Shipping: Hakuryuu x Morgiana vs Alibaba x Morgiana (Magi)

Image 5A

Magi is a funny series for me. For whatever reason, it is a great anime for shipping. Possibly this has something to do with the huge mixed gender cast and how everyone gets a chance to interact with each other in ways I would consider pretty endearing and heartwarming. I’m ridiculously attached to all the characters, although I think the overall plot lacks thematic focus. I’ve liked this second season a lot so far because the characters are given the chance to loosen up, although it doesn’t seem like the fun times will last forever what with the main crew splitting up.

But with the recent attention being given to the Hakuryuu x Morgiana pairing, I thought now would be a good time as any to pitch in with my thoughts.

I’m all for it, personally. Alibaba x Morgiana never really clicked with me, but that could be because I think Alibaba is a bit of a twat from the anime. My friend AquaJet is a big fan of the pairing, though, so in an effort to be fair, I did ask her what she saw in that ship. This is what she said:

They have a few of the qualities I look for in a couple. The most important aspect being that their relationship isn’t purely romantic. They have a basis of friendship and mutual care for each other.

Hmm, perhaps. I think their relationship really plays with this idea of inequality, seeing as on the surface, Morgiana is a slave and it is Alibaba, the prince, who rescues her. But instead of romancing her, Alibaba befriends her and treats her like she’s equal. On top of that, he is clumsy and dense, rather than dashing and romantic. Not to mention that physically speaking, Morgiana is stronger than him. It’s seemingly an inversion of the prince x commoner dynamic that we see in classic romantic fairytales, but it plays the core idea of it – a nice guy who sweeps you off your feet with kindness – very straight indeed. So on that level, the relationship really works.

image 5B
This gif sums up their dynamic pretty nicely

I do prefer Morgiana’s relationship with Hakuryuu, though, but this could simply come down to me preferring Hakuryuu as a character. Actually, when you think about it, Hakuryuu is more of an “ideal prince” than Alibaba is seeing as he is quite the gentleman. But he’s also deeply insecure and prone to negativity. I wouldn’t say this is a “deconstruction” or whatever, but for me, at least, Hakuryuu is definitely the more interesting portrayal of the not-so-princely prince!

More so than Alibaba and Morgiana’s relationship, Hakuryuu’s advances on Morgiana feel like a traditional courtship. He treats her like a lady and is visibly affected by her presence. He’s outwardly protective her and his respect for her is evident in how deeply he seems to consider her opinions. There’s something dogged and earnest about Hakuryuu which I can’t help but get behind.


This is a long, roundabout way of saying that I think Hakuryuu would make a better boyfriend than Alibaba. I don’t deny Alibaba is an excellent friend, though.

However, Morgiana Has Shit Taste

Can’t get around that. It’s her choice, but *sigh*

I can’t help but think that Morgiana is mistaking her deep gratitude for love because Alibaba is literally the first person to extend a welcoming hand to her. I suppose her own feeling of self-loathing about her slave roots prevents her from making much of a move on anybody.

I think my big problem with AliMor is that neither of them are the type who would make a move. At least Hakuryuu has the guts to say how he feels. Probably the most Morgiana can do is embrace her femininity from time to time and say how she feels indirectly – but even then, it doesn’t really work. My interpretation actually differs from AquaJet here, interestingly enough:

They are fully honest with each other (Alibaba never comments on Mor’s “flat chest” and Mor never says anything like “B-Baka, it’s not like I like you or anything!”) and that’s why they’re refreshing in a way. Episode 18 of Magi’s first season (or chapter 81 in the manga) illustrates this point well and it probably contains the exact moments where moderate AliMor shippers became hard-core shippers willing to sink with the ship.

Both Aladdin and Ali find her dancing to be very beautiful but Ali is the one who shouts “You look really beautiful Morgiana!” and she notices his voice out of the crowd and then smiles. And her smile probably was the most beautiful thing in the anime that sold this ship.

Magi - 18 - Large 33
… Like this, riiiight???

Alibaba ruins this moment straight afterwards by complimenting all the other girls, which made me laugh but also affirmed to me that this ship is in a rut and will never go anywhere in a hurry.

… Well, there is development in the manga. Chapter 199 is probably the most epic rickrolling I’ve ever seen directed towards a ship. Being an Alibaba x Morgiana fan is worth it, just for that.

The average AliMor fan’s reaction to chapter 199

I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t read the manga, but it’s pretty good stuff, on the whole. Especially the followup chapter. Now that’s how you use shipping to make a great joke.

Final Thoughts

Fanart by AquaJet

They’re both pretty good pairings. My personal biases lead me to favour Hakuryuu over Alibaba, but I think both pairings make good cases for themselves.

That all being said, my OTP is Myself x Morgiana. I guess this was a pointless discussion.

Oh well, this was still fun to write. Who do you ship in Magi?



  1. I don’t really have any Magi ships – the romance in general doesn’t really float my boat – but I could happily get behind the Hakuryuu/Morgiana piairing if it ever actually eventuated. But I’m biased, because Alibaba mostly just annoys me these days while I see Hakuryuu as a far, far more interesting character.

      • I didn’t mind him in the first half of season one of the anime, but the second half felt like one long Alibaba angst-fest, and I got bored of him pretty quickly. Now that season two is here, I find I just don’t care about his character at all, and so I consequently become annoyed at how much screen time he gets.

  2. I’m still afraid of finishing the first season due to the anime original ending (is that right?), but I like Hakuryuu more than Alibaba… or at least, the former is the more interesting character.

    Great fanart!

    • There were anime original elements in the ending of the first season, but it actually did follow the manga, only at a ridiculously accelerated pace. I’d honestly forgotten everything that had happened in the anime by the time the new season started, but I didn’t have too much of a problem following it.

      I’m glad to hear that you like the fanart!

  3. Hey, loving the post, loving the Morgiana GIFs-

    “That all being said, my OTP is Myself x Morgiana.”

    Oh. So THAT’s how it’s going to be, is it? It seems we must fight to the death to claim her as our waifu. I propose a battle: Karaoke, perhaps?

    Well, at least you’ve encouraged me to get up to date on Magi.

    • Excuse me? I understand not liking a particular character, but insulting the viewers is outrageous. I like Kougyoku. Problem?
      I wonder why this comment hasn’t been moderated already… FROGGY, WHERE U GO AT THE IMPORTANT-EST OF TIMES?
      Sorry if I sound rude. I don’t mean to, but I find it intolerable when people insult the fans.

      • Oops, didn’t notice that comment existed for two years. I’ve censored it now lol

        As a matter of fact, I’m quite a fan of Kougyoku myself, although I accept my fate as a shiteshipper. Not that I approve of the anon’s comment as it clearly does not apply to everyone else. Or, at the very least, I cannot see any causal link between liking Kougyoku and being a shiteshipper.

  4. Alibaba honestly annoys me I think they blew his character out of proportion Aladdin is the main character but I feel like sometimes people forget that because Alibaba is on screen SO much he starts out a complete coward and a suck-up then all of a sudden after getting Amon he’s big a mighty that’s my opinion but I loved Hakuryuu was just so much of a gentleman and even though he wasn’t a part of the original threesome he is a huge character and I feel like it didn’t come across like that I loved that he was so openly in love with Morgianna they had a connection of understanding that Morgianna and Alibaba lacked Hakuryuu opened up to her and they immediately clicked, they kissed and he proposed it’s was just so SO sweet I’m sad that she said no but he didn’t give up in fact he said he’d wait for her and become a better man and take her as his bride now that is a true gentlemen worthy of any girl of his desire Morgianna included

    • 1. Alibaba, Aladdin and Morgianna are both main characters.
      2. I hate Hakuryuu and he kissed Morg without her permission –> he’s not a gentleman.

  5. I do not know what us wrong with you guys . I hate hakuryuu very much he is evil and insane what kind of pervert will force a kiss on girl he just met . And their are hints all over the show for alibaba x morgianna . Aliaden and alibaba and morgianna are the main so hakuryuu dont stand a chance

    • I totally agree with you! I really hate Hakuryuu for some reasons. of course at some points, he’s not bad but kissing a girl without her permission is just unacceptable, and I think he’s a bit annoying too. Now the recent chapters, I just hate him more and more *sign*, Sinbad is my least fav character tho…
      Alibaba and Morgianna have so much hints from the beginning, Hakuryuu and Morgianna barely have any hints, if it does, it’s just from Haku, which is one-sided, so nah.
      So yeah, I don’t understand people who ship Hakuryuu and Morgianna.
      AliMor shipper <3

  6. hakuryuu x morgiana and alibaba x kougyoku are best couples. alibaba x morgiana is too dysfunctional, she treat him like master and author say they cannot even talk without aladdin there. bad couple. i am glad hakuryuu is back to normal and not evil anymore. he is much better for morgiana than alibaba. and kougyoku and alibaba get along in ways morgiana cannot understand. i think that they are best together and should finally get married.

  7. I ship AliMor so hard, I ship them until I die. :v
    People say they’re the cliche main guy x main girl ship but uh hello? Aladdin’s the main guy :P Not Alibaba.

    HakuMor and AliKou are my biggest NOTP in Magi. Personally, I think Hakuryuu’s better off alone or Ohtaka should give him a love interest, NOT Morgiana.
    I just hate HakuMor and AliKou to bits. I hate Hakuryuu for being such a jerk, he’s twisted as sh*t and that time when he stole a kiss from Mor is just disgusting and rude. It’s NOT cute at all. I used to love Hakuryuu a lot but—-ugh.

    Alibaba & Kougyoku are obviously friends and both of them mentioned a lot of times that they’re FRIENDS. Kougyoku’s better off with Judal-chan.

    The moment on the second season where Alibaba jumped and caught Kougyoku after losing consciousness (because of Sinbad’s Zepar) IS JUST A FREAKIN FILLER SCENE. Also, that time when they became friends happened on a different place in the manga. (oh dem, i just hate A-1 for changing lots of sh*t)

  8. Hey, n yeah, just started this one n was searching some ecchi while I found this link… won’t read much stuff though cuz em r spoiler ta me… just wanna say, y’all should know in the original Arabian Nights’s “Alibaba and the 40 bandits”, the protagonist Alibaba’s wife’s name was Morjina… if this means anything…

    • Oh shit 😱 this version is of our region… Original had Alibaba married n Morgiana was his brother’s slave… shit shit

      • Oh yeah, original was named “40 thief’s” 😒 … guess our region had quite the different version

  9. I don’t know what to say . I ship hakumor actually . hey , hakuryuu is a bit annoying but they are like Solomon and sheba~ if you can see it I’m sure you’ll realize something . alimor ? Hmmm alibaba in case like a brother of Morgiana and I felt a little annoying with Alibaba . and hakuryuu is the main character too . he is the 4th main character but he is kinda hidden because lack of his appearance (like you already know , Scheherazade , yunan and Judar is the Magi’s but there are something hidden . see? There are the fourth one , Aladdin ).in my opinion , its better if there are a tragic ending so that people will not argue with shipping this three . maybe , they are all killed ( I’m evil lol )

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