I’m Graduating Tomorrow

k-onI’ve been watching K-ON! lately, a cute little show which you may have heard of.

Despite not being much of a fan of those “cute girls doing cute things” shows, I did like this oneIt captured a specific, ephemeral moment in time with seemingly effortless grace. “Finding the magic in the everyday” is a recurring theme in Naoko Yamada’s work, and this was definitely on display with K-ON!.

However, unlike many viewers, I didn’t cry when I watched the ending of K-ON!. I wasn’t like Azusa, who didn’t want those blissful high school days to end. I suppose my attitude was more like that of the four seniors, who had appreciated their lives at high school to the fullest but were now looking forward to what the future would bring. Even though I have no idea where I’ll be in a year’s time, the future has stopped feeling scary.

I’m graduating from university tomorrow, and I don’t have any regrets.


  1. Congrats!

    My high school years have been more like Hachiman’s, except for the club and the two girls… But still, nostalgia always gets me. I mean, I feel nostalgic even about last year! I guess I’ll still miss these days…

    • Thanks for the well wishes and the anime rec!

      Non Non Biyori is on my to-watch list. I have heard of its good reputation, and I expect that I’ll like it.

  2. Congrats (though never heard of october graduates). Going to for a phd or something next? Best of luck.

  3. Congrats Frog. I can sort of relate to what you saying, maybe not in the same degree but in a simular way. I am in my last year of high school right now although graduation is a time away still, however my last play will be next week. As the only guy in my grade in drama, I am currently surrounded by sniffling and sobbing girls who are all upset about their glorious days in drama coming to a close. Don’t get me wrong I am also upset since I won’t be acting for a while after this show. But not as much as I am grateful for the memories that I was able to create and the friends that I have made. It was those experiences that have helped me grow as a person and will be the tools I shall use for future challenges. It is the realization that I am currently living the memories I will look back on as my foundation, that gives me the peace to enjoy every moment I have while it still lasts. After all, in a weeks time my acting days will be over; and in a few months time I won’t know even know where I will be. But when it happens, and it will happen, I can be completely satisfied with what I have created for myself and will continue to do so as I enter college.

    Sorry about ranting about myself there, but hopefully I hit the mark I was going for. If you say you have no regrets then I only wish you the best of luck. So get out there and make life your bitch!

    Good night old sport, from your friendly neighborhood dark lord;)

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