Gamagoori Reacts to the OreImo Ending


Because Froggy is away in the Philippines, twelve guest writers will be blogging about anime and/or Christmas. Today’s guest writer is Gamagoori Ira from Kill la Kill, the Disciplinary Committee Chair and a member of Honnouji Academy’s Elite Four.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the OreImo ending specials.

I am in deep disgust. I have recently witnessed a moral travesty. I wish that I were an anime character, so that I could discipline a pair of incestuous siblings and set them on the straight path.

Watching My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute! makes me very angry. It is my first time watching this thing called “anime” and it will also be my last. Little wonder that Lady Satsuki does not permit this nonsense.

Still, I will be fair because that is what following the rules means. Initially, I empathised with this “Kyousuke” character, not because of his feelings towards his sister for I do not have siblings, but because whenever he did the wrong thing, which was often, he was prepared to accept physical punishment. Unfortunately, his attitude was lacking. He never sought to better himself, and by the end of the anime, he was still a low-level pervert without morals.

The little sister “Kirino” is an absolute felon. It is illegal for a minor to own pornography, which she no doubt obtained through illegal means. That the brother than abetted her crimes was also very wrong. I would have liked to punch them both in the face! At first I attempted this, but then my television broke.

This is without mentioning the incestuous love story between Kirino and Kyousuke. That is against the law! I am frothing at my mouth! I am balling my fists! Watching these two siblings kiss each other at a fake wedding ceremony caused me to break my second television. I hurled it out the window.

It is clear that these unlawful siblings were set astray at an early age and that only a strict training regime, harsh love from their parents and a good diet full of carbohydrates would rectify their deep mental issues. They need to be set apart from each other so that they can rethink their relationships. Little sister pornography is an unhealthy influence on the mind.

Were these siblings to be in my sight, I would kill them without hesitation. I would hang their heads from totem poles. I would make an example of them for the sake of upholding Honnouji Academy’s honour.

Lady Satsuki would undoubtedly approve.

Listen hard, you secret perverts who download erotic PC games and who watch filth like My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute! – I am watching your actions at night. I will not hesitate to discipline you. Carve the image of my disapproving scowl in your mind.

Love your siblings but do not make love to them.

Do not tolerate the mistakes of others.

Pornography is evil, unless you are older than eighteen.

My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute! is a bad anime. Burn all the copies which exist in Honnouji Academy! Burn them! Burn the little sister!

Take heed of my message. If you disobey, that will come at your own peril.


  1. >> “Were these siblings to be in my sight, I would kill them without hesitation.”

    My favorite part. This made me laugh out loud.

    These posts are great because I can get something out of them without having seen the anime being written about.

  2. >> It is my first time watching this thing called “anime” and it will also be my last. Little wonder that Lady Satsuki does not permit this nonsense.

    Gamagoori dabbling in forbidden activities behind Satsuki-sama’s back, that’s a first! Unless Satsuki herself put him up to it, which would be just as peculiar.

    • I wish I could get Gamagoori to blog more often, but ever since the ending of Kill la Kill he’s been so hard to find. I think he’s been following Mako around too much.

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