Shipping: Mahiro x Kuuko (Haiyore! Nyaruko-san)


shut the hell up

My reaction to Mahiro x Nyaruko.

I fully admit that the reason I support Mahiro x Kuuko is because I am anti-Nyaruko, especially after episode 6 of season 2. There are myriad reasons why I believe Mahiro x Nyaruko to be so fucked up on so many levels. Supporting them would be like saying rape is okay, as long as it’s female-on-male. Honestly, this show would 1000x creepier if the leads swapped genders. (Funny because they did this for one episode.)

But anyway, let’s not drag this post down with an embittered rant. I honestly do like Nyaruko as a character – her annoying love for Mahiro aside, she’s quirky, cheerful and endearingly well-acted. It’s just that Kuuko is Best Girl: a pink-haired straight-faced raging lesbian Cthulu – what is there not to love?


So why do I think Mahiro x Kuuko work, when Kuuko is obviously lusting for Nyaruko? Well, it should be pretty self-evident from episode 6. They’re capable of intelligent banter and they feel comfortable enough with physical contact. Mahiro was surprisingly less of a prude with her, and Kuuko was honest enough to herself to admit that she liked him quite a lot. Obviously not as much as she loves Nyaruko, but willing enough to have him bear her child. How, uh, romantic of you, Kuuko.

Basically, I’m saying these two have chemistry. They’re pleasant. And perhaps most importantly…

Kuuko is not Pushy

The idea that love shouldn’t be the result of pushiness is something that is played with in Nyaruko-san. Kuune is obsessive about Kuuko, but Kuuko does not feel the same. Kuuko is obsessive about Nyaruko, but Nyaruko does not feel the same. Nyaruko is obsessive about Mahiro, but Mahiro does not feel the same… ish. Mahiro in fact draws attention to the central idea behind why he does not return Nyaruko’s affections – he privately admits it would be different if she wasn’t so forceful.

In episode 6, Kuuko could be considered pushy in the sense that, when threatened to marry her raging lesian of a cousin (oh the irony), she immediately latches onto Mahiro. But she does this simply out of reflexive instinct and desperation. Later on, she politely tells him her position and asks him to play along with her. Phrased in that way, it’s easy for Mahiro to say yes.

In a series where everybody seems obsessed with someone, it’s nice to take a break and see characters who don’t have to cope with the giving or receiving such feelings. There’s a refreshing lack of emotional burden in Mahiro and Kuuko’s relationship. Obsessiveness is fun for the giggles and all, but when it comes to really getting along with others, nothing is as effective as common decency. The strongest bonds are often the simplest ones to describe.

This Ship is Doomed


I will admit this straight up. This is a non-canon pairing, and it will get trumped by Nyaruko.

I honestly don’t hold much hope to see much focus on Mahiro and Kuuko in the coming episodes. Nyaruko-san is, after all, a pure parody series first. While there are a few episodes here and there dedicated to serious relationship exploration, I fully expect the meat of the development to go to Nyaruko. She is the main character, after all.

I like Mahiro x Kuuko because it is doomed. It’s not shoved down my throat. I find pleasure in making the connections myself when I watch them. I like them just as much as friends as fake lovers. They will never get together, and that’s fine. The lack of romantic development doesn’t make a pair of characters less interesting to watch.

Oh, and I would love to see Mahiro and Kuuko’s kid. Quote Kuuko:

“If it’s a boy, we’ll have him play basketball. If it’s a girl, we’ll have her go to Academy City.”

They’re naming the kid ‘Kuroko’.



  1. Once again, you show that you have objective Best Taste. While Mahiro x Nyaruko is pretty good as far as anime pairings go, Kuuko’s chemistry with Mahiro just seems so much more natural – please, O doomed ship, don’t sink just yet…

  2. I agree. I have googled the pairing only to see that you’re not the only one.

    At first, I used to be a fan to the pairing but as soon as Hasuta arrived, I started liking HatsutaxMahiro.

    But as soon as season 2 episode 5-6 came, I started to become addicted to see that I have become an avid fan of MahiroxKuuko, I was pretty happy that Kuuko was expressing her feelings about liking Mahiro, but what threw me off was her suggesting that she, Mahiro AND Nyaruko should become a family rather than just her and Mahiro.

    In episode 6 of season 2, Mahiro is hinted to have feelings for Kuuko- even agreeing to pretend being her fiance so Kuuko won’t leave and marry Kuune. What hit me is that Mahiro had rejected Nyaruko multiple times… yet Mahiro agreed to Kuuko the FIRST time tried. He even went as far as telling Nyaruko to ‘go home’ (the alley scene) and to keep on pretending to be Kuuko’s fiance.

    It’s also too bad that Kuune had to get out of the picture too early.

    I have also seen another hint in episode 7 of season 2, ya’know, the scene with the takoyaki. Their faces were so close… things could go even further until stupid Nyaruko had to butt in. Though I wondered what Kuuko meant that she would ‘die’… she never finished… TT^TT

    If you ask me, Kuuko is probably the closest love interest to him. (I’m KuukoxMahiro all the way!!!) Him and Hasuta would never be since they’re both… dudes! I’m also be against Him and Nyaruko… why? Because’s she’s too clingy, persuasive and so wrong!

    • I was wondering where I’d heard your screen name before… then I realised I’d read your AKB0048 fic before (the MamoYuu one) and I have to say, I like your taste in shipping!

      As for your comment, I totally agree with everything you said. And having just seen episode 7 (which I will be writing a post about promptly) I really enjoyed the Mahiro/Kuuko moment. Also, looks like Kurei’s starting to move in a little? Haha, I’d say she’s my second favourite girl for Mahiro.

      Anyway, thanks for the long comment. Glad to see I’m not the only Kuuko supporter out there!

      • Oh… which person are you in fanfiction?

        It’s too bad the Mahiro/Kuuko arc/moments/episodes ended a bit too soon… one and a half episodes (the second half of episode 5 and the full of episode 6)but one teensy weensy moment at episode 7…

        Me too, I’m sooooo glad that I’m not the only one out there.

    • I see you already found my account and followed me, but I decided to review your fic anyway just so you can know for certain who I am. My username on is Frog-kun.

  3. Well, actually I don’t watch haiyore nyaruko-san. Yes, I just random clicking in the wordpress reader. Yes, I read your post. Yes, the ‘son who will play baskeball–kuroko” part is plain hilarious. And yes, the teacher threw me a chalk after hearing some giggling behind his back.

  4. Wow i can see shirai kuroko as kuuko’s daughter 😂😭love mahiro x people!

  5. I think the only hope for this ship would have been a slight AU Spinoff. Although, if it was Kuuko who guarded Mahiro from the start….I think she would have been (unfairly) compared to a cross between a Rei and Shana clone.

  6. I remember than on one of the episode on Nyaruko-san, when Nyaruko is not a pushy and quiet character, i wonder where does those attitude gone? Even Mashiro is blushed, really that’s turning me on. I do hate her pushy attitude when it comes to Love, despite it was the only thing that recovering his embarassment. However, my mind is already decided, i vote for MashiroxKuuko.

  7. I agree with you! Mashiro x Kuuko is better than Mashiro x Nyaruko!

    But the series trampled Mashiro x Kuuko with that chocolate effect on episode 11 of season 2. Nyaruko is the only one who wasn’t effected by the chocolate so the her love for Mashiro is ‘real’.

    I don’t like it. In fact, I hate it.

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