The Best Thing About Log Horizon is the OP











It’s not that Log Horizon is that bad a show. It’s just that from watching the OP you’d think it would at least attempt to have an action scene every episode, instead of long drawn-out scenes showing bored video gamers getting excited over eating sandwiches. Maybe the OP ruined me. Maybe it made me assume the show would be more badass than it actually ended up being. For better or worse, though, the show itself is just a pleasant slice of life romp in an MMORPG world, with some occasional serious plot elements thrown in.

The OP is an artistic masterpiece. The Engrish is what is keeping me alive as I attempt to get through the show in time for the second season. (I’ve finished 12 episodes so far.) I like these characters and they’re fun enough to hang out with, but if they weren’t STRUGGLIN’ IN THE DATABASE I’m not sure if we could be friends. I can never remember their names.

The music video, which is as bizarre as they come, is a stroke of genius. I’m not quite sure what the wolf mask is meant to symbolise, but apparently this artist always wears it when he performs. Perhaps he identifies as the lone wolf, that sole voice of reason AS THE MADNESS OF THE SYSTEM GROWS.


There’s a good reason to be hyped about season 2 of the Log Horizon anime. Sure, it’s being animated by Studio Deen and the preview images don’t look too flashy. The series has never been that well-produced or directed, with most of the scenes consisting of talking heads. The director Shinji Ishihara (who is mostly known for his work on Fairy Tail, which is also not known for its dynamic visuals) will reprise his role for season 2.

But right now, I am extremely happy about the lack of money being poured into this artistic enterprise.


Thank you, based Studio Deen. I trust Log Horizon is in the right hands.



  1. When you want it animated, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, and you don’t anticipate many people will care one way or another, there’s only one studio to call.


    Erhem- *cough*

    Yeah, I forget almost everything that happened in the first season. I just remember I was getting reaall sick of their shit by the end. Except Rudy. He was great. You haven’t met Rudy yet, I think. Rudy’s dandy. Log Horizon tends to have more in common with Maou Maou Yuusha and the .hack series than an actual action show, so don’t hold out too much hope there.

    Also, FINALLY someone made the point about the DEEN switch. It’s not like Satelight ever gave it the red carpet treatment in the first place. And DEEN have produced some attractive shows lately. No cause for complaint.


    • re: Studio Deen

      You’re right that the studio switch is no cause for complaint. I have liked some of their recent shows for their visuals (Hakkenden, Sankarea, Rozen Maiden 3). But I think that’s partly because they’ve hired some really good directors and writers lately. With Log Horizon having pretty much the exact same core staff, I don’t expect the anime to look or feel much different. There may be some animation dips, since the outsourcing would be handled by different people, but I don’t know anything about the specifics.

  3. Yeah, the animation/art in Satelight’s first season was already mediocre, and sometimes worse. It doesn’t really matter which studio is working on this show, because it’s obvious that it has a very small budget. So I think it’s more like a training project for the studios. Something like ~ “Hey, you with the glasses, the fatty in the corner, and you too in the back… you guys need more experience, go and work on Log Horizon”.

  4. Log Horizon’s OP was part of the top 10 in Japan’s music charts when it first came out.

    I’ve observed that in the current crop of anime-related music, most of the music used in the late-night shows tend to come from less-famous/less mainstream singers. Some of them are even done by anime singers or inhouse voice actors.
    I’m guessing this is cost-related, although I also wonder how mainstream songs can end up on obscure anime, ex. Kakumei Dualism (by TM Revolution & Nana Mizuki) on Valvrave the Liberator.

  5. Not sure how to feel about using the same OP. Couldn’t they make a new one? To stick to the same song for the next season is so … Western.

  6. Considering many of my favorite shows have done the same, (Hunter x Hunter, Gurren Lagann) I have no problem with this. And it’s a really great OP.

  7. So… the blog was about the OP?

    Anyway, Horizon isn’t bad just different. Instead of focusing on the action, which is usually common for this kind of anime, it focuses on the ramifications of the gamer’s action in a world not their own. Theme-wise it’s extremely similar to Maoyuu where the Demon King brings about a plethora of changes across the human world thus resulting in far reaching consequences.
    It’s different, ergo it’s unique, ergo it’s special.
    Source: Hachiman :)

    • You thought this blog was about Log Horizon’s OP, but it was me, Dio!

      And yeah, I can accept that LH had some really interesting themes. The visual presentation put me off more than the story itself. I thought the novels were more interesting than the anime.

  8. Yeah, the OP is definitely too rap-ish and have metal rock fibe that didn’t fit at all with the series content.
    Butt steel, i quite enjoy Log Horizon so far (still 15 episode left -_-), but it is worrying that it’s going to have 25 episode when there really isn’t much material left to cover

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