this is a 4 year old tread and I don’t expect to get a reply but is there anywhere I can read the light novel in English because I’d love to check it out. If so could you email me a link or whatnot because I have looked all over and cannot find it thank you in advance.

  102. Not all hero’s wear capes, Thanks bro. I personally loved the anime, and tbh that’s kinda how I figured the story would go. Sorata mans up after continuing to be a waist of life for a while and gets with Mashiro, I’m satisfied now that’s exactly the ending I wanted, I agree it could be better but it’s good enough.

  103. I know this blog is old, but damn Froggykun, you did a great job with this!

    I completely agree, the anime ended in a good spot. Towards the end in I started to feel it getting a little more melodramatic, which was even more noticeable the second watch through, as if they had run out of the good ideas that made it such an endearing watch. Despite it being a rom-com its message about working hard and passionately pursing your dreams even when things don’t work out resonated so strongly with me that it’s easily ranked as one of my all-time favorite animes. The romance was sort of a sub-plot that came secondary to that theme, and the fun part was watching the characters grow and mature as they struggled through their youthful endeavors.

    It may have devolved into cheesy trash, but that certainly wasn’t all it was. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into this :)

  104. I can agree with 99% of this aside from nanami being the best girl yet it will be pretty stupid to have debates about that particular topics

  105. Kimi no Nawa is a great way to deal with post-Sakurasou sadness. Oh, and I’m totally Mashiro x Soraka all the way. Even though I found myself totally relating to Nanami.

  106. I was just thinking about rewatching the anime then reading the rest of it. I mean 4 volumes are less that I thought it would be. I’ll just stick with the anime after everythign I’ve read here and across the internet.
    Thank you. I’m at least glad he chose Mashiro but everything else seems unforgiveable.

  107. was sorata a pervert in the early volumes? or was it just the author’s super bad judgement to suddenly changed sorata’s personality trait like that. i mean c’mon the shy sorata when he saw naked/half naked girl suddenly became a sex maniac, wtf?

  108. Thank goodness,i Tod after 4 years when sorata meet mashuri,mashuri Will says something like”sorry i’m already married”or something like that 😌😌

  109. Thanks a lot for posting this shot explanation as to how it ends… Just finished the anime ans was wondering what happens next… you saved a lot of time and I would agree with you… There really is no need for season 2

  110. Lol best girl did win. Sorata is best girl. Shes looks better than every other character in the light novel.

  111. – one of my friend give me an advice to watch this anime (coz im out of anime referention). i wacth this anime rank in my anime list and it was good. (8.4/10).

    – i watch each episode and it cost more than 10 hour to finish it, in just a single day

    – i am so exicted with this anime so i cant hold my self to watch it till the end.

    – i find news about sakurasou S2, and find nothing, then i found this blog,

    – i read this article, and…….. shit happen

    – it time the opinion about this anime char and plot
    – i knew it that sorata will end up with mashiro, just see their name it was suit to’em (soraxshiro? skyxwhite = white sky)… so i dont get shock if the end of the LN series that sora will end up with shiro.
    – about aoyama, i was so pity that aoyama never get what she want (especially her love to sora) aoxsora / bluexsky = blue sky. its sound nice… but it doesnt work in Anime even in the LN.
    – about misaki and jin, i dont have any interest in them,
    – dragon… he is just like me, without long hair,fair skin, hikikomori, and my skill at programming is still in begginer. but i and dragon had a same feeling and had same thought. he was ignored and so he ignored back, he disspaointed with others… and he almost dont believe in other people. but different with me… maybe i can change sora’s mind so he can more gently, and not blame his own fault to the others… and you guys realize that when dragon give his books to sora, he send and email that contain (probably you need to read that damn book till you crushed yourself)… and the result sora crushed himself 3times. and before that mail that delievered by maid-chan, Sora ask this “do you think you’ll be crushed if you stay with talented people?”…. and dragon was me… i just say “yes, coz how hard you try, you’ll get defeated easly by talented people that work harder than you in the very begining, so you’ll watch in your both eyes you fail in your work even you try harder as you can, but easly defeated by talented people that they work like IT JUST PIECE OF CAKE”
    – about some minor character, i just interest about sora’s game developer and the girl with Hau Hau name… bcoz.. those developer said that… “sora game get rejected because they were prefer choose vocaloid that had more simple developing and it was trending topic that time”… and Hau hau apparance it just like Gumi from vocaloid, that make me more curious if there were hidden advertise in those.
    – about Ao new hairstyle… it suit her as a Osaka people, that make her look like Kazama Asuka in tekken, both had brown short hair, both born in Osaka, kansai style speak, independent girl, stubborn girl, and most important perfect body.
    – i never read sakurasou LN, and suddenly i meet this blog. most of them i was predicted that will happen in the future, it was come true, example : Sora end up with Shiro, Sora dreams come true. and there will be new leaf in sakura dorm.
    – about time skip, i never mind about time skip in anime or in LN or Manga, coz there was a lot of manga and LN, which there had huge time skip and there were not explanation what happen in there, i only had 1 or 2 reason why they (the author) give a time skip in their masterpiece, 1. there’s no need to be explained what happen in those time skip… b,coz it will be to boring to read, 2, it will give the author a Small convenience for’em to finish or make their masterpiece reach the klimax.
    – sex scene? i was predicted this will happen sooner or later in Anime… but tragicly in was happen in LN that doesnt read it at all and you (frog-kun) say Sora do it often with Shiro. the one that i didn’t predicted at all, that,the main hero/heroin in this serial lost their virginty and that wasn’t an accident and they do that every day…… if this scene got anime adaptation, some of Shiro fans will be sad or worst they will be mad to the author,
    – the last… you (frog-kun) said that the ending it just like that and a lot of character doesn’t had their spotlight at the end, just like what happen to Masochist sensei, stupid playboy and his wife (i wondering, are they had a child?), dragon and Rita, and what happen with Ao after get rejected by Sora and leave sakura dorm, and a lot things that didn’t revealed yet…. but this already over.

    my conc is this : the author want this serial ended with just hanged up happy end without any good reason, maybe he/she wanted to end this ASAP.
    White Sky (Mashiro x Sorata), instead of Blue Sky (Aoyama x Sorata)….. maybe the author want this ASAP, bcoz he making some mistake or such. you know if starting something, you had Responsibility to end it. And might he/she thinks that it wasnt my creation/this isnt sakurasou at all/ this isnt comedy romance anymore…. so he/she make some idea to fix it, but with added some new leaf, but he/she make more mistake, they to focussed in the main hero and heroin, so the story plot was fucked up, and she/he decide to make a time skip…

    in fact, i want to express more of my feeling here, but, my time and space are limited…. and my knowladge about this serial (LN) still limited, coz im still didn’t read the LN by myself even a single one, coz i dont know where to find it, but the most thing that slice my heart is this…. WHICH WHEN THE MAIN HERO LOOKS LIKE A VILLAIN WHO TOY WITH AN INNOCENT GIRL FOR ONLY HIS OWN DESIRE……..

    to be honest, there still more that i wanted to talk here but,

  112. Hi just want a clarification,in the wiki page it says the last volume is numbered 13 ,so the LN doesnt conclude at vol 10 ??also could you provide any link in my mail where vol11-13 has been translated

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  114. I just started watching animes
    So I am thinking of reading their books as well
    But I am in doubt whether to read third light novels
    Or manga
    I would really appreciate if someone helps me here

  115. Well, thanks for the spoilers. It is very convenient for me, after watching the anime twice. Hehe. I am an AoxSora shipper/per. I dnt hate ShiroxSora. But i find aoyama, as a promising and ideal girl for me. Hehe. I hope there is a season 2(i know many will not want it), since the director of the anime made some changes. Why not make some changes in the season 2 of the series. Welp its just my opinion. SorataXAoyama forever tho

    Dnt want Aoyama end up with Sorata’s best friend tho. I forgot his name. Hehe

  116. Thanks god they stop it at Season 1. Based on what you said up there, they will ruined the entire experience in season 1 if they force to make the sequel

    I actually come here because searching for some LN translation after this anime’s checkpoint (which i’m curious about how garbage it is). And yes i just completed the anime a moment ago. And no, i will stop searching for it, the FAQ up there more than enough to describe how garbage the continuation is.

  117. Of course Nanami loses, the only one who supported Sorata a bit was Mashiron. Sorata saw Mashiron as more than a friend, he compared rivaled himself to Mashiro who is made up of talent and hard work. In the end he couldnt take it hating her so…. you know what happens next. Whichever the mc/Sorata sees more falls in love with
    I.e. Clannad.

  118. “and suddenly Sorata is a COMPETENT ADULT whose growth process we never actually got to see.”

    This part, THIS part is what bothers me the most out of the whole thing. And manga, anime and light novels do it so often, too. “I don’t know how to portray a change of character into a better person! I know! I’ll just skip over a few years and feature the characters already changed with no real explanation of how they actually changed! I’m a genius!”

    I want to throw things against walls now.

  119. Is the “Do you really want to have sex that much?” bit part of the morning conversation or are they remembering the night before?

  120. Thanks. I wanted him to be with her, without read a boring light novel. xD Thannnnksss xDD.This anime was great! :D My number 1 for today also. x)

  121. I was reading that fu**ing novel and thinking and getting excited about kanda and nanami’s relationship but what am i reading here is just total bullshit…
    Now my head is trembling in anger. Nanami was liking kanda since starting of story.
    I have completed the anime but the cunclusion is nothing means nither nanami nor mashiro…
    In anime when nanami huged kanda then even kanda gets the wrong idea 💡 so i was thinking there is still hope and i should try novel now. But it is looking like things is not going to be like i expected. In my opinion kanda should be paired with nanami.. Ahh but i am not a writer…
    I am thinking that original writer has a bad taste of love and feeling

  122. […] Esse post é uma tradução do post do blog Frog-kun sobre o final de SakurasouP: Em que volume o anime termina?R: Volume 6. Os volumes 7 a 10, que ainda não foram traduzidos, são os que finalizam a história.P: O que acontece.R: Muita merda. P: Seja um pouco mais específico.R: A melhor garota perde. P: Então o final é entre Sorata e Mashiro?R: Sim. Aqui está sua confirmação:“Sorata…?”Sem conseguir conter suas emoções, Sorata apertou o passo. “Eu te amo, Mashiro!” ele declara. Nesse momento ele já estava praticamente correndo.“Sorata!”No final, ela mergulha em seus braços, se encaixando contra o peito dele.De início, Sorata conseguiu segurá-la de alguma forma em seus braços. Mas logo seus joelhos não aguentaram e ele caiu para trás até o chão, ainda com ela em seus braços, bem no meio da igreja.P: Quando foi isso?R: No final do volume 8. Sorata fica de escolher entre Nanami e Mashiro. Após ter sido um otário e ignorar Mashiro completamente durante a maior parte da novel, ele decide que a ama e começam a namorar no volume 9.P: O que acontece com Nanami?R: Ela é deixada de lado e praticamente não é mais mencionada novamente.Sendo mais específico: Nanami vai embora no começo do volume 9, quase que imediatamente após Sorata e Mashiro ficarem juntos. A novel explica dessa forma: “Nanami, que havia fugido de casa para se tornar uma dubladora e que trabalhava em um emprego de meio periodo para conseguir sobreviver, estava infringindo as regras de não retornar aos dormitórios. Por esse motivo, ela foi expulsa de Sakurasou.”Então a história é que ela estava quebrando as regras da escola desde que conseguiu o apoio financeiro dos seus pais no fim do anime, e ela acabou sendo pega.Ela também corta o cabelo dela no último volume, o que indica que ela já superou Sorata.Devo dizer que, depois de ser uma “competidora” tão forte na primeira metade da série, é desapontador ver a Nanami sumir “de repente” assim. Mas, que seja.P: O que acontece com os outros casais? (Jin x Misaki, Ryuunosuke x Rita, etc).R: Jin e Misaki continuam casados e felizes. Rita continua insistindo em Ryuunosuke, mesmo no epílogo que se passa 4 anos depois da linha do tempo principal. O relacionamento deles continuam o mesmo. Não há maiores desenvolvimentos.P: E os novatos aos dormitórios que foram apresentados no último episódio. Eles possuem alguma história?R: Sim.Iori é um músico e Kanna uma novelista.Iori é aquele cara pervertido que parece curtir todas as garotas bonitas e gostosas, exceto Kanna, mas como nos sabemos isso significa que ele secretamente gosta dela. Kanna se apaixona por Sorata.Podemos definir harem quando pelo menos 3 ou mais garotas tem interesse na mesma pessoa, isso significa que Sorata é um personagem de Harem agora. Pois é.P: Iori e Kanna acabam juntos?R: É incerto ainda, mas pessoalmente gostaria que sim.P: O que acontece com Chihiro-sensei e Kazuki (o desenvolvedor de jogos)?R: Eles não são mencionados no epílogo.P: Sorata e Mashiro se beijam?R: Amigo, eles fazem muito mais que isso.Sorata não era mais o garoto inocente que ele era. Ele sentia a claramente a atmosfera, que o dizia o que ele queria saber.A hora era agora.Com calma, ele colocou suas mãos nos ombros de Mashiro. Ela tremeu um pouco em reação. E então, sem qualquer hesitação, ele se inclinou um pouco e a beijou. Enquanto seus lábios se encontravam várias vezes, eles caem na cama, amortecidos por uma montanha de roupas espalhadas pelo lençol.Deitada com as costas na cama, Mashiro encarou Sorata com seu olhar misterioso. Seus corações batiam em sincronia.Mashiro era linda, pensava Sorata, tão irresistivelmente fofa e amável. Ele queria segurá-la em seus braços e possuí-la.“Mashiro…”“… Sim…”P: Então… eles fazem?R: Fica bem implícito que sim no final do volume 9.Há também uma conversa “na manhã seguinte” no início do volume 10:“Está frio” Mashiro sussurou reclamando. “Isso porque você dormiu sem nenhuma roupa.”Com a intenção de acordá-la, Sorata empurrou a testa de Mashiro para longe de onde ela encostava em seu corpo.“Nngh…” Finalmente, Mashiro abria seus olhos. Ela olhou para Sorata, piscando de surpresa. “Está frio.”Infelizmente, acordá-la não foi teve muito progresso. Mais uma vez, Mashiro se acomodou contra o corpo de Sorata.“V-vai por um pijama logo! Por que você tá pelada ainda?!” “É sua culpa.” Seus olhos condenantes pareciam penetrá-lo. “Ah é mesmo? Qual seria sua explicação?” “Você tirou minhas roupas.” “Urk! Ahem!, balbuciou ele. “Você tá resfriado?” “Não! É porque você disse algo estranho!” “Eu disse a verdade.” “B-bem, pode até ser, mas eu claramente disse para você colocar o pijama antes de dormir, se lembra?!” “Sim.” “Então novamente, por que você está pelada?” “Eu não conseguia encontrar minha calcinha.” “Oh? Hum, não tá por aqui em algum lugar…?” “Você tirou ela.” “Ah, é mesmo! Eu fui o último a tocar nela!”P: Sorata se tornou um pervertido?R: Sim, é impressionante como sua personalidade parece ter dado uma reviravolta completa desde a última vez que eu percebi.“Você realmente quer fazer tanto sexo assim?” “É claro!” “Essa é a única coisa que você quer fazer?” “N-não, claro que não! É-é porque eu te amo que eu quero fazer! Então não diga que eu só quero fazer esse tipo de coisa. Claro que não!” insistia ele. Ele estava bem agitado e seu desespero o deixava mais esquisito e inquieto a cada segundo. Mashiro não estava surpresa. “E-eu te amo, Mashiro!” “Você ama meu corpo?” “Todo ele, quero dizer, você toda! Eu amo tudo em você, Mashiro!” “Mesmo?” “Mesmo!” Silêncio. Era claro que ela esperava por alguma coisa. O silêncio continuava. Mashiro o olhava ansiosa. Ele descobriu que ela queria que ele repetisse. “Eu te amo com todo meu coração e alma.” de forma devagar e clara, ele colocou seus sentimentos em palavras. “…Ok.”Levemente corada, Mashiro sorriu.P: Então o que acontece no final do volume 10?R: Sorata e Mashiro terminam. Eles percebem que mesmo que eles se amem, o relacionamento entre eles é destrutivo e ele não poderá alcançar seu sonho enquanto estiver se comparando com Mashiro. O término é amigável e lembra muito situações de dramas coreanos dos anos 90.Foi algo bem triste… Mesmo que eles ainda se amassem, eles pensaram que seria melhor se separarem.“É isso.”Seu tom era aconchegante enquanto o respondia. “Acho que é melhor assim.” Ele estava apaixonado pelo som da voz dela.O vento fez um barulho. O ar, ainda gelado, os amortecia.“E então…”Ele disse nada para ela.“Então dessa forma eu posso te ajudar no seu sonho, Sorata…”  “Boa sorte com seu manga” ele gritou. Suas palavras saiam de seu coração.“Sim. Você dê o seu melhor também, Sorata.”Foi quando ele viu um sorriso em seus lábios, radiante e repleto de gentileza. Era uma visão que ele jamais havia visto até então, o maior dos sorrisos dela.P: … Mas eles voltam no fim, né?R: É claro. Os próximos capítulos pulam uns 4 anos, e de repente, Sorata é um adulto competente, cujo o processo de crescimento nós não temos como ver. Sua reunião com Mashiro fica assim:“Mashiro” ele chamou, virando para encará-la.“O que foi?” Mashiro também voltou seu corpo para ele.“Eu sempre te amei ao longo desses 4 anos.”Ela não disse nada. Seus olhos se abriram em surpresa.“Eu te amei por mais do que 4 anos.”Gentilmente ele abriu suas mãos. “Podemos brigar novamente.” Mashiro levou suas mãos ao seu peito. “Sim.” Ela estava certa. “Podemos ter alguns sentimentos ruins novamente.” “Sim.” Ela estava certo sobre isso também.“Podemos nos machucar novamente.” “Sim.” Ela estava certo sobre tudo. “Mas mesmo assim…”Seus sentimentos, quatro anos de sentimentos recluso estavam se abrindo nesse momento.“O que foi?”“Acho que podemos superá-los dessa vez.”Dessa vez, ele sentia como se tivesse se tornado algo a mais do que apenas um adulto.Olhando para Mashiro dessa forma, ele pensou, que essa seu sentimento era toda a prova que ele precisava para acreditar que esse seria um novo começo. Ele queria mostrar essas emoções. E ele queria que ela soubesse desses sentimentos que o dominavam desde esse reencontro. Por sorte, ele não era o único que se sentia assim.O olhar dela levemente para baixo… não disse nada. Não havia nada a dizer.Ela simplesmente estendeu sua mão lentamente e segurou a mão de Sorata.“Isso mesmo.” P: Há alguma imagem que mostre eles ou os demais crescidos?Há essa imagem da última página do livro.E é isso.P: Sakurasou sempre foi brega assim?R: Eu não sei, cara… provavelmente.P: Os personagens alcançam seus sonhos no final?R: Sim. No final, nos é dito que todos estão trabalhando bastante para alcançar seus próprios sonhos, e que estão tendo progresso. Os designs de Sorata estão ficando cada vez mais popular e Nanami conseguiu alguns papéis como dubladora. O manga de Mashiro é amplamente reconhecido como um clássico. Não é dito muito sobre os demais, mas podemos assumir que estão tendo sucesso também. P: Você ainda gosta de Sakurasou?R: O anime, sim.  P: O que você faria de diferente do final?R: Ah, eu meio que fiz um resumo para isso. Eu teria focado mais no processo de amadurecimento de Sorata de adolescente para um adulto, e não apenas ter se apoiado nessa diferença de quatro anos. Eu gosto da ideia de ter um crescimento pessoal e o aprendizado de amar a si mesmo antes de amar outra pessoa. P: Há muitas diferenças entre os enredos do anime a da novel (além do final), ou são apenas alguns detalhes?Na maioria, apenas alguns detalhes são alterados da Light Novel para o anime, mas no geral: O diálogo é bem reduzido no anime e algumas cenas foram reescritas, geralmente para dar um ênfase maior no papel de Nanami.P: Algum comentário sobre a light novel?R: Acho que no geral, a Light Novel é um produto inferior ao anime. O conteúdo é mais “sujo”, os personagens passam muito tempo falando sobre “oppai” e “pantsu” e não fazendo muito a respeito de suas vidas, a prosa é repetitiva e o enredo é brega. Não é só a minha tradução meia boca que faz parecer um romance ruim. É de fato um romance ruim.O anime foi capaz de tirar os melhores elementos da Light Novel e fazê-los brilhar, mas mesmo assim, eu admito que foi prejudicado por várias falhas de direção.Mas eu tenho isso a dizer sobre a novel: é uma novel de fácil leitura. Você não precisa ter um japonês muito bom para entender.Eu fico desapontado com o final da Light Novel, mas ao mesmo tempo eu admito que não sai muito do que a série transmitiu. É um pouco estúpido, mas nada que induza raiva. Houve alguns pequenos momentos onde os personagens não agiam como eles mesmos e a forma estúpida na qual os sub-enredos de romance foram levados, sem mencionar que todo o aspecto “talento vs gênio” foi completamente deixado de lado no final, mas no final, acho que foi ok.Não, pera, que que eu tô falando? Foi horrível. Esse spoiler foi feito justamente para você não precisar ler. Fique feliz.Artigo Original […]

  123. The anime started so good and pissed me the fuck off enough to come look up the ending. it couldve been a classic, but it turned to straight dump. I am talking about the anime, the story in general seems to blow which is just fcin…. wtf it started out so good! and then turned to shit! IT really pisses me off! I couldnt even finish the dam anime!

  124. I love you for this post. I really didn’t feel like reading the LN, especially with everyone saying how bad the ending was. Sucks to hear how the story “developed” in the light novel the way it did. I agree in preference that the story should’ve focused on Sorata’s growth when he was still a teenager, rather than pulling out the stupidly cheesy 4 year epilogue shit. A shame, really; I really liked the anime.

  125. I kinda wished Hajime (Author) put another scene with them together married with a family but this is fine. Thanks for the post. I forgotten about this series after the 1st 12 episodes because of school and family

  126. Thank you for this i just binged it in less than a day cause im on a break semester from college, but i was tempted to quickly read through the light novels. i wanted to see if maybe they managed to turn it around to the true best girl winning and lo and behold of course they didnt. nanami truly deserved the win in the end but of course they would go with mashiro since they set it up right from the start. it was way too predictable in that sense to anyone who has seen any other romcom anime. it felt like it followed a formula but even so the anime did a really good job of taking that formula and making it still feel good.

  127. Just wanted to say, I am both grateful for your translation and also I am grateful for the experience the author got from this. Because we got SBY which did as asked and went beyond the first kiss and continued on.

  128. Please release season 2
    I really liked the anime and want to see more of it
    This anime is very unique and i am really glad that I found this anime.

  129. I see, so that is how this story ended. I am dissapointed as much as the others would think of how the rest of the story ended. “The rest”, the light novel Vol 7-10.

    Huh…, I expected more than this, yet it got out from the story I had foreseen after watching the anime. I was expecting for Sorata would ended up with Nanami and not with Mashiro. To clarify, Mashiro is not used to activities, such as, Chores, dressing herself, and etc. I was hoping once Mashiro matured/learned enough of how a normal human do their daily basis Sorata would leave her and ending up with Nanami.

    ~I will leave the holes up to your imagination~

    -What a waste, I felt bad for Nanami after reading this. I would like to know more about Nanami because it really hit my core, as I got hit by an arrow of sympathy. She is really interesting you know, she just accepted Sorata loves Mashiro just like a feather.She is a bit tsundere, but I am not looking at that, what I am looking for is her personality that made us acknowledge her as the best girl of the story.

    (Reference from the anime)

    -If you were to put her in the real world you would never find such similaras her cause nowadays there are few remaining due to “the world unfairness”.

    -I guess we will never find a protagonist who would fall in love with his childhood friend after a foreigner or an outsider appeared.

    >I had thought after watching the anime and before I typed this that similar stories like this are only good at the beginning and the middle so that is why whenever a similar story been animated there will be no another season as they knew there will be no profit afterwards. Beside, the author might had run out of ideas so he just skipped the rest of the gang except our protagonist and his lover.<

    Really, I just spoke what was on my mind after reading this post and watching the anime. I might plan to read this and translate for my future youngster, like that would happen. My bad if I mislead someone, but that is my opinion about Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru.

  130. The only thing that’s bothered me was the manga ending because after those 4 years he should’ve been with nanami

  131. 7 years… youll never see this, but you really saved me a whole lotta time… the ending seemed so bad. The anime really was much better, focusing on some of the characters “hardships”, but while its meant to be “realistic”, it got a bit boring in the end :p

  132. Well but that’s it iam not a big fan of Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo(i liked it thought) but the meaning of it is that the Pet Girl is Mashiro. So they can’t just leave one of the headest character (maybe the headest bcs of name of that anime) alone meanville she loves someone and give him to the second fiddle. So that is why the ending was like this. Just a shortcut Mashiro is one of the headest characters that’s why they can’t leave her alone and gave her to the one she loves.
    S**t my writing is like OOF.

  133. Over the past seven years, I have noted a number of queries as to the fate of “anime” Nanami Aoyama (as opposed to “LN” Nanami). The true response would be “in effect, she evaporated!” because the author ceased to think about her. For the viewers though, I think most of those asking fell in love with her as I did. We felt like she was alive for us, we cared about her, and would like to know she found happiness in her life. She struck a chord with those of us who ask about her because she was so much like the person we all hoped we would find in our own lives. When she, out of all the girls present, helped Sorata’s mom in the kitchen, that was the scene that convinced me she was my type of girl.

  134. Hey dude 7 years later and I was wondering, is there a way I can read your version of the ending, since you said you’ve thought about it? The ending wasn’t satisfying and I really agree with you.

  135. Ok. Thank you for your explanation i for one think the ending is just ok. Its not good nor bad. But i wish they gave us a movie or a new season tho. Anyway thanks for your help i dont really know where to read the entire manga and so i came searching for answers. And you really help me. So thanks and stay safe

  136. The ending feels rushed, in my opinion, best girl should have won him over, the anime was the second anime to make me tear up, i don’t understand how they made a great anime out of a pretty bad novel, and the ending can speak for itself, it didn’t feel alive or built well at all.

  137. the ending fucking sucked and got me really angry Nanami is best girl and it was honestly retarded to let such a great girl go for such a steaming pile of garbage

  138. Wow. Thanks for this info. I guess I will not read the LN then. I loved the anime tho. But just seeing Sorata and Shiina ended up is satisfying for me. I would not waste my time on the novel because of this enlightenment lol.

  139. So are all the characters still good friends like they were.and I think that this ending was never bad it was the best all the characters succeeded in life yeah thething that naname didn’t end up with Sorata was bad but even if they got together they would just break up after some time as they were just close friends and nothing else and also naname got over Sorata’s rejection.and she was not really expelled I think she just had to move out as she had got financial help from her parents.and I think that they all are still good friends

  140. 2021 still helped me thanks, I wanted Mashiro (unlike you) to be Kanda’s girlfriend and this happened, I feel good and it inspires me. Love from Paris

  141. Okay so I know this blog is really old, but nobody else said it so I’m gonna. What happens to daichi miyahara? (He is the dude that confesses to Nanami but gets shut down btw). In most romance the mc’s best friend(s) are almost always just cruel to the mc and jealous, but miyahara, despite being shut down, kept supporting them and even tried to help Nanami with a relationship with Kanda. At least from what we see, he never cries once and truly takes the rejection like a “man.” Personally I know that I hate seeing the an mc’s friends get trashed the whole series, but I feel like that he personally didn’t deserve it.

  142. Will there be season 2 of sakurasou no pet kanojo plz tell me bcz they’re many peaople like me who loved this anime and want it second season 2 arrive all we can do is not lose hope have faith in oursleves dont give up until your last hope and last breath i wish the lovers of this anime may increase soo much that the production company shouldnt excuse or ignore so they have to give it a second season i never lose my hope until my last success bcz hopes strengthens us thats why we are here living such a enjoyable life so all i wanted to know that have faith in irselves guys if the’re no one there to help you the god is with us so never lose ur hope love you all take care of urselves have a nice…..

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