Are you a Boke or a Tsukkomi? [Quiz]


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Introduction (You can skip this)

You might have noticed if you’ve watched anime that a lot of the comedy revolves around some character saying something stupid and another character retorting by yelling something witty or hitting them. This is called the manzai routine and it has a long history in Japan which is better explained on Wikipedia than on some random Internet blog.

It took me a while to actually remember who is who with the whole setup, so let me spell it out clearly: The boke is the straight-faced quirky guy who is usually funny without trying to be funny. The tsukkomi is the straight man who exists to accentuate the boke’s funniness. I personally think of it in terms of anime couples, where the dynamic is extremely common.

Sousuke is the Boke, while Kaname is the Tsukkomi (Full Metal Panic)
Sousuke is the Boke, while Kaname is the Tsukkomi (Full Metal Panic!)

The cool thing about the routine is that it is so ingrained in the Japanese mindset that it’s actively a part of regular conversation and interaction. Friends take on boke and tsukkomi roles with each other, although it’s much more fluid and interchangeable than what you’d see on TV. You can even have a manzai routine with yourself, and guess what this emoticon looks like: (~-~;)ヾ(-_-;)

I did some thinking about this, and I think the dynamic is applicable in real life for me as well. I have reason to think that my blog may portray me as a boke. However, in certain contexts, I see myself taking on the role of the tsukkomi, especially at home. Let me illustrate this:

Me: *showering*

Mother: *barges in* Kiss your mother.

Me: What. No. Get out.

Mother: Why are you such a cold fish? You never show me any affection.

Me: You might have noticed I’m naked right now and not in the mood to talk.

Mother: ANAK! (Tagalog for ‘my child’) KISS ME! I WANT YOUR LOVE!


Mother: Anak I have carried you for nine months


Our relationship is kind of like this

… So as you can see, whether you are a boke or a tsukkomi actually depends on who you are with. I think of it as like a spectrum. You meet someone who is more boke than you and you naturally become their tsukkomi, and vice versa. That is really all there is to it.

Naturally, like with all so-called ‘personality quizzes’, this will be full of bullshit that actually tells you very little about yourself as a human being. Please take it as a time-wasting activity.

Without further ado:

The Quiz

Pick the option that most fits you. Tally up the numbers next to the options you picked and see your result at the end.

Question 1. How often do your friends laugh at your jokes?

1) Very often. But I do not make jokes.

2) Not very often. I do not make jokes.

3) Somewhat/fairly often. I sometimes make jokes.

4) Not very often. I often make jokes.

5) Never. They never realise I am making jokes.

Question 2. Do you realise how full of bullshit you are?

1) I was not aware of this. I will rectify this issue immediately.

2) Could you please tell me what you mean by ‘bullshit’ so I can work on it?

3) Oh dear. I realise I have some issues.

4) No, I am pretty sure I have common sense.

5) What the hell? Do you realise you’re the one who’s full of bullshit?

Question 3. You walk up to your friend and say hi. Your friend responds by imitating Godzilla.

1) You assume that the world is under attack and promptly tackle your friend to the ground.

2) You imitate T-Rex.

3) You tell your friend you are confused.

4) You stare.

5) “Are you trying to be clever, huh?!”

Question 4. What do you think of your friends?

1) My friends are very clever and seem to always know what they are doing.

2) I feel that they are somewhat cleverer than me.

3) My friends feel very similar to me.

4) I feel that I am a bit cleverer than my friends at times.

5) I love my friends but they have zero common sense.

Question 5. Make a contract with me and become a magical girl!


1) Very well then. I would like a year’s supply of chocolate and a foot massage.

2) Hmmm, let me think of a wish…

3) Uh, I’m not sure about this.

4) No way, Kyubey!

5) You attempt to shoot Kyubey with a machine gun.

Question 6. What is your dream occupation?

1) A dinosaur.

2) An astronaut.

3) A painter.

4) A teacher.

5) Dinosaur isn’t even an occupation!

Question 7. How often do people get exasperated with you?

1) Often.

2) Most of the time.

3) Sometimes.

4) Rarely.

5) I’m the one getting exasperated!!

Question 8. How have you liked this quiz?

1) I loved this quiz. From this I will learn my carboxyhemoglobin levels.

2) I liked this quiz.

3) It was okay.

4) Meh. I was just killing time.

5) This was stupid. Not to mention short and lazily constructed.


8 – 16: You are a boke. You are a baka.

17 – 24: You are not really a boke or a tsukkomi, but you generally lean more towards being a boke.

25 – 32: You are not really a boke or a tsukkomi, but you generally lean more towards being a tsukkomi.

33 – 40: You are a full-on tsukkomi. Everyone is a baka.



  1. I find it surprising that my result is leaning towards tsukkomi but my real life made me feel like a boke. Perhaps that’s because I do call people out quite often. It’s refreshing to see this sort of post from you. :-)

  2. 27 points. As expected, I am a ‘semi-tsukkomi’…
    On another note, that dialogue with your mother killed me. She must make your life feel like a sitcom. (I know the feel…)
    Cute post. :>

  3. uh… i don’t know if anyone noticed this… but 16 is an overlapping number… between boke and leaning towards boke…

  4. 26! And I kinda agree, because even when I tend to find mistakes from other people’s output, or just from their normal conversations, I just usually keep them to myself. This is especially true when I later realize that I am just being nitpicky and that what they say is not entirely wrong.

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