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Advertising New Anime Blogs [Liebster Award]

The year is 2014. Japanese cartoons featuring googly-eyed anime girls have taken over the world. What better way to spend your days in this post-apocalyptic world than to start a blog where you can freely complain write about your love of anime?

In all seriousness, I really encourage anime fans to express themselves and to get involved in the community. So here’s a post advertising some up-and-coming blogs under the guise of an award.

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Honest and Objective First Impressions – Part 2

Remember last post when I tried that sarcasm shit? Yeah, that really wasn’t me, was it? I’m dropping that shtick and going into these next five shows with honesty.

Also, I didn’t mention this last post, but I’m listing these impressions by the order of which ones I saw first.

(P.S. Feel free to comment, g-guys. I’m not t-that lame, am I?)

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