Shipping: Gon x Killua (Hunter x Hunter)


Have I ever mentioned how I’m a fujoshi on the inside?

Many people have told that they like Hunter x Hunter. This is great to hear because HxH is awesome. Unfortunately, these same people tell me that they like the show because it is a “subversive” and “intelligent” shonen and frequently cite the Yorkshin arc as the best arc.

I don’t understand these people. Honestly, I watch this show for the two little boys in it.

y u laugh

I’m not kidding you. Sometimes, for whatever reason, I do interpret two characters as ambiguously gay. It’s not quite the same thing as shipping exactly, but I do find Gon and Killua interesting to watch, so I guess the point is moot. Their friendship is the heart of the anime, and however you interpret their relationship, I would say it’s definitely more important than all the other plot elements put together, except for Gon’s quest to find his father. It’s one of the most powerful friendships I’ve ever seen in anime – and I’ll freely admit it: they’ve even moved me to tears.

To non-yaoi fans, what I have to say might sound like I’m corrupting the nature of their friendship by interpreting it as “ambiguously gay”. But yaoi fans will probably understand exactly what I’m talking about. The canon and the headcanon are two separate things, after all. It doesn’t mean I misinterpret the themes and relationships entirely, but rather I think of it as just a possibility I entertain. What it does prove is that I’ve thought about their relationship from more than just one angle.

Gon and Killua in canon


The relationship we see in the anime between Gon and Killua is one of co-dependence. It is simultaneously sweet, boyish and heartbreaking.

Gon is the light while Killua is a dark. As friends, they just click from the moment they met. Always have.

But the longer their friendship goes on, the more it takes on degrees of shadow. Killua perceives Gon as his saviour and sees it has his duty to protect his innocence because, in his own mind, he has already gone too far. The truth is that Gon is much cleverer and wiser than how others generally perceive him, so I’m not sure to what extent he realises how much Killua puts him on a pedestal, but his ideals are just so pervasive that one can’t help wanting to believe in him anyway. He believes that he and Killua will always be together, and no matter how much Killua wants this to be true, he does not think it will turn out that way.

In fact, Biscuit tells him the cutting truth: Because of his assassin upbringing, Killua will one day leave Gon behind to die.

That’s the crux of their friendship. That’s what breaks my heart: Killua’s own fear and self-disgust, even as his best friend lights up his existence. While Gon is good at making friends wherever he goes, Killua only really has Gon, and it’s only after meeting him that he’s been able to open up to others. He is a twisted child and there is no excusing that, but does that really deny him the right to friendship? Killua is certainly a better person now than he ever was before, choosing not to kill whenever he can help it.

See, I don’t want to see these two boys parting ways. Maybe temporarily, in order for them to gain perspective on their friendships, but not forever. That would be too sad. And just the idea of Killua leaving Gon behind to die – a tragic but scarily plausible scenario – would break my heart entirely.

Ambiguously Gay?

Source: Pixiv

There is no doubt to me that these boys love each other unconditionally, and it would actually be disturbing to me if they were revealed in the story to be gay. Not because I have anything against gays (I don’t) but because it wouldn’t fit how their relationship is meant to be a portrayal of boyish innocence.

But here’s my personal interpretation, for what it’s worth: I think Togashi left this open. He’s not averse to depicting gay relationships – Sensui and Itsuki from Yu Yu Hakusho are gay, according to him. Their sexuality was not important to their characterisations and neither does it have to be for Gon and Killua. If they are gay, it wouldn’t change much.

I see Killua’s feelings for Gon in particular as something stronger than anything he would ever feel for a girl. It’s “shonen ai”, in the purest sense. A strong attachment to another young male that he may eventually outgrow with puberty. We do see signs of him getting jealous over Gon, like his reaction to his date with Palm. It’s not portrayed as romantic, but his feelings do come off as somewhat unhealthy and obsessive, as if Gon is his only reason for living. Subtext of that level is pretty hard to ignore.

With all of that intellectual-sounding justification over and done with, let me get to what I really wanted to say about Gon and Killua:






So as you can see, as an anime fan not only do I like little girls, I also like little boys.

why did I put that in bold



  1. If you think about it, the whole story is a metaphor for gay Shota sex. Just take a look at the title: Hunter X Hunter. It’s like Togashi wanted to name the story Gon X Killua, but because it was not “subtle” enough, he changed it to Hunter …. But wait ! Even the term “hunter” has a somewhat gay and sexual subtext to it. Also keep in mind that Gon suffers from a serious daddy complex and is searching his whole life after him. This is clearly depicting the loss of masculinity in modern society. The only other work I know of which does the same is FightClub. And maybe the whole Chimera arc is Togashi’s way of depicting how gay individuals really need to deal with AIDS and its consequences.

    ….. Man, I really need some sleep now !

      • LOL Thanks. I was recently watching it and was kinda reminded of your post. The sad thing is that Yoshihiro Togashi is clearly the greatest faggot ever and we love him for that. All these gay parts in YuYuHakusho or HunterXHunter are not even subtle ! Kuwabara is so gay for Yuusuke, Hiei is so gay for this fox boy voiced by Megumi Ogata, even Sensui has a hardcore gay lover, Hisoka is basically the pedophile Joker, Killua wants to do Gon and also note that Togashi is not afraid to kill Loli characters ! (Which is a shame, because some of his girls are very cute).

        The only explanation I have for Togashi’s faggotry is his relationship with his “Sailor Moon”-wife. Clearly a bad influence. And I am not even trolling, it’s all there ! Kinda funny how some of the greatest anime are full of gay sex. Take a look on LOGH (Reinhard X Kircheis), CodeGeass (Lelouch X Suzaku, Schneizel X Kanon) or YuYuHakusho and HunterXHunter.

  2. Lucus-FeriaaA and froggykun Oh my goodness!! I’m so glad I found this site!! :) I thought I am alone in this world who noticed this gay-scenes kind of moments for Gon and Killua! At least among the people who are fans of this series LOL! So I had to look up the author/writer of Hunter X Hunter and I’m like, “Oh, he’s not gay?” LOL! Because of “Sailor Moon” LOL!! :)

    So I wanna be friends with both of you if that’s ok? Twitter maybe?

    • Trust me, mate, you are FAR from the only person to notice those gay scenes ;D

      If you want to be friends on Twitter, that’s fine! Follow me at @frog_kun and I’ll be sure to follow you back if you tell me your username or send me a message.

      • I will in a heartbeat! I love what you wrote! :)) My friends kept asking me why Hunter X Hunter? I simply tell them, it’s really good for I didn’t want to explain and do a lot of talking like, ‘It’s so gay!!” LOL!!

        You’re right at one point! Gays or not, I don’t think the story would change much!

        Following.. :)

      • and you’re amazing!! :) There are some terms in the thread though I don’t understand like ‘Shota” and “Fujoshi” and “Shonen”? LOL I’m sorry.

  3. As a guy myself, I consider Gon and Killua’s relationship one of the best shounen friendships I’ve ever seen and makes Naruto and Sasuke’s relationship a pathetic joke. To compare the two is an insult to Hunter X Hunter, it’s no contest.
    From the beginning, they meet as equals in the Hunter exams, Gon goes after Killua to find him, they train together, they go to Gon’s home for a couple of months and talk about their hopes and dreams, and etc.
    It’s love, genuine love and friendship

  4. OH MYGOOOSH finally someone has exactly the SAME THOUGHTS
    I was fangirling crazy inside as I read every single sentence my goodness thank you for creating this post XDDDD <3 <3 <3 i was so happy when killua overcame his fears and now he can be with Gon FOREVER!!!!

  5. Yay, almoste crying from happinesse over all those post!! i’m really so happy that oter too notice the gay scene gon x killua ~~

    Froggykun : thank you so much for the resume about gon and killua, it made me so happy !!

    killua x gon forever !! and yeah i also watch that manga only for those two !!

  6. naruto and saskue cant compare to killua and gon.i feel sorry for naruto he never had a true friend and thinks that friendship is what he and saskue had. if only he had a friend like killua and not an ass like saskue then maybe he would be a little more happy

  7. Nice to know you are quite acceptive of homosexual relationship’s and that you are not a homophobic douchebag.
    Although I doubt you are the kind of person who would go and watch something like junjou romantica even if you loved the romance genre.

  8. Just caught up with HxH, so I thought I’d revisit the archives with this post :-) . Gon and Killua are adorabubble. Dunno why, but the gay ships are so much more fun than straight at the moment (except GamaMako). Like, I’m also watching Ace of Diamond (sports anime -> super gay), Samurai Flamenco (broooomance), Zetsuen no Tempest (I’m finding Hakaze fairly dull so Yoshino x Mahiro). And then there was Haruto x ERU-ERUFU from last season…. THE EVIL ANIME BLOGS R TURNING ME IN2 A FUJOSHIIIIIIIIII!!!!! I’m the filthiest of filthily un-hardcore casuals when it comes to shipping though lolol.

    You should do more shipping posts.

    • While I have terrible taste in anime, I like to think I have excellent taste in shipping, and I agree that implied yaoi ships are more fun than straight ships. You and I are not the only ones to think this, because my three most popular shipping posts on this blog are the three yaoi ships. Fun fact.

      I will try to write more shipping posts in future ;)

  9. *high five* here is another ‘guilty’ shipper! I love those boys; they are so dear to my heart. Especially Killua (I feel closer to kids who feel lonely due to abusive parents- though thank goodness I was never electrocuted or whiplashed etc) deserves all the love he can get from Gon. Pls as a fellow shipper do give me a helping hand in some good fanfics if you happen to know.

    And they are semi-canon, ok? :P

    On a different note out of curiosity: “There is no doubt to me that these boys love each other unconditionally, and it would actually be disturbing to me if they were revealed in the story to be gay. Not because I have anything against gays (I don’t) but because it wouldn’t fit how their relationship is meant to be a portrayal of boyish innocence.” – Why is it disturbing if you admit that nothing would change even if they are gay? I feel like you connect coming out and that stated sexuality as opposite to childhood. Many gay kids feel the need to hug the boy they are attracted to from an age even younger than that of Gon’s and Killua’s. Innocence means not knowing, but kids, much more hormone-filled teens do know. It’s us adults that can’t handle their truths coz we feel the need to write everything over with a big pink cloud. I mean, if one of these two was a girl, no one would bat an eye if they ended up couple, right?

    • Why is it disturbing if you admit that nothing would change even if they are gay? I feel like you connect coming out and that stated sexuality as opposite to childhood.

      I have to admit that in general I mentally connect sexuality with a loss of innocence. I wasn’t thinking about gay relationships in particular being like that. I’d probably feel the same way if one of them was a girl, actually. Sometimes, I get really mad at stories that portray this great, platonic friendship between a boy and a girl and then “ruin” it by making it turn romantic. Why can’t boys and girls just be friends? etc. etc. I freely admit it’s not always a healthy view of mine, because in a way it fetishises the idea of platonic friendship. But for better or worse, I see Gon and Killua’s relationship as an embodiment of that ideal.

      It’s been a while since I last read HxH fanfics but you’ve gotten me in the mood for it! I’ll be sure to let you know if I come across any nice gems.

      • oh ok I see… though Killua is a boy whom we saw ripping a heart off, so innocence is a bit weird to mention about him. Also, in the 1999 series Killua watched porn… But I certainly get what you are saying: this childhood friends trope is tiring from times to times. Don’t worry about the fetishization of platonic friendship; it’s not bad per se. I mean, we all want that kind of friend. I was just curious about what I told you due to your phrasing.

        These days I’ve read 5-6 oneshots. My favs were these ah, but these are romantic, so not sure you’ll like them.
        I’m waiting for your recs :D <3

  10. Wait, “But here’s my personal interpretation, for what it’s worth: I think Togashi left this open. He’s not averse to depicting gay relationships – Sensui and Itsuki from Yu Yu Hakusho are gay, according to him”!!!
    did HE say THEY were gay? really?!!!
    Oh mai gah

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