Some Concrete Revolutio-related Stuff + I’m Hiring!

conrevo noizi ito
Art by Noizi Ito

First off, I recently collaborated on a post with my friend iblessall about the official English translations of the Concrete Revolutio anime. Please check it out on Mage in a Barrel!

Speaking of Concrete Revolutio, lately I’ve been translating some of the interviews and commentary posted on the official website. I’ve been doing it on and off in my spare time, so it’s gonna take a while before I finish translating everything, but I’m super stoked about this anime and I hope it lives on as a cult classic. A few weeks ago, I translated some commentary by the director and scriptwriter, which I hope you find interesting!

I’m also hoping to write some articles in the future about the cultural history of kaiju movies, tokusatsu, magical girls and some of the other motifs used in Concrete Revolutio. I hope this will be of interest even to people who haven’t watched or didn’t enjoy the anime. That said, this will require lots of independent research and some rewatching of Concrete Revolutio, so I plan to take my time with this little project.

In other news, I’m hiring a social media coordinator! I’m also giving away a free 20% discount voucher for Madman’s online shop. Details below the cut!

Applications are now closed. Thanks very much to everyone who applied!











Getting connected on Tumblr and Facebook

You may or may not have noticed that I started up a Facebook page recently. I’d love for people to like the page and share my posts, but unfortunately I don’t have the time to maintain an active presence on so many different social media outlets. I’d originally planned to use my Tumblr to write essays about books, but as it turns out, Tumblr isn’t really an ideal medium for that. Plus, I already have my hands full with my WordPress blog and Twitter.

That’s why I’m willing to hire someone to take care of my Tumblr and Facebook pages. The work is incredibly easy. All you need to do is make sure there’s regular content on both accounts. That means you need to post and/or reblog something at least once a day.

With the Tumblr account, you don’t need to post original content. Reblogging stuff from other accounts is fine. Just keep it light and otaku-related. You can follow anyone you like and customise the layout of my page to suit your fancy.

With the Facebook account, I recommend you post some funny memes and/or cool fanart you find. Make sure you credit the artists and all that jazz. Again, keep it light.

Some basic house-keeping rules:

  • No R-18+ or offensive material. Avoid posting any images that sexualise preteen characters. For older characters, light ecchi is fine, but if you’re ever uncertain whether something is appropriate, please ask me first. In general, try to err on the side of prudence.
  • As sympathetic as I am towards various social justice causes, please don’t post anything overtly political without my permission.
  • Please tell me what you plan to write first if you’re planning to post a text-only message.
  • I reserve the right to edit and/or delete any posts you make.

Basically, I’m asking you to run these accounts as you would run a personal anime-related social media account. Instead of posting under your own name, you’d be posting as a stand-in for me. As of the time of this writing, my Tumblr account has 117 followers and my Facebook page has 8 likes, so you’ll already have an audience for your material. Your job is to help grow that audience by providing regular Quality Content (c).

I will pay you 30 US dollars a month to handle my social media accounts. This is a temporary three-month contract, but if this experiment turns out to be a success, I’ll be happy to renew your contract. I know it’s not much, but a) I’m a poor university student, and b) you’re probably posting dank memes on social media in your free time anyway.

To apply, just leave a comment on this post. Please write a short paragraph telling me why I should trust you with my money. What kind of Quality Content (c) do you have in mind? How do you plan to expand the audience of Fantastic Memes? No formal qualifications are necessary, but I am looking for enthusiasm and commitment.

I look forward to hearing from you!

757472-no_game_no_life___06___large_05And, last but not least…

If you live in Australia, New Zealand or Papua New Guinea, you can shop at Madman, the leading anime and manga retailer in this region. I have a 20% off voucher for Madman’s online shop which I am giving away for free! Just leave a comment on this post telling me you want the voucher and I’ll email you the code. Enter the code during checkout and you’ll get 20% off the recommended retail price of everything in your cart. I only have one voucher to give away, so make sure you respond to this post quick if you’re interested.

That’s all from me for now. Have a good day, everybody!



    You can trust me with your money because I am DESPERATE and want to work-

    No but really, I run a tumblr and twitter (as you know), and though my twitter is mostly AngryShortishLatina rants or Soreseka trash my tumblr is full of DankMemes™ and fanart. I don’t really do NSFW content, mostly bad anime memes, cool art, bad regular memes, short discussions about manga/anime I like and why I like them. As a former aniblogger I have experience in the latter, and as far as promotion for Fantastic Memes goes I’m confident I can contribute my own brand of advertisement aka PERSISTENCE and FROG MEMES.

    My tastes in anime/manga are pretty varied so even though I like “intellectual” stuff like Shin Sekai Yori I also love absolute trash like Valvrave; not super current in anime atm but I keep up with anibloggers and enthusiasts enough that I’m at least meme-savvy about them.

    Also, video games. Lots of em. Mostly JRPGS which works out nicely.

  2. Damn, Frog. Didn’t knew you were into social media. :3 (I would love to apply but hell, I still have to take care of my blog…)

  3. Sounds really strange to hire someone to take care of your social media. Isn’t the point of social media to follow people you’re a fan of or know personally? If you’re letting someone else write things under your name, how would people who like your reviews feel about that? Anyone can start a tumblr or a facebook page about anime related things. But if you create a personal page with your name on it, people expect you or someone really close to you to write on it I think. But well, that’s just my opinion.

    • Well, you see, the only function my Tumblr and Facebook pages currently serve is to automatically link to my posts whenever I publish something. Otherwise, they’re essentially empty pages. While I’m active on Twitter, I know that lots of people don’t use it. But if I were as active on Tumblr and Facebook as I am on Twitter, I’d be spreading myself way too thin.

      Now, if I were to actively use Facebook and Tumblr, I’d pretty much just use them in exactly the way I described in the post. If someone else did the same thing, it might not be personal content, but I’d approve of it. There’s also room for my collaborator to show their own individuality. Hopefully, readers will come to see that person as “really close to me”!

      • I get it now. It came across a bit weird because you used ‘stand-in’, which sounds a bit like you’re a company instead of a person. But if you view it as ‘collaborating’, it makes perfect sense. Thanks for clearing that up.

  4. Hey, I guess? (You encouraged me to apply so here I am. Be nice to me please?)

    RemTM here with a Certificate IV in Business and Frontline Management, so managing your social media accounts should be a simple task.

    I have also previously worked with you on the Oregairu Drama CD project “Birthday Song For You” (not to mention you know where I live O.O ), so trust should not be an issue I hope? Even though I’m a pervert (and you know it), I know when to draw the line (although that line can sometimes get reeeeaaaallly close… forgive me!!!)

    I’m a fan of all things anime related, going so far as to actually watch majority of all currently airing anime in the current season, and I have even started to run my own private blog filled with random things I feel like putting up (mostly game related stuff on there atm, but I plan to have more things there eventually).

    I may be a laid back person, but I do what needs to be done when the time calls for it.

    As a side note, if you want to come hang out with me (along with anyone else who feels like it) I run a Discord server mostly for games, along with a dedicated channel for Anime with the Onee-chan bot along with it. You can access the Discord Server here:

    Hope to see you guys there! And feel free to invite anyone you wish to use the channel too.

  5. I’d like to apply for this position. I already have some experience with social media through my work study position at my college. It’s mainly Twitter and Facebook. Though it’s for an educational institution, I keep it light and funny. Which people seem to enjoy. I have no problems having to do a daily post, and if it’s funny posts, I’m definitely wlling to step out of my comfort zone and try anime posts.

    I’m no anime expert, but I’ve watched enough anime to get some of the memes that get circulated. There’s plenty of content out there that I could use to pull together some great posts! It’s understandable if I’m not chosen, but better to apply than wonder, right? Thanks for your consideration

  6. I heard your plea. I am here to apply for this position.

    You can find my memetastic application here:

    I am not joking. I decided to apply with memes. The application contains a free sample of my numerous meme collection.

  7. Whoa, stoked to hear about your Concrete Revolutio post! I haven’t watched the show but hit me up if you need some toku examples and/or references. I’ve watched a sickeningly amount of Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Garo and the hentai-ish random obscure ones no self respecting toku purist would watch ;)

  8. As a growing animation consumer, I would love to try and apply for your Facebook page.

    I only started watching anime 10 months ago, but I’ve been getting into it. I have a side interest in how the animation world works, and am trying to teach myself new things about it. If animation news and information sounds like something you’d like on your page (as well as dank memes and other anime related jokes) than I think I could be of use on your page.

  9. Hi, congrats on opening your new Facebook page :D

    I would love to have the opportunity to work along side you, assisting you in running your pages.
    I love anime and memes and being able to have this job would mean I get to do what i enjoy, and would give me the chance to make a lil money on the side.
    I would describe my self as a cheerful person whos taste in anime can range anywhere from childish to mature, from Digimon to the first season on Terra Formars.
    I am also a fan of many forms of Japanese media, however i focus a lot on the Tokusatsu genre
    Though i have little experience in this field, that being running someone else’s pages, i feel like this would be an amazing opportunity for me to learn and help you out in the same time.
    As an art student, having this job will not only be able to give me some time off to relax from my work, but will also allow me to spread the love of animation, fan art and many more sources of media to many people.
    I am really excited for this chance you have opened up to us and i can’t wait to hear from you soon.

  10. I’m definitely interested in trying this. I run an anime-related YouTube channel called RogerSmith2004, and I’m already building up quite a huge audience in regards to that, so I would have no problem giving you a larger audience. Furthermore, I really enjoy looking around for new anime related content that is interesting, be it gifs, memes, jokes, analysis, reviews, whatever. I tend to avoid posting stuff that’s political, since I know how much of a can of worms that will open up. I also write for Anime Maru from time to time, so I’d definitely consider myself competent in terms of delivering laughs. I’ve been a fan of anime for over 12 years, getting my start with Toonami and then expanding my horizons as time went on. I also spent a year at School of Visual Arts learning how to animate, and through that, I also learned how much work goes into animation, realizing it was not for me. This job would mean a ton to me and I’m confident I can be of some help to you.

    Thank you and have a great day!

    ~Matthew P. Caraturo or “RogerSmith2004”

  11. Hire me so that I can tell my parents that I have a job on the internet I’m getting paid for so that they feel glad that I did what they told me to do. An additional $30 USD a month would be naisu as well.

    You can trust that your money will be well-spent because I grew up on /a/, where only the thick-skinned and well-memed can survive. Those who can’t skulk off to the safety of the reddit circlejerk. (Fuck reddit.) I also somehow maintained my empathy and left wing nature in spite of that. So you know, that’s nice. But more importantly, it means my shitposts are all a+, because I scoff at and scorn anything less than a+ grade. Thanks for the high standards that guarantee I’m rarely happy with animanga, /a/.

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