A Love Letter to Koyomi-oniichan


Warning: The following description contains spoilers for Monogatari Series: Second Season. Timeline-wise, the content of the post was written just before the Hitagi End arc.

Because Froggy is away in the Philippines, twelve guest writers will be blogging about anime and/or Christmas. Today’s guest writer is Sengoku Nadeko from Monogatari, a young girl infatuated with unrequited love and a newly born snake god.

Dear Koyomi-oniichan,

I’m posting this love letter to you on a public blog because I’m no longer shy about my feelings for you.

I love you very, very much.

It’s okay, you don’t have to say anything. I know you don’t love me back, even if you like it so much when I wear short skirts and my swimsuit around you. I know how you look at me appreciatively, but I know it’s not the same way you look at your girlfriend.

And that’s okay. I’m okay with that, honestly. I always have been.

Because unrequited love is safe, and if you love hard enough, that love will last forever.

I know I can make my feelings last forever because even though I met you so long ago, Koyomi-oniichan, and it was only for such a short bit, I was able to stay fully in love with you.

I think love is started by kindness, when you see that person as purely good. I was drawn to your kindness, Koyomi-oniichan. I saw you as purely good.

If you fell in love with me, too, then we would see each other every day, and maybe one day I would come to see you as no longer purely good.

So it’s better this way, because you can remain untainted in my mind forever, Koyomi-oniichan.

After all, I am not so pure and untainted myself. I hate it when they call me “cute”. It’s not me – it’s suffocating.

Ever since I became a god, I have been very bored and I have been thinking a lot about killing. For me, it’s very easy because I’m very strong now, even stronger than you are, Koyomi-oniichan.

I could pierce your heart with the snakes in my hair and you will die straight away, lapped up in a pool of your own blood.

I picture that scene a lot in my mind. It’s terribly romantic, isn’t it? Seeing the man I love die before my eyes, in my arms. The warmth of your fresh blood against my skin would feel like as if we have come together as man and woman. That’s how I’ve always wanted it, Koyomi-oniichan.

I’ve told you this before, Koyomi-oniichan, but I want to kill you.

I want to kill you because I love you so very much.

So please stay away from the shrine until then, okay? You’ve been around here before and I haven’t liked that, because every time I see you I want to impale your heart and see the life fade from your eyes, which isn’t good because I also want to keep my promise.

The next time we meet, I want it to be at your graduation. That’s when I’ll lovingly kill you. I’ll make it very slow. It’ll be the final cadence of our tragic love song – no, no, it’ll be the very beginning! I will live on forever, always thinking of you, Koyomi-oniichan, because that’s how much my unrequited love means to me.

I’ve always wanted to tell you this, but thank you for being there for me, Koyomi-oniichan. You helped me when I needed it most, and so I will always treasure our time together.

Have a good Christmas, and please enjoy your final days alive.

I love you.

– Sengoku Nadeko


  1. I really like the interaction between her and Kaiki and how he sympathizes with her while also thinking she’s crazy.

    Then I saw this weeks episode.

  2. […] The real surprise, though, was Nadeko, whose development in the latest arcs of Monogatari took me completely off-guard. I went from completely apathetic about her to completely in love with her, but I can’t explain what happened without spoiling it. Those who’ve watched it should know what I mean, though. I really enjoyed writing her post for the 12 Days of Anime. […]

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