Naoshi Komi admits that Nisekoi sucks; he draws it for the reaction GIFs












After the complete fuckup that was Nisekoi chapter 162, the creator Naoshi Komi has publicly admitted that Nisekoi sucks.

Nobody is sure why Nisekoi is popular. The series is devoid of anything resembling originality or soul. Japanese fans have been disgruntled about Nisekoi since 2013, saying things like “every chapter is filler” (毎回話がぶつぎりすぎるだろ) and “I don’t give a crap anymore” (もう飽きてきたぞマジで). Yet despite Nisekoi’s obvious shittiness, it sells like hotcakes and there’s even a spinoff featuring the Worst Girl as a magical girl.

Even Naoshi Komi is unsure why Nisekoi is popular as he only draws it for the lulz.

On @nisekoi_k, Komi’s public account, he frankly admitted that Nisekoi was “uninteresting” (面白くない), but that the GIFs were funny and that’s why he continues to draw the manga. The tweets have since been deleted.


What can we make of Komi’s unguarded confession? The fact that it came soon after chapter 162, the biggest trolling in recent manga history, seems very telling indeed. Komi seems to be aware that Nisekoi is crap but fans can’t stop reading.

For those who don’t want to be spoiled for the latest chapter, skip this paragraph. As if suddenly becoming aware that Nisekoi’s ratings were slipping, Komi abruptly initiated an arc in chapter 157 about Chitoge moving to America. Numerous scenes were depicted of Raku becoming more aware of his feelings for Chitoge. After almost 100 chapters of filler, fans began to think that the story was finally going to advance. Instead, Chitoge stays in Japan thanks to some bullshit contrivance and Raku tells her, “You’re my best friend.” This made people on Reddit very mad.

Even one of the translators of the Nisekoi manga was furious, saying, “I was left with shards of metaphorical American automotive engineering all across my face”.

Japanese fans were also bemused by this turn of events. One random commenter said, “Will Nisekoi continue forever?” (ニセコイはまだまだ続くのか)

In all likelihood, the answer is yes. Because it seems that Komi’s ultimate purpose in drawing the series is to allow people on 4chan and Twitter to communicate more expressively through reaction gifs, his life’s work will never be over.

Ganbare, Naoshi Komi!


(DISCLAIMER: This is a joke article. The tweets were fabricated. Sorry for any confusion.)


  1. Sigh, why do Japanese have bad Best Girl sensibilities? Out of all the Nisekoi girls, it’s the worst girl that got a spin-off series. Nisekoi had already done the job, much to the disappointment of the other, definitely much better teams.

    Ah, you (that disclaimer) had me, frog-kun.

      • Or maybe in 10 to 20 years time (IRL), there will be some plot twist saying that the Nisekoi world is actually stuck in a time loop-that’s why the characters never grow old.

        • They do grow old – very slowly. Raku and Chitoge are in their second year of High School, and it’s late Autumn. I expect a series of fillers, and then we get to the second Christmas arc, where we get another drama bomb involving Hana and Chitoge.

          Problem is, if Naoshi wants to cover all three years of High School, we should be roughly around… the halfway mark. Which means 160 more chapters to go!

  2. It is my favorite pet theory that Naoshi is trolling us with Nisekoi after a more interesting Double Arts got kicked. Then again, my memory’s a bit fuzzy, and the titles might have been published in different magazines, but my point still stands.

    • Perhaps after the Trauma of Double Arts, Naoshi decided to go hardline, hung a sufficiently compelling premise to hook people in, and then start pandering like crazy after 30-40 chapters.

  3. I actually do feel bad for the people who were convinced this arc was actually going somewhere. Much as I do just wanna shake my head and say ‘I warned you’.

    This article reminds me that the most fascinating thing about Nisekoi is the mystery behind its continued existence. Good stuff.

    • I’m actually not THAT mad about Nisekoi. But raging is funny, so here we are.

      I think Nisekoi is just the right kind of shitty that brings out morbid fascination, while being well-drawn that it can actually pass for pleasant reading.

      • I read the first like 100 or so chapters of Nisekoi, all in one sitting. It was exactly like eating a whole bag of Doritos: pretty good in the beginning, then not-so-good but still weirdly compelling, then SUDDENLY “oh my god I am so sick of this I never want to see it again as long as I live”. Haven’t picked it back up since, and I’m 100% confident that I’m not missing anything.

        I suspect that it differs from the same issue that plagues a lot of long-running harem anime/manga: the author is hoping that you’ll enjoy each chapter as a standalone unit without thinking about any of the others, because once you start connecting those dots you’ll realize the line is going nowhere. Which is either hopelessly naive or depressingly callous, or both.

  4. It’s like a shitty thing that somehow manages to get us back reading it again and again.
    I dunno, maybe false hope of finally something will happen?

  5. He draws it for the money, this is just the self-justification he gives. It’s like half the time people “troll” in MOBAs and such, they didn’t set out into the game intending to, but after they failed, they go, “Well, I was trolling all along!” including sometimes to themselves.

    Also, this whole thing got me an idea for another post on Shounen Harem RomComs, using Nisekoi as the epitome.

  6. I am the biggest fan of your manga all the time I read your manga its so cute romantic and moralistic and ecchi comedy too I love your combined category of manga
    It story is a lot different from normal daily life and romance
    Please I beg of you make raku ichijo love Even more with kosaki onodera she is so cute and loving and caring too plus she has feelings for him which she can’t express to him cause she is shy and quite and accept the reality so easily make her strong and make her win in the end and where is the lock chain he wear I saw them in some pages and episodes and its gone too with their keys

  7. SO this isn’t real? I fricken love nisekoi, it is tied for my favorite series, and I think it’s well done. The chapter everyone got pissed over is just finny! He friend zoned her! That is so funny in this manga. Not to mention, to anyone who reads it still, (SUPER SPOILER WARNING!!!) Raku just realized he has feelings for Chitoge and Onordera and is making a clear choice between them, and has stated his feelings for Chitoge are true love, and are different from his feelings for Onodera. Not to mention, there was an arc starring Marika just before this, which was brilliantly written, with action, suspense, and the kind f cuteness i love Nisekoi for. Plus, Onodera is great, and the spn off is about all three of them, with a focus on Onodera. It just gets better after that chapter, in my opinion. Plus that art is something you can’t not enjoy.

  8. It is painful to wait for the final chapters. I always like onodera, She was the first character who had link with the pendant and the promise girl. And I want her to win, because of her character, getting more sympathy.
    However, the title itself is Nisekoi ‘fake love’. Then the story shall end with the fake love becoming real. Regardless of the pendant and the promise girl (I think the pendant become meaningless during the Christmas that he went with Onodera)
    ちくしょう!That time he chose Onodera over the promise girl. And now he will choose Chitoge? I kinda feel bad for him! Since I had the same situation and I ended up not choosing either…

  9. I have watched the anime Nisekoi and it really needs a 3rd season I want to know were there relationship takes them

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