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Honest and Objective First Impressions – Part 2

Remember last post when I tried that sarcasm shit? Yeah, that really wasn’t me, was it? I’m dropping that shtick and going into these next five shows with honesty.

Also, I didn’t mention this last post, but I’m listing these impressions by the order of which ones I saw first.

(P.S. Feel free to comment, g-guys. I’m not t-that lame, am I?)

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Honest and Objective First Impressions – Part 1

Ah, finally! The winter season is upon us.

New anime galore!

Let’s delve into what some of the first anime series 2014 has to offer!

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Mega End of the Year Podcast – Part 2 – Summer/Fall Seasons

Hey, it’s the second part of our mega end of the year podcast with your overly boisterous blogger, Deadlight, along with all the returning guests, Flawfinder (Standing on my Neck),
Landon (
Mecha-Guignol) Slashe (Nihon Review), Bobduh (Wrong Every Time), Caraniel (Caraniel’s Ramblings), Emperor J (LowerMid Table) and Natasha (Isn’t it Electrifying). Psgels (Star Crossed Anime) manages to join us for the last half hour.

I decided to cut out the section where we yap about OVAs and movies since, other than Little Witch Academia (which we briefly touch upon), none of them made it onto our top 10 list. But yeah, for a podcast totaling 3 hours and 22 minutes, I managed to trim this final part down to an hour and a half. Phew. Anyway, enjoy.

00:00 — Danganronpa Ending Theme
00:30 — We start off by randomly talking shit
02:07 — Back and on track with Uchouten Kazoku
13:16 — Gatchaman Crowds
13:28 — Nevermind, let’s talk about Silver Spoon instead
17:13 — Ok, now back on Gatchaman Crowds
25:08 — Return of the most important anime… TEEKYUUUUUUU!!!
25:22 — Nevermind, let’s talk about Stella C3-Bu instead
26:13 — Ok, now back on… TEEKYUUUUUUU!!!
29:02 — Servant x Service
33:12 — Genshiken Nidaime
38:05 — Monogatari Season Two
39:52 — Kiniro Mosaic
41:05 — World God Only Knows Season Three
42:00 — Watamote
44:55 — Moving on to Fall
45:22 — Noucome
46:20 — Kyousougiga
53:50 — White Album 2
55:25 — Psgels joins us
63:50 — Miss Monochrome
67:15 — Kill la Kill
71:16 — Samurai Flamenco
77:48 — Non Non Biyori
78:50 — We talk about random shit now
86:30 — Finally over/Outros
87:40 — Unbeatable Network – Gatchaman Crowds OST

Mega End of the Year Podcast – Part 1 – Winter/Spring Seasons

Hey, it’s our mega end of the year podcast with your overly enthusiastic blogger, Deadlight, along with the usual guests, Flawfinder (Standing on my Neck), Landon (Mecha-Guignol) and Slashe (Nihon Review). Joining us for the first time is Bobduh (Wrong Every Time), Caraniel (Caraniel’s Ramblings), Emperor J (LowerMid Table) and Natasha (Isn’t it Electrifying). Appropriant (Perpetual Morning) was planning to join us, but his house was invaded by giant evil meekrats, so maybe next time.

Flawfinder might as well take over as the host as he’s far more lively than boring ol’ me, but yeah we blab about the Winter season, including Fall 2012 leftovers, and the Spring season. The second part will be posted sometime later this week, but for now, enjoy?


00:00 — KILL nara Kiru — Kill la Kill OST
00:16 — Introductions
01:43 — Jojo’s BIzarre Adventure
08:11 — Inferno Cop
08:57 — Shinsekai Yori
15:29 — Blast of Tempest
18:12 — Psycho Pass
24:53 — Random Gargantia tangent
26:05 — Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
29:00 — Moving on to Spring
29:35 — Flowers of Evil
36:46 — Yahari
42:52 — Whoops, almost forgot about that Attack on Titan thing
46:35 — Majestic Prince
48:33 — Masaaki Yuasa and Photo Kano
50:03 — Crime Edge
52:18 — Sparrow’s Hotel
53:10 — Yuyushiki
53:40 — Slashe randomly brings up Chihiyafuru
55:00 — Hataraku Maou Sama
57:26 — Flawfinder expresses his distaste for Studio White Fox
58:48 — Abrupt ending
59:03 — Dominator — Psycho Pass OST

Deadlight’s Best of 2013 Anime

Er, h-hey readers of Frog-kun’s wonderful anime blog. This is that one guy from that one obscure and not as w-wonderful anime blog, Deadlight’s Anime Blog (took me forever to think of that title. Clever, don’t ya t-think?)
Even though I lack the charismatic, c-charming, creepy and all around brilliant personality of Frog-kun, he asked me if I could take over his blog for a while. Guess he said our humor was alike…
*Wipes away sweat and looks down at note cards only to drop them*
Uh, anyway I’m just here to fill the time while he’s out partying in the Philippines and hopefully I can entertain you readers rather than alienate you. S-so, uh, for the next few weeks  expect a couple first impressions of the Winter season, a mega end of the year podcast I recorded with 8 other bloggers and maybe an editorial. I don’t know. But to start things off, I guess I’ll post my favorite 2013 anime and also the waifu of the year so you can kinda get a look into just how shit my taste is. I’m not including anime that aired in 2012 and just finished their run this year. And, uh, without further ado, let’s get to that list…
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