Make More Anime Like Diabolik Lovers


Because Froggy is away in the Philippines, twelve guest writers will be blogging about anime and/or Christmas. Today’s guest writer is Kuroki Tomoko from Watamote, who never actually responded to my emails and so I copypasted this post from her blog which no one reads or comments on.

I’ve been thinking about those shitheads who hate on Diabolik Lovers. I’ve noticed that the people who hate Diabolik Lovers are the same ones who have lovers and who live “fresh”, exciting lives.

They believe in super sappy tales of love and romance, when in fact they all just want to root each other. What hypocrites.

The good thing about Diabolik Lovers and other risque otome titles is that it flies in the face of ideals of sweet romance. Yandere guys are really great. Sometimes, they don’t even tell you that they love you – they just abuse you over and over. I like the regular otome games too, but I think dysfunctional relationships are more interesting. They feel more open and honest about what they are.

They’re also hotter.

My favourite character in Diabolik Lovers is Subaru. He is my husbando. Out of all the guys in the game, he’s probably the least abusive, but that’s because he’s always struggling with himself. He has an inner violent side that comes out sometimes when you make him really mad. I always keep coming back to that. His routes are the best.

My second favourite character is Ayato. I really like his character design because he’s really cute, but he’s also really sadistic. He likes to hit me and say I have no breasts. But he has a really sad past, which explains why he acts that way. His complexity as a character really gets to me.

I also like the other guys in the game and I think the anime portrayed their charms really well. It was definitely my favourite anime this season. I’ve been begging my mum for the money to buy the Blurays, because even though they cost a lot, seeing Diabolik Lovers animated is worth it.

That’s a good thing because the rest of the fall season was complete dreck.

I hate all the anime aimed at moe pigs and ecchi perverts they make every season. They need to make more anime like Diabolik Lovers.



  1. I can perfectly understand the appeal of this sort of anime, but to say that “the rest of the fall season was complete dreck” is an insult towards anime viewers’ intelligence who happens to be people around you. If you keep this sort of thinking you will not get any friends, period.

    • Keep in mind, this is from her blog, so there’s a good chance that she won’t even read your comment.

      …Yeah, I don’t believe that either.

  2. There is no way Tomoko would add the “Canadian U” to favorite.
    Suspension of disbelief: shattered.

    Seriously, this post was a lot of fun. Thanks for thinking outside the box a bit with your 12 Days articles.

  3. What is this ridiculous fabricated libel!? Stalking me to take absolutely unflattering photos, impersonating me to write a fake blog post, plus your Photoshop skills absolutely suck! Just wait, I’ll sue your sorry @&$– ….


    To be stalking me and impersonating me, he must really be obsessed. Does that mean he’s… he might be interested in me? Oh man, oh man.

    C-can I have your number?

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