An Exclusive Interview with the Hyouka Characters

1a8e806a63c9c0b7d21a2d28e280b9d7In anticipation for the upcoming live action film adaptation and a new entry in the novel series, I present you this exclusive interview with the Hyouka characters! Today, I sat down with Eru Chitanda  and Houtarou Oreki to discuss their feelings about the series and its themes.




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  1. You know, I’m in the midst of watching Hyouka right now, and when I got the email notification about this post, I thought it was an interview with the seiyuu cast of Hyouka.

    It was a Frog-Kun post though…

    Joking aside, I’m really loving the subtle thematic prominence in Hyouka. I’m only about 10 episodes in, but it’s by far KyoAni’s best visual masterpiece. Froggy, have you watched the recent Oregairu fes (w/the seiyuu cast of Oregairu)? It was translated fairly recently!

    • What a fun coincidence! Glad you’re watching Hyouka. As far as visuals are concerned, I’d put Hyouka and Tamaka Love Story at the very top of KyoAni’s oeuvre, so check out the latter if you haven’t already!

      I haven’t seen the Oregairu fes, no. Seiyuu events aren’t usually my thing, tbh.

  2. Hah! A fine interview indeed! Just finished the show yesterday. (btw, your hat looks familiar, though i did not catch the manken cosplay reference). More and more, I find myself stumbling onto works by Kyoto. I might have to look at a list and plow through them all.
    Thanks for this.

    • Confession: I’ve actually never watched/read Sergeant Frog. Although I do love the designs.

      Kyoto Animation makes good anime. Well, to be precise, when they make a good anime, it’s REALLY good. Hyouka’s my favourite work of theirs overall, though.

      • Sgt Frog ? was that whom Mayaka was cosplaying during the culture festival ? (when she got ink wash water spilled on her) Khakis, PLA-ish beret/ hat.. I though it was a tip of the…

    • The original version included Satoshi and Mayaka, but then it ended up making the post drag on too long, so I cut them out. Sorry! I still adore them anyway!

  3. I laughed when Frog-kun mentioned the show is basically boiling down to Chitanda and Oreki flirting with each other. Buwahaha

  4. I wonder how the hell I missed a news about 6th Hyouka book incoming. Oh and “ask audience” joke is great.

    When we are on Kyoani and good anime based on books, I hope that “Violet Evergarden” will be as good as Hyouka.

  5. Me, when I saw this on Feedly: “Frog Kun??! You’re interviewing some primetime Hyouka characters?”
    Then I read the title again: “Waittttt a minute…Frog-Kun, plz no–”
    Clicked the link: “Goddamnit, I knew better yet clicked it anyways!”

    …At LEAST it was entertaining!!!

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