Suggestions For Improving The Blog

I’ll keep this short.

Here is a poll! You should vote on it!

If you have any suggestions for improving the blog, leave a comment. If you want to bash me and call me a pathetic virgin with shit taste in Japanese cartoons, leave a comment. If there is nothing in particular you want to say, just vote on the poll. It’s there so I can get an idea which kind of post you enjoy reading the most.

I probably won’t change my approach to blogging very much. I will always be writing about what I like and what interests me the most at the time. But I do listen to feedback and I am always looking for ways to improve my writing.

One thing I would like to do in future is write more posts through the female anime fan’s perspective. I have been dipping my toes into the otome gaming scene, and also I think it’s awfully unfair to have a post about the best and worst types of anime girls but nothing about cute anime boys.

Incidentally, today is my twentieth birthday. Well, soon enough it won’t be, since I posted this at like 11pm at night. Now that I am no longer a teenager, it is getting steadily more questionable that I should regard a girl in middle school as my waifu. Not that it was ever morally acceptable to have a waifu. Remember kiddoes, don’t be like Froggy! Consume your cartoons responsibly!

Have a nice day.

(No I did not write this post while drunk)

Edit: Okay maybe a little



  1. Well, Happy Birthday!

    What I like the most from your blog is your editorial on culture and influence of anime which is something few bloggers approach.

    I also find your opinions on shows and themes interesting has it portray another view outside the cynicism of most and still remain on point.

    • Thanks! While I am but a mere undergraduate, I do have some familiarity with Asian cultural studies, so I enjoy writing about that kind of thing. Blogging really motivates me to read up on these things further, since I always feel as if I don’t know enough on the subject. Glad to hear you enjoy that topic!

    • This comment made me feel even older. If 27 is old, and I’m about 20 months older than you, then I’m…. ancient?


      LOL. I still think I should try growing up again. I did it once, but I’m a known recidivist.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!!!! :) :) :)

    Well, I’m looking forward to your write-up about “cute anime boys”. I’d love to read that one from you ;)

    Also, I voted for “Shipping post” because I love to ship and you know that!

    Anyway, keep it up! I really love reading your blog posts because it’s not as intimidating as the others and I’d like you to maintain that, okay?

    • B’awww thanks!

      The problem with my inevitable “cute anime boys” write-up is that all the anime boys I find attractive are pretty much the same person, only with a slightly different face. I really need to develop broader taste in men. :(

  3. I voted for editorials, shipping, and troll posts. Got my priorities in right, yup.

    Make sure you continue to enjoy yourself and I’m sure you’ll continue to get things out of it. A blog is about yourself after all, so continue writing about things which interest you!

    Happy birthday again froggy ^_^

  4. Personally, I don’t think you can go wrong with Editorials as they are pretty rewarding, although it take more thought and brain storming.

    Aside from that, Happy Birthday…

  5. It’s okay Frog-kun, most kids are old enough to be your great-grandmother nowadays. Wait a minute.

    My favorite posts from you are the ones that think about and discuss anime culture, and at times your personal taste. Basically your editorials. You should do those.

    20 years old pffffffff get on my level

    *also 20 years old*

      • I don’t know for sure but let me throw around some reckless reasonings.

        Did you ever take any advanced literature courses in high school? I think the way the teachers there taught me to interpret stories kind of stuck on me a bit harder than other things I learned in high school. People may joke about how English teachers read far too much into things (The curtain was blue because the curtain was fucking blue, goddammit), but classic literature is touted as important material for a reason and I was receptive to how my teachers interpreted the material. Once I gained an appreciation for that, I started to look for it in anime and has since become my primary focus. Really, though, I have no idea how much those classes actually affected my taste in anime, I just remember quite well when I wasn’t like this back in the later days of middle school.

        • We don’t have advanced literature courses in Australian high schools, but my taste in literature consists almost entirely of classics. So like you, I have developed an appreciation for the literary masterpieces. (My two favourite novels are The Good Earth and The Power and the Glory.) Interestingly enough, we appear to have learned entirely different lessons from the classics! Just goes to show, huh?

  6. Belated happy birthday. May you have more years ruling amphibians and many princesses kissing you in order to turn you into a prince and failing miserably. As for what your viewers tell you, good luck with the results dood.

  7. Happy Birthday!

    I’m going to be the least helpful person who’s voted on your poll – I think more of all of those posts would be good. The only particular one that I wouldn’t want to fade into oblivion is the occasional joke post.

  8. Happy Birthday Froggy! In exchange for my birthday wishes I expect a run-down on your favorite series from each season of anime. And some joke posts. Or just any posts at all, really.

    And let’s be honest: having a waifu is never questionable as long as it’s Best Girl.

    • Hmm yeah I feel like I probably should do more of those basic impressions posts. There are heaps of anime that I watch and never end up writing about. I don’t even have a very clear grasp of my favourites myself.

      • Even a really basic post listing rough thoughts about anime are helpful as I build my “to watch” list =P
        First impressions aren’t usually something I read, but reviews (or final impressions, if they count as the same thing) and roundup posts will always catch my attention ^_^

  9. Wait a minute, you’re actually one year younger than me? I thought you were the same or older! … I’m starting to feel old.

    But yeah, Happy Birthday!

    I think I enjoy the posts where you talk about some topic related to anime in a relaxed manner without forcing any “deep thoughts”. I also enjoy it when you have a bit of a personal flair to them. To this date I still really enjoy all your Sakurasou posts, to highlight some examples.

    • Thanks for the well wishes! I enjoy writing posts with a personal touch too, but tbh I sometimes get nervous writing about my personal life. I enjoyed writing about Sakurasou too. I haven’t come across an anime since then that hit me so deeply on a purely personal level…

    • Why thank you! Funny that you mentioned fanfiction, since I idly started penning an Oregairu fanfiction the other day when I heard the S2 announcement. I wasn’t sure there was much of an audience for fanfiction on this blog, but now it looks like I have an excuse to shamelessly plug my stories YES

      btw wow that Last Exile clip was so nostalgic

  10. Froggy, your poll is drunk. It won’t let me vote for all of them…

    Also, it is good to hear that there are some young bucks like me out there in the blogosphere. Too many old farts like Guy and bobduh running around will make the fanbase wayyy less hip.

    • Yeah, the anime blogging sphere is pretty much skewed towards the older writers. Sort of explains the different tastes and expectations. I also enjoy seeing young people around, especially if they have taste like mine. Gotta keep things classy

  11. ur “a pathetic virgin with shit taste in Japanese cartoons” trolololol

    Nah, but seriously, It would be interesting to see your posts about the “female perspective” and otome games (which the official ones never seem as fun as some of the indie ones I’ve played unfortunately…)

  12. Holy crap you’re younger than me. By about a year, but still. I have a tendency to estimate everybody whose age is in my general vicinity (or who I have no clues about) as being older than me. Weird.

    Anyway, Froggy, I just want you to tell me how to get Senpai to notice me. Also, more deep & serious analyses of ecchi shows and other stuff you’d have to have crap taste to (not) like.

    And keep your waifuz. Haters gonna hate; they don’t know true love.

  13. Happy Birthday Froggy!
    if your taking translation suggestions, i’d have to suggest the third novel of Chuunibyou, as Ultimatemegax (who translated the first 2) isn’t going to translate it.
    And age doesn’t matter, love your Waifu.

    • It seems the raws for the third novel aren’t on the web yet, which means I’ll have to either wait or order a copy myself. It will take some time before I can get around to it in any case. I read Ultimatemegax’s translation of the first two volumes and enjoyed them, so I wouldn’t mind giving the third volume a shot. Thanks for the suggestion!

  14. Happy twentieth!

    As for suggestions, I don’t have any. You seem to be doing fine. All I know is that if were blogs when I was twenty, I’d be writing a lot of pretentious crap. Oh, wait, I did anyway.

  15. You should write about anime that lacks coverage, like Gun X Sword, which all the blogs I’ve seen don’t mention jack about itand your MAL indicates you haven’t seen it either. It was a personal favorite of mine and I want to know how it holds up with others.

    Also you are a godly sex machine with an exotic taste in foreign animation.

  16. “Now that I am no longer a teenager, it is getting steadily more questionable that I should regard a girl in middle school as my waifu.”
    That’s what my girlfriend said after she noticed my growing collection of K-on and Love Live! figurines :(

    Anyway, happy belated birthday Froggy! I enjoy your blog as it is but would love to see more shipping posts and anime impressions (doesn’t matter old or current).

      • This is super late, but I only just discovered your blog. Do you seriously think otaku expiration date’s a thing?

        • If you’re asking whether it’s okay to like anime, then I would say there is no such thing as an expiration date. I know grown ass men who love their cartoons and they are cool people.

          • I read (and commented on) your post on cynical bloggers right before this. I mean, do you think your tastes will change to something similar to those older bloggers’?

            • To be honest, I think my tastes have already changed a lot. I still like a lot of anime that are generally considered trashy (SAO, OreImo, etc.), but I appreciate the more mature anime better now, so I think it’s been a win-win situation for me :)

            • What I mean is, maybe people in their late 20s overwhelmingly don’t like “otaku” stuff because it’s after their time, not because they’re getting old. In which case, we might still like otaku stuff as long as testosterone/estrogen flows through our veins. So it’s more a time period thing, rather than an age thing.

              Although, one of my heroes (Kamiya Yuu, tracing scandal or not) is also 30 now. That gives me a little hope.

          • I can’t reply to your last reply (don’t know if that’s because of space reasons or if you’re trying to tell me something) so I’ll put it here.

            I have a speculation that older fans shit on our types of shows (because we’re the same age) because they were born and got into anime at a different time. If that’s the case, we may not slip into irrelevancy after all (let’s be honest, you’re a LN translator. That’s pretty much the cutting edge of modern otaku culture, afaik). At least, this is my hope/theory. What do you think?

            • I dunno. There are plenty of fans my age who strongly dislike otaku stuff. I don’t think it’s just a generational gap thing. I see it as more of a case of people having different opinions and tastes. (Although I do agree older English-speaking fans are less inclined to be into modern otaku culture.)

              Anyway, I think anime fandom as a whole will always be dominated by young people, so I don’t think the voices of young people will ever be irrelevant. So there’s really nothing to worry about in that regard. Unless I’m misinterpreting your statement…?

  17. *monotone voice*You’re a low-life pathetic virgin with shit taste in Japanese cartoons */monotone voice*
    Did you like that, y-yo-you M? >////<

    Happy late late birthday Froggy! I hope you keep blogging for many more years, I really enjoy your writing style.

    "Reviews and Impressions on Older Anime"

    Now, how far are you willing to go? the '90s, '80s or *gasp* the '70s?

    • Did you like that, y-yo-you M? >////<


      Now, how far are you willing to go? the ’90s, ’80s or *gasp* the ’70s?

      How far would you want me to go back? TBH I consider ’90s old and have only seen like one or two ’80s series lol. I’m open to requests!

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