What Eren Jaegar Wants For Christmas


Because Froggy is away in the Philippines, twelve guest writers will be blogging about anime and/or Christmas. Today’s guest writer is Eren Jaegar from Shingeki no Kyojin, a member of the Survey Corps and kind of an angry person.

Frog asked me to write about what I want for Christmas. 

What I want for Christmas is to kill titans.

The titans must die. One of them killed my mother.

I hate titans. I really want to kill them.

I’ve been learning about this method to kill titans. One method is to slit the back of their necks while in midair.

I think I will finally be able to kill the titan who ate my mother.

I hate that titan.

I also think a great Christmas present would be the Armored Titan’s head, served on a giant platter.

I wouldn’t eat it, of course. But I would like that present, because I hate titans and I also want to kill them. 

I must become strong, so that I can kill titans.

Then the titans will die, which is good because I hate titans.

That is all. Merry Christmas.

(Froggy’s comment: So… that Eren Jaegar really hates titans, huh?)

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  1. damn it froggy. I love these guest writers you bring in. Eren is surprisingly not very angry today though, since he isn’t shouting and using caps. Must be because of Christmas.

  2. ahah. those posts are great.

  3. This is the calmest I’ve seen Eren talking about killing titans. Not a single exclamation mark in the post!

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