Inaho Instigates His NTR Plot [Aldnoah.Zero Episode 7 Spoilers]

"Baka Slaine, why didn't you call me?!"
“Baka Slaine, why didn’t you call me?!”














Things were going really well for Slaine and his relationship prospects until the princess’s double exploded and an interplanetary war ensued. He and his sort-of-but-not-really girlfriend lost all touch. They couldn’t even text each other. But Slaine thought they could weather the storm together. After all, he and the princess had already had their first KISSU a long time ago. They were totally going to get married.

Unfortunately, trouble was brewing on the relationship front.

When Inaho first saw the princess, a secret love was planted in his heart when he saw how beautiful and ladylike she was. “I want to marry this girl!” he thought, but he could not show it on his face. After all, the eggs were on sale.


Stuff happened, and Inaho and the princess encountered each other in the flesh. The princess, who was travelling incognito at the time, trusted Inaho enough to tell him her secret identity. To be honest, she was kind of a moron, but at least her heart was in the right place. Inaho vowed to protect her for as long as it was useful to him.

As they spent more time together, Inaho realised that the princess was kind of hot. What she lacked in diplomatic skills she more than up for with mysterious gobbledegook summoning powers. Inaho fell hard for her – hook, line and sinker.

The face of a man in love
The face of a man in love

Meanwhile, Slaine was in despair because he thought his beloved princess had been killed. As he came down to earth, he caught a brief glimpse of her. He was overjoyed and assumed that there would be no more fighting. He decided to report this to his superiors. This did not end well.

More flashy robot battles happened, which the author of this fanfiction paid no real attention to, and somehow Slaine and Inaho ended up fighting with each other against their common enemy, the Martians. They were bros, man. They had each other’s back. Perhaps, in a different time and place, they could even have been friends.

After the battle was won, Inaho and Slaine sized each other up suspiciously. “Why are you looking for the princess?” Inaho asked.


“Take me to Her Highness,” Slaine insisted, instead of answering the question. It wasn’t as if he l-liked the princess or anything!

“You didn’t answer my question,” Inaho pointed out.

He realised that he had come across a love rival.

“I’m the princess’s childhood friend!” Slaine thought. “She totally likes me better than him!”

“Bitch please,” thought Inaho. “Everyone knows the childhood friend never wins.”


“Wait… Are you intending to exploit her to your own ends?” Slaine demanded.

Inaho proceeded to list all of the various acts he had persuaded the princess into doing. These involved blindfolds, cellphone cameras and (please don’t ask) tentacles.


“If she’s exploited, do you have a problem with that?” asked Inaho.

“Uhhhhhh,” said Slaine.

Neither of them said anything for a moment.

It was in that horrible, sinking moment that Slaine realised he had been a victim of a horrible, maleficent plot.

“I thought we were tight, man! I was totally gonna invite you to my wedding, yo!” said Slaine. “And now it turns out you’ve been NTRing me all along. Are you my enemy?!” he demanded.

He was very pissed off.

Slaine attacked Inaho with his guns, but Inaho shot him down.

Inaho was actually lying about NTRing Slaine, but now that Slaine was stuck in the ocean, Inaho was free to put his NTR plan into motion.

“You are my enemy,” he announced stoically.

Did Slaine survive? Who shot first, Han or Greedo? Will the Empire Strike Back? Tune in on the next episode of Code Geass!

Notes: Yep, I finally caved in and watched Aldnoah.Zero. I don’t think I’ll be writing any more “fanfiction” for this series, but this was fun to do. The show is kind of dry at times, but I like it.

If you don’t know what NTR means, Urban Dictionary is your friend.

Now watch as this page gets thousands of views as not-so-innocent visitors find this site via Google searching “Aldnoah Zero Hentai”, “Aldnoah Zero NTR” or variations thereof.



  1. I see your plan! You add the phrase “Aldnoah Zero Hentai” yourself, to make sure all the google visitors do in fact arrive here!

    Sasuga SEO! err, SAO!

  2. Finally!

    Anyway, since this is Urobuchi’s work, I don’t expect any real romance. Maybe someone would get jealous, turn coat, etc. – Just watch his Kamen Rider Gaim.

    However, if Yoshiyuki Tomino got his hand on this…

    • Well, this isn’t *really* Urobuchi’s work, not entirely. I think he was only partly involved. I get the feeling recently he’s been used as some sort of banner to advertise certain series (first Gargantia, and now this, both not being very Urobuchi-like).

      • I thought Gargantia was pretty good without Urobuchi’s involvement, although I think I can see why people might disagree with that.
        Mostly my interest in Gargantia stemmed from external factors, such as the music composer having done the score for John Woo’s Chinese history-epic Red Cliff, or that character designer Hanaharu Naruko is primarily an erotic manga artist(No wonder the female characters were so appealingly designed!).

        Update: Apparently Gargantia’s getting 2 sequel OVAs, one at the end of this year, and another one for the middle of 2015.

        • I am not a Gargantia hater – I think it was fine but a bit disjointed and kinda suffered from not having a single writer with a single vision. Definitely not at the level of Urobuchi’s best work, is my point.

    • Haha, I think romance is very far from being the point of the show.

      About Gen Urobuchi, I’m with higgsbosoff in that I don’t really see this as uniquely Gen’s work – or at least he didn’t have the creative control that he had over his more iconic works.

      I’ve only seen one episode of Kamen Rider Gaim. I should really get back onto that.

  3. Epilogue:
    Slaine, having been NTR’d by Inaho for the umpteenth time, returned home to Vers to settle down with his true muse: Suffering. He was eventually reprimanded and exiled for such crimes as ‘being a filthy Terran’, ‘not buying eggs on the way home’ and to a lesser extent ‘Murder’.

    Inaho single-handedly repelled the Martian invasion, embarrassing the hell out of pretty much everyone. He then went on to end poverty, strife, global warming, and misconceptions about why the sky is blue. He never did marry Asselyum in the end, she was less impressed with his scrambled eggs than he’d hoped (Hime-sama has commenting that they were merely “alright”).

    Esselyum traveled the world, helping rebuild after the invasion. She would often introduce herself to people as the princess of Vers, and apologise for her planets actions. In the end no-one found out that she was secretly the princess of Vers.

  4. This was brilliant. Nothing short of an award XD

    But seriously though, I wouldn’t be surprised if Slaine and the princess never get together in the end. The writers seem to love making him suffer to much. Slaine being not suffering at the end would just be a foreign concept.

  5. Yep, Inaho’s definitely going to exploit the princess. Said exploitation involves not only tentacles, but bondage, blindfolds, strap ons and butt plugs. Maybe Slaine can join in.

  6. Inaho, you ( – _ – ) – faced pervert!!
    BTW, Inaho’s explotations involve instant soba, a feather duster, and wet lettuce. Take it as you will. ^^

  7. Kinky, but I still support the SlaineXInahoXAsseylum threesome.
    Fifty Shades of Inaho.
    Slaine to Inaho: oh, Inaho cuckold me again! Please! You exploiting Asseylum is the sexiest thing I have ever seen!
    Inko walks in.
    Inko to Inaho: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! You were supposed to have a threesome with me and Nina!

  8. Yes! Froggy watched Aldnoah! In truth I like how Inaho can be so… derpish at times. When a girl confesses he shows no surprise, he’s talking calmly while crapping and also making battle plans, and his friend dies, but he doesnt give a flying f***.

    I keep on saying he’s the new Mashiro, being introverted, strange, and brilliant at the same time.

    As for Slaine, he’s the opposite end from Inaho. He goes berserk if the princess is in danger, and is always stopped in his plans. He can’t even get close. He’s Mario, but Asseylum is in another Aldnoah-drive spaceship.

    • Inaho sure is a derp. He doesn’t strike me as much of a Mashiro, though, considering we do not see him in his underwear very often.

      Honestly, I like Slaine better, since I enjoy drinking his tears, while secretly hoping he gets a happy ending.

  9. Excellent work my student!!! Don’t worry, the majority of my blog’s traffic is people searching for hentai too.

    I suspect that at heart Slaine is a Dai-M, so after Inaho dumped him hard this week in the middle of the ocean Slaine may fall for Inaho and forget about the princess.

    • This is a shipping-focused blog, there is hentai non-stop, inside our minds.

      I mean, who doesn’t ship Froggy with… well, anyone? :D

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