Osomatsu-san fanfic: what if the brothers won the baseball match in episode 25?











Earlier today, I wrote a series of tweets about the Osomatsu-san series. In order to save those tweets for posterity, I’ve embedded them in this post. Please enjoy the story!

Fair warning: this story is piled with dirty jokes. Proceed with caution.

Looks like I’ve been on a roll with the fanfics lately… pls fav and review.

In all seriousness, though, it’s been fun experimenting with different styles of writing. This particular post came to me a day after I finished watching the Osomatsu-san anime. I don’t follow the fandom at all, so I don’t know what kind of fanfiction is most common. I do have to say that I’m not into the shipping, though. I just found the dirty jokes amusing and wanted to try my hand at replicating the show’s sense of humour.


  1. “I will now pleasure myself with this fish” I was on the ground laughing!!!! Great usage of inside jokes!!!!!! Although the only ones that would be into such a fanfic would be the likes of SpongeBob or Suzaku.

  2. I leave Twitter for a while and this is what happens?
    Anyway, you don’t need to follow the fandom to know what kind of fanfiction is most common for the Matsu brothers, just one look to their Pixiv tag and it’ll be as clear as Karamatsu’s cool glasses.

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