Honest and Objective First Impressions – Part 2

Remember last post when I tried that sarcasm shit? Yeah, that really wasn’t me, was it? I’m dropping that shtick and going into these next five shows with honesty.

Also, I didn’t mention this last post, but I’m listing these impressions by the order of which ones I saw first.

(P.S. Feel free to comment, g-guys. I’m not t-that lame, am I?)

Tonari no Seki-kun - 01 - Large 03Tonari no Seki-Kun

Adorable, funny, creative and all around charming, Tonari no Seki-Kun was seven minutes I don’t wish to take back and probably won’t for the next 23 episodes.

While the domino scenario was entertaining and creative in and of itself, the stellar presentation heightened the experience with HanaKana’s perfect voice acting, flamboyant music and dynamic camera shots.

Also, that pencil drumming ED kicked ass.

Nobunagun - 01 - Large 34Nobunagun

First half is a cliched highschool yawn-fest. Second half is an amusing action explosion-fest.

Nothing much to really say about the first episode since it was a pretty straight-forward introduction. Not bad, not good. Directing and writing weren’t anything to write home about, but weren’t anything horrendous either.

I quite like the female lead though. She’s cute, quirky and with a dash of bat-shit craziness so I think I’ll keep up with the series just to see how she’s handled later on.

NekoPOP-Super-Sonico-The-Animation-teaser3A Super Sonico: The Animation

Ingenious idea stretching this into a full length episode instead keeping it a short. Also some of the best product placement since Man Of Ste-

Oh right, I’m dropping the sarcasm. Yeah, this episode sucked.

Like, God, was this banality in its purest form. And it’s a shame too since there is some potential. Sonico is an inherently interesting character since she’s going to college, working as a model, helping at her grandma’s restaurant and starting her own little rock band. There’s a lot of stuff you can do with all that, but it squanders all of that.

Super Sonico is directionless mindless drivel without the slightest bit of flare and I doubt that’ll change.

D-Frag - 01 - Large 12D-Frag!

It’s a big step above most harems, I’ve unfortunately come to witness, with a quirky-enough cast and a male lead posessing an actual back bone and more than a singular brain cell to rub together. The harem set-up isn’t bad too and the game club is a fun enough setting for the series to revolve around.

However, the humor and the run-of-the-mill direction grated on me. Nothing about it made me chuckle; all of it felt like the usual rampant jokes in every other harem series. I’ll be keeping up with it for now, though I’m not expecting this series to really “wow” me in the future.

maxresdefaultHamatora: The Animation

Seiji Kishi, why do you have to ruin another cool concept? Why don’t you just go back to directing comedy? Remember how your dry directing and sporadic bursts of boisterous energy worked for Astro Fighter Sunred, My Bride is a Mermaid, Carnival Phantasm and Humanity has Declined? Remember how all the best bits of Angel Beats and Personna 4 were the comedic bits?

I’ll give you this much for Hamatora, it actually seems like you were having fun. But overall, this episode was a pretty boring mess with  really awkward pacing and awful timing. The script does take some blame too as the dialogue was poorly written with one character’s lines being no less lacking of distinction than any other character’s.

I really dug this concept too. It was a cool mash-up of Darker Than Black and K ;_;


  1. Sonico needs the male protagonist to work I think. He was strangely absent from the first episode. I’m not sure if they wrote him out, or simply plan to introduce him next week. They might be able to work in some of the appeal from the game if he shows up next week.

  2. I love the pencil-drumming ED for Tonari no Seki-kun. It seems like each episode of the anime will be about the same, with only the difference between Seki’s antics so right now, it’s on my “Maybe” list of anime to watch. Looks like Hamatora really is a letdown. I was going to watch it but since I’ve read reviews about how awful it is, I’ll better not.

  3. *is watching exactly none of these shows*
    In all fairness, my time has (or will soon be) already taken up by plenty of others. So if I don’t comment, it’s not because I don’t read your posts, but only that I have literally nothing to contribute.

  4. Let’s nutshell this.

    The Winter 2014 line-up is poop. Don’t watch it/watch it all endlessly on loop if you’re a terrible person.

    Here’s my suggestions for Spring 2014 if SOMEBODY DOESN’T SCREW IT ALL UP (into a ball or similar object).

    Evangelion Z Kai (Animation mixed from the box office HIT Evangelion movies and never-before-seen remastered 480p upscaled to 1080p animation from the original show to tell the story of Evangelion as you’ve never wanted to see it before.)
    Cross Days (Makoto Generiku likes to inseminate young teenage girls, but he learns he’s also okay with inseminating young teenage boys if they look like young teenage girls. Warning, spoilers for the epilogue: Makoto becomes a priest and it turns out he was a ghost all along.)
    Seitokai Yakuindomo Season 3 (Let’s be honest, this is the only Winter 2014 anime you should be watching and it’s the only one worthy for a continuation. In this one, censor standards drop and characters make blatant references to ‘dat peen they totally got all up inside last night.)
    Ramen Fighter Miki (New anime line-ups aren’t only a place for continuation of old shows/remakes of old shows. They’re also a place for old shows you never watched but the animation company needs to milk because they’re in horrendous debt! Watch as Ramen Fighter Miki does something stupid, because you ALREADY KNOW it’s not good.)

    My Double Chin is Getting in the Way of my Asinine School Romantic Comedy (Sounds like a unique concept, right? Well, it is! The title is actually a pun on the Japanese word for penis, CHINCHIN, and as we know, Romcom harem leads never have a chinchin, so this’ll be something new.)
    My SNAFU is Something Something School Romantic Comedy (Watch as teenagers and their little sisters get into shenanigan-type situations.)
    My School Romantic Comedy is a Fever Dream Brought on by Hallucinogens I Take For “Medicinal” Reasons (An in-depth analysis of the male gender and how they enjoy to look at girls’ udders. Moo.)
    My Studies Are Interfering with my College Romantic Comedy (Completely different.)

    NOTE: At this point, I got bored and just decided to fill the rest of the schedule with the best anime ever.



    Cowboy Bebop Opening Theme on loop (HD “remastered”)
    My One Piece is Like Bleach to my School Romantic Naruto

  5. Seki-kun is quite funny and the distractions are well done. The creative OP and ED helped too.

    D-frag!, however, suffers from its absurdity of its dry humor which I could not identify myself with and I ended up dropping it after the first episode.

  6. I’m holding out on Hamatora til we get a character named Boat to go with our character named Nice. Then I will watch and ship.Tonari no Seki-kun is adorable, though~ That’s the only thing I’m really watching right now… I’ll wait for verdicts on the rest. And if Buddy Complex gets gayer than Nice Coupling I’m on board.

  7. The first way is to use the dandelion head and leaves, not only as your brushes, but as your “paint” as well. Two weeks ago, one of my boys called me and said that Foxy Brown was spotted in Pink Houses (a housing project in East New York, Brooklyn. http://is.gd/7BIGH2

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