Translation: Two Japanese critics on the politics of GATE

A useful companion to my last post about Japanese reactions to the Gate anime. Karice has kindly translated Iida and Fujita’s entire discussion. She has also included some in-depth notes explaining the context behind the debate. Please give it a read!



Last week, Frog-kun combed a range of Japanese sites to bring you some Japanese reactions to the GATE anime. However, the most loudly-expressed opinions even amongst domestic fans just barely skim the surface of the political maelstrom that lies beneath. That intense domestic debate over Japan’s security policy was alluded to in the major article he linked, just beyond the part that he translated. In order to provide a bit more insight into that debate, I decided to translate the remainder of the article, so that English-speaking anime fans might have a better idea of what the fuss is all about.

Many, many thanks are due to Frog-kun, who generously let me use the part that he originally translated and checked my translation of the rest. Any mistakes or misinterpretations that remain are my own.


Is the JSDF anime GATE right-wing?

They smite their enemies with weapons and…

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  1. Thanks for linking to this. The Gate manga was suggested to me last year and I had a look at it, although I’ve held off on writing about it. I’ve deliberately avoided the anime so far. Do you think there are significant differences between the two?

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