I’m Fine With These Pokemon Being Removed From The National Pokedex


Folks, we’ve heard the confirmation that Pokemon Sword and Shield won’t let you import any Pokemon from previous gens that aren’t in the Galar Pokedex. Game Freak has even admitted that there is no guarantee that even later games will allow the Pokemon to be transferred.

Realistically, what’s most likely to happen is that the existing Pokemon will be cycled into future games. No Pokemon will be left behind entirely. But the more popular Pokemon will probably get to appear in more games, while others will have to wait their turn longer.

Ideally, I’d rather have every Pokemon be in every game, but we’ve finally reached the point where we have to make decisions about which Pokemon we’d rather appear in the games, and which ones should be left to obscurity. So here are some Pokemon that I honestly feel are pretty redundant. If push came to shove, I’m fine with them being removed from the national Pokedex.

The Rattata Line


Rattata and Raticate were never interesting Pokemon. Their theme was always just “overgrown rat.” And although a bunch of Kanto Pokemon got fun Alolan variations, Rattata’s ended up being the least interesting of them design-wise.

The Nidoran Line


Nidoran’s original gimmick in gen 1 was to introduce the idea of gendered variations of Pokemon designs. That’s been done a lot better in subsequent gens (Pyroar especially comes to mind). Even their final forms, while cool, seem less imposing in the modern games than they did in the original.



I love you Farfetch’d, but you are just a duck holding a leek.

The Seel Line


Seel is completely outclassed by Spheal and Popplio in every way. There is nothing interesting about Seel.

The Krabby Line


Has Seel’s problem in that there’s no concept to this Pokemon besides “it’s a crab.” It’s also outdone by Crawdaunt and Crabrawler.

Mr. Mime and Jynx


Too human-like, too uncanny. Mr. Mime did have good appearances in the anime and in the Detective Pikachu film, I’ll give him that. But as a creature, neither Mr. Mime nor Jynx fit in with the Pokemon games. Later gens have avoided making any creature as human-like as these two, which makes them stand out even more in the gen 1 remakes. At least their baby forms are fine.



In theory, I like the idea of Gloom being able to evolve into a Pokemon as bright and cheerful as Bellossom. Problem is, I think Bellossom’s appeal is better encompassed in Lilligant’s design. Vileplume was always the better evolution for Gloom, anyway.



I have so many questions…




This poor creature has never been represented in any Pokedex besides the Johto one. Stantler is half-forgotten already. And it’s easy to see why – it’s a weak creature with an uninteresting design. The Deerling line from gen 5 is far superior.

The Wurmple Line


Wurmple was a shallow attempt to replicate the Caterpie and Weedle lines, complete with a cocoon-themed middle evolution. Given that both Pokemon serve the same purpose, the question is which of them has the better design? Beautifly is alright, but Dustox is an abomination. And thus I’ve decided to send Wurmple to the chopping block.

Volbeat and Illumise


Like Plusle and Minun, Volbeat and Illumise were originally created to sell the tag team mechanic introduced in gen 3. But unlike Plusle and Minun, which have the plus and negative motif to keep them interesting even after the novelty of double battles faded, Volbeat and Illumise have nothing to sell them as a duo.

The Shieldon Line


The games give you so many fossil Pokemon, and all of them are so cool that I can’t bear to take away any of them… except for the Shieldon line. Bastiodon looks awful. Not only that, it hardly even looks like a prehistoric Pokemon anyway.



There was no point adding another Regi Pokemon, only for it to be incredibly weaksauce.



I don’t understand Phione’s point. It is the one legendary baby Pokemon, but it can’t even evolve into its parent Manaphy.



Victini’s design is so disappointing. It’s generically cute and has a V on its hand to represent victory. That’s it. Gen 5 had so many mythical Pokemon, and this one is just superfluous.

The Tepig Line


Of all the starters, Tepig is the most redundant. Its final evolution is the weakest of the fire-fighting starters, and the idea of an animal brawler was better done with Incineroar. I’m still crushed that a cutie like Tepig became… what it became.

The Purrloin Line


Pokemon has so many good cats, but Purrloin and Liepard are the most boring of them. Its smug and mischievous appeal is already covered by the more iconic Meowth and Persian.

The Elemental Monkeys


The elemental monkeys only really existed to bring type balance to the player’s team in gen 5. Otherwise, they’re weak and their evolutions look awful. The series has plenty of other monkeys to play with.

Throh and Sawk


Throh and Sawk are just straight replacements for Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan. Although they do have the benefit of looking like certain Sesame Street characters, there’s not much else to them besides that.

The Ultra Beasts


I love the Ultra Beasts. However, they represent creatures from another dimension, and as such shouldn’t really be represented in a national Pokedex. I can make exceptions for otherwordly Pokemon like Deoxys because it is a Legendary, but there are too many Ultra Beasts, and all of them look like they belong in a different game series. This worked in the Sun and Moon games because the story was all about the Ultra Beasts and alternate dimensions, but if they were inserted into the other mainline games, the Ultra Beasts would just feel out of place.

There are even more Pokemon that I could make an argument for ditching, but I don’t want to do that because I really do love all the Pokemon. So I’ll just leave this tentative list here as a discussion starter. Which Pokemon would you be fine with removing from the national Pokedex? Do you agree or disagree with my selections? Let me know in the comments!



  1. Nidoking is my favorite Pokémon, and i put him in all my teams ‘-‘
    but i agree with the rest of your list xD

  2. I’m fine with all of them disappearing with the exception of Krabby, Farfetch’d, Seel and Bellossom(I just… kinda like them) I’m ok with Tepig disappearing but then we have a gen missing a starter so…
    I would like a rework on the Nidoran line making them only one pokemon. I would like removed the more “humanlike” or weird pokemon like… Machop. (Though I know it’s already in the game), Drowzee, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Pinsir, Kabuto, Togepi, Girafarig(It’s time for a new Giraffe pokemon?) Snubbull, Sableye, Gulpin, Lunatone, Solrock, Castform, Patrat, Munna, Woobat, Timburr, Trubbish, Vanillite, Elgyem, Pawniard, Barbaracle, Bruxish…

  3. No right and wrong answers with this, but what we have is mostly a workload problem, and as such I think gen I will get away much easier then you assume, what with basic models already created for Let’s Go.

    Btw, what is that Stantler thing? Does it evolve from the black-and-yellow giraffe Pokemon?

    • Realistically speaking, gen 1 Pokemon will never go away even after Sword and Shield. There’s so much nostalgia for them and they’re the most easily identifiable Pokemon. I just think that a handful of them have become redundant now in terms of usage and design.

      Stantler is a gen 2 normal-type Pokemon. It has no evolutions and no relation to Girafarig.

  4. I 10000% agree with Dunsparce being on this list, I have never seen a more useless Pokemon in my life… even Magikarp evolves into a Gyarados…

    I’d also go ahead and throw Shuckle into there as well since I never did find a good use for that one either.

  5. I think you may be confused on what is happening, or I am. Firstly, we are upset about the exclusion of the National Dex in the new games. We are upset that we will not be able to transfer our prized Pokemon to the new games. Secondly, we aren’t FREAKING DELETING Pokemon, or removing them from the Pokedex. That is such an outlandish claim, and a misinterpreted one as well. Again, we are not deleting Pokemon, we are being limited to the Galar Pokedex. WE ARE NOT DELETING POKEMON!!!

    • Sorry, I wasn’t trying to say that Pokemon are being deleted. This is just a post about which Pokemon I’d be fine about if they didn’t appear in a future mainline game. Realistically, what’s most likely to happen is that Pokemon will be regularly cycled into future games. The popular ones like Pikachu will get to appear in more games, while the obscure ones may only appear once every three or four games or so. Every Pokemon will get its turn eventually, but some will almost certainly get a shorter stick than others, assuming that future games also won’t let you transfer all the Pokemon in. That’s what I think.

  6. I love Rattata/Raticate, Farfetch’d, Krabby/Kingler, the Nidoking line, Victini, and a few of the Ultra Beasts, but the rest of these can go (Dunsparce *is* weirdly cute with its tsuchinoko design, but I can leave it).

  7. to be completely honest, i’m not fine with any pokémon being removed at all. their excuses for removing any is a complete lie, as they reuse assets for every generation since gen 6. the 3ds could handle 800+ models AND their walking/running animations. the switch is way more powerful, so it being a technological problem is a lie, and balance in competitive will never be possible. they put pokémon SwSh aside for a new game in development and not putting in the effort they should.

  8. Any thoughts on the Gallade/Gardevoir line in terms of how humanoid they appear (given the grievances with Mr. Mime and Jinx). Admittedly, they play more towards fairies/fair folk rather than warped homo sapiens, so I suppose there’s that.

    • imo Gallade and Gardevoir look more non-human than human, although I think Gallade has the better design. The mountains of Gardevoir porn on the internet don’t help Gardevoir’s case, but I won’t hold that against it.

  9. Shieldon is precious and Bastiodon is a cool castle who can Metal Burst fools to death.

    You disgust me and you bring shame upon your Miltank. Just for that, I cast a pox over both the Poliwag and Froakie lines.

  10. I agree with Nintendo’s decision on cutting some Pokemon out. I’m burned out from being behind a generation already.

    That said, as a person who has played Pokemon competitively in the past and still follow the scene a little to this day, I wonder how much the meta will shift based on Nintendo’s decisions. Your list seems to be pretty harmless to the overall meta besides the Ultra Beasts and some gimmicks like F.E.A.R. Sawk. I wonder if Nintendo will take into account the competitive scene by not touching meta staples. Or maybe they’ll purposefully REMOVE meta staples! Wouldn’t that be fun?

  11. I agree to most to of your posts, I liked Dunsparce for a while, but now I’m not a big fan. But, I do not agree with the tepig on the list, he is a big part of the Unova region, he is one of the starter Pokémon, you could never get rid of him. Furfrou, on the other hand, could go. They’re basically poodles! (I do like their hairstyles though,) But Volcarona is by far the weirdest Pokémon ever. It is like a freaky looking bug!🐞😞

    • But you can’t get rid of the Mythical Pokémon (Victini and Phione) and the elemental monkeys should stay, they were another big part of the Unova region. Also, maybe you should add Duckling to the list, their cute, but really, they’re just ducks who wanna be Pokémon, so they colored themselves blue!

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